Loans on ANZ Credit Cards

    ANZ is the common name for the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited. In terms of market capitalization, ANZ is among the top 5 largest banks in Australia, coming in fourth place. ANZ is the largest bank in New Zealand. It changed its name to the ANZ Bank New Zealand in the year 2012 from its former name ANZ Bank Limited that was assumed in 2003. With more than 180 years of experience in the banking and financial field, ANZ operates all over the globe with prevalence in 34 markets and representation in top countries including New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Pacific, Asia, Middle East and USA. The bank stands tall among the top 50 banks in the entire world with an employee population of more than 50, 000. The bank today serves over 9 million customers across the globe with financial services and banking products that include insurance, loans, cards and much more.

    Why choose ANZ Bank for a Loan on your Credit Card

    ANZ is one among the leading banks across the whole world. Apart from their gained expertise from hundreds of years of experience, their FlexiLoan plan is offered at a promotional flat interest rate structure through which you can maximize your savings. You can use ANZ FlexiLoan to consolidate your debt from all other lines of credit and save heavily on your interest. Additionally, the FlexiLoan is also offered at lengthy loan tenures that help you not to compromise on your established lifestyle. This will make it much easier to manage the influx of cash through equated monthly installments.

    ANZ FlexiLoan

    Whether you are planning a long and overdue vacation, making renovations to your home or simply want to consolidate your debt, using FlexiLoan you can get cash very quickly and conveniently for making payments towards any cause.

    Features and Benefits of ANZ FlexiLoan

    • You can choose a loan tenure among the following flexible tenures – 12, 24, 36. 48 or 60 months.
    • Interest rates starts as low as 0.48% per month with an Effective Interest Rate of 10.91% per annum.
    • Your ANZ Credit Card Statement will be consolidated to include your ANZ FlexiLoan.
    • A onetime processing fee of SGD 80 will be charged for all approved loan amounts.

    ANZ FlexiLoan Promotional Offers

    When you apply for the ANZ FlexiLoan for either 36, 48 or 60 months, you will receive the following gifts –

    • When your loan amount is approved for SGD 20,000 and more, you will receive the Smartphone - ASUS PadFone S that is valued at SGD 449.
    • When your loan amount is approved between the price range of SGD 12, 000 up to SGD 20, 000, you will receive a Polar voucher worth SGD 20 and an A300 Fitness & Activity Tracker from Polar that is worth a total of SGD 279.
    • When your loan amount is approved between the price range of SGD 5, 000 up to SGD 12, 000, you will receive a Harvey Noman voucher worth SGD 50.

    Note: The above offers are for limited period only and will expire of December 31st, 2015.

    ANZ FlexiLoan Interest Rate Structures

    The following table provides the interest rate structure and the Effective Interest Rate for different approved amounts and tenures. ANZ FlexiLoan provides flat interest rate structures.

    Loan Tenure Loan Amount – Below SGD 15, 000 Loan Amount – Between SGD 15,000 – SGD 30,000 Loan Amount – Above SGD 30, 000
    12 Months - Rate of Interest 5.8% per annum 5.8% per annum 5.8% per annum
    Effective Interest Rate 11.79% per annum 11.29% per annum 10.91% per annum
    24 Months- Rate of Interest 6.8% per annum 6.5% per annum 6.5% per annum
    Effective Interest Rate 13.22% per annum 12.42% per annum 12.22% per annum
    36 Months- Rate of Interest 7.2% per annum 6.8% per annum 6.6% per annum
    Effective Interest Rate 13.64% per annum 12.76% per annum 12.27% per annum
    48 Months- Rate of Interest 7.8% per annum 7.2% per annum 6.6% per annum
    Effective Interest Rate 14.37% per annum 13.23% per annum 12.11% per annum
    60 Months- Rate of Interest 7.8% per annum 7.2% per annum 6.6% per annum
    Effective Interest Rate 14.10% per annum 13.01% per annum 11.93% per annum

    Note: The above table values exclude the onetime processing fee of SGD 80. The processing fee is applicable on all tenures and any loan amount.

    Applying for ANZ FlexiLoan

    • You can apply online by filling and submitting the online application form. However, note that this option is only applicable for existing ANZ customers. New customers are not eligible to apply online for ANZ FlexiLoan.
    • You can call the ANZ Customer Care available 24 hours a day for the application process.

    ANZ FlexiLoan Terms and Conditons

    • The Loan Amount can only be in multiples of SGD 100 and cannot be less than the minimum amount determined by the bank at any given point in time.
    • The Loan amount cannot exceed 95% of your available Credit Limit on your Credit Card Account at the time of your application for FlexiLoan.
    • You cannot transfer the loan amount into your ANZ MoneyLine Account.
    • For more Terms and Conditions and further information on ANZ FlexiLoan, feel free to contact the bank.

    Loans on ANZ Credit Card - FAQs

    1. For what loan tenures will the onetime processing fee be applied on?
    2. A onetime processing fee of SGD 80 will be applied on all loan tenures and for any loan amount.

    3. Can new customers apply for the ANZ FlexiLoan through the online application form?
    4. No. The online application form for ANZ FlexiLoan is only applicable for existing ANZ customers.

    5. How will I receive my ANZ FlexiLoan statement?
    6. Your ANZ FlexiLoan Statement will be consolidated into your regular Credit Card Statement so you have convenient access to all expenses associated with your FlexiLoan account.

    7. What are loan tenures that are offered through the ANZ FlexiLoan?
    8. ANZ FlexiLoan offers flexible loan repayment options for the following tenures – 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months.

    9. Can I transfer my ANZ FlexiLoan amount into my ANZ MoneLine account?
    10. No. As per the terms and conditions established for ANZ FlexiLoan by the bank, you cannot transfer your FlexiLoan amount into your MoneyLine account.

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