Loans on Maybank Credit Cards

    Maybank became a fully licensed commercial bank in Singapore in the year 1960. After opening its very first branch at South Bridge Road, it has since expanded exponentially in terms of its reach as well the services offered. Today, Maybank has a network of over 25 service locations to meet every banking need of its customer by providing customizable solutions to the financial needs and banking products through a dedicated team of customer service. Maybank has a total of 22 branches in Singapore and more than 35 ATMs, located at both, the business districts as well as the suburban estates. Maybank functions as a QFB or Qualifying Full Bank in Singapore. It has achieved this position by harnessing the latest technology in order to increase the effectiveness of its network where their customers can conduct their banking transactions at any point of time and anywhere in the world through the traditional as well as the electronic channels.

    Features and Benefits –

    • It is a quick, convenient and flexible method of accessing cash, both locally as well as overseas. You will be charged SGD 5 for every transaction made overseas at a Non Maybank ATM.
    • You can avail the extra funds up to the available credit limit on your card.
    • You can make the transfer through several ways such as ATMs, over the counter and the Dial- A- Service from your Credit Card account to any other bank account.
    • The whole process of the Cash Advance only requires a onetime simple registration.

    Fees and Charges

    • There is no annual fee to avail this facility.
    • The Dial-A-Service is provided free of cost to all Principal Card members of Maybank.
    • Cash Advance fee – SGD 15 OR 5% of the transfer amount, depending on which is higher.
    • Finance charges on the advancement – This value is calculated on a daily basis at 2% each month starting from the date of the transaction until the full payment is received.

    Applying for Maybank Cash Advance

    All Principal as well as Supplementary Card members of Maybank are eligible to apply for Cash Advance. You can apply for this facility through the following ways –

    • Through an ATM
      1. Use your Credit Card PIN to withdraw cash up to your credit limit at any local Maybank ATM.
      2. To avail the Cash Advance facility to withdraw cash at an overseas ATM, you can visit any ATM that with a PLUS or a Cirrus logo.
    • Over the Counter
    • You can visit your nearest Maybank Bank Branch and make a cash withdrawal.

    • Through Phone
      1. You can avail the Cash Advance facility through phone by using the Dial-A-Transfer feature.
      2. Only Principal Card members can apply for the Dial-A-Transfer feature. This requires a onetime registration which can be done via email or by fax. You can download the Dial-A-Transfer Registration and Request form from Maybank’s official website and complete your registration.


    FlexiCash is an installment loan that you can take on your Maybank Credit Card. This facility allows you to access extra cash at very low interest rate structures. You can avail extra cash using FlexiCash whether it is to plan your dream wedding, a long and overdue vacation, home renovation or any other emergency for which you need fast cash.

    Features and Benefits

    • You can save significantly on interest rates by applying for FlexiCash.
    • Once approved, your cash will be disbursed in just 3 days.
    • You can avail up to 80% of your available combined permanent credit limit at the time of processing your application.
    • Flexible installment repayment plan of 12 or 24 months.
    • No processing fee charged.
    • Interest rates start at a low 5.88% per annum.
    • You can save further on interest when you use the FlexiCash loan to make a payment towards the outstanding balance on your other credit cards.
    • You can avail the FlexiCash loan through a simple, onetime registration and a loan application, which you can complete over the phone.
    • The FlexiCash loan amount will be transferred to any other bank account nominated by the applicant where the Principal Cardmember is the account holder of the nominated bank account.

    Promotional Offer

    • On approval of your FlexiCash loan for a minimum amount of SGD 8000, you will receive a complimentary Arbutus Automatic Watch (model AR802SWF).
    • This offer to limited to the first 150 Cardmembers eligible for the FlexiCash loan.
    • This is a limited period offer that will expire on December 31st, 2015.

    Interest Rate Structure

    Minimum loan amount of SGD 2000 –

    Loan Tenure Interest Rate Structure Effective Interest Rate Processing Fee
    12 Months 5.88% per annum 10.68% per annum NIL
    24 Months 6.88% per annum 12.70% per annum NIL

    Your savings with FlexiCash

    Loan amount of SGD 8000 –

    Options Option A Option B
    Tenure 12 months 24 months
    Monthly interest on other credit cards/lines of credit at 24% per annum SGD 160 SGD 160
    Monthly interest charged on Maybank FlexiCash SGD 39.20 SGD 45.87
    Your Savings SGD 120.80 OR 75% SGD 114.13 OR 71%

    Applying for Maybank FlexiCash

    • You can download the FlexiCash application form, fill in the details and either Fax or Email the form to Maybank.
    • You can visit your nearest Maybank Bank Branch and apply for FlexiCash.
    • You contact Maybank on the phone for any additional details on the same.
    • Only Maybank Principal Cardmembers are eligible to apply for FlexiCash.

    Other Loans on Credit Card Offered by Maybank

    Apart from easy and convenient access to cash using one of the loans on your Credit Card, you can even opt for installment loans when you make purchases using your Maybank Credit Card.


    You can convert purchases made using your Maybank Credit Card into low interest installment plan even at outlets that do not accept credit cards. You can convert your purchases of minimum SGD 300 into 6, 12 or 24 months repayment options.


    You can convert purchases made at select luxury branded boutiques into interest free installments of 3 or 6 months using PoshEzyPay. To avail this payment option, you need to make a minimum purchase of SGD 500.


    EzyPay offers the maximum financial flexibility where you can spread your repayments over loan tenures of – 6, 12, 18, 24 or 36 months when you make purchases at Maybank’s participating merchant outlets with 0% installment payment plans.

    Loans on Maybank Credit Card - FAQ

    1. What is the Dial-A-Service feature introduced by Maybank for Cash Advance?
    2. The Dial-A-Service is a new service introduced by Maybank which an emergency cash service that allows any Maybank Principal Card member to make a transfer of funds via phone from their credit card account to any other bank account that is maintained in Singapore.

    3. How long will it take for my funds to be transferred to my bank account after I have availed the Cash Advance Loan on my Maybank Credit Card?
    4. If you have made the transfer before 4 PM on any weekday (Monday – Friday), the transfer amount will be immediately reflected in your bank account. If the transfer has been made on weekends (Saturday – Sunday) and on Public Holidays, the transfer amount will reflect in your bank account the following business day.

    5. What is the minimum amount for the FlexiCash loan that I need to apply for in order to enjoy the promotional interest rate structure?
    6. You need to apply for a FlexiCash loan amount of minimum SGD 2000 to enjoy FlexiCash loan at promotional interest rates.

    7. How long will it take to transfer the FlexiCash loan amount into my nominated bank account?
    8. Upon approval of your FlexiCash loan, the amount will be transferred into your nominated bank account within 3 business days.

    9. Can I nominate any bank account for the transfer of the FlexiCash loan?
    10. No. The bank account that you nominate for the transfer must not a Maybank account and it must belong to the Principal Cardmember.

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