UOB Life Insurance

UOB offers a range of Life Insurance policies that can provide you with customizable plans and bring you great peace of mind.

Types of UOB Life Insurance

The types of life insurance offered by UOB is called PRUlife, PRUlife Limited Pay, PRUlife Vantage, PRUterm Vantage and PRUterm Total Refund. They serve you differently at different points in life. UOB assures extended coverage through these plans.

Here is a look at the types of insurance offered and their features:

Insurance About Coverage Period
  • Covers critical illness, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) and death.
  • Cash value can be accumulated during the policy period.
Whole life
PRUlife Limited Pay
  • Receive sum assured and accumulated bonuses in case of TPD, critical illness or death.
  • Offers cash value for the duration of the coverage.
Whole life
PRUlife Vantage
  • Protection against terminal illness and death with a choice of including coverage on TPD.
  • Singapore citizens, PRs and foreigners can opt for this cover in SGD or USD.
Coverage till you turn 100 years old.
PRUterm Total Refund
  • Premium payment for 10 years to get coverage for death, TPD and terminal illness. Receive paid premiums upon expiry of cover.
20 years

PRUsave Series

There is no escaping from important events in life such as buying a home, getting married, creating a retirement fund, providing for your kid’s education and more. To fulfil these wishes you require a plan that will help you handle the future as these events come along. UOB PRUsave Series includes a complete endowment plan to empower you with the ability to set aside funds while offering life insurance cover against death, terminal illness and total and permanent disability.


PRUflexicash is ideal for you if your primary aim is to save money while attaining monetary flexibility. With PRUflexicash, you will be able to get ready for the uncertainties of life. It is aimed at helping in saving for the future, at the same time offering protection against unanticipated events including death, total and permanent disability and terminal illness. It provides you monetary flexibility with annual cashback. You also get the independence to organise payouts to tailor your requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Coverage term for policies can extend up to 100 years (age next birthday).
  • Coverega available for death, TPD and terminal illness on all PRUlife polcies.
  • Flexible payment terms starting from 10 years.
  • There is a lump sum payment in the case of death or critical illness or Total Permanent Disability (TPD), in case these occur before you turn 65 years old. However, you cannot claim for both TPD and critical illness at once.
  • There is no need of medical underwriting when you wish to add covers in response to various needs arising through life.

UOB PRUlife Coverage

PRUlife Policy Coverage
  • Minimum sum assured: S$10,000
  • Maximum sum assured: S$300,000
PRUlife Limited Pay Maximum sum assured: S$1 million
PRUlife Vantage Minimum sum assured: S$500,000


PRUlife Policy Premium amount
PRUlife Minimum yearly premium: S$400
PRUlife Limited Pay Minimum yearly premium based on premium payment terms:
  • 25 years: S$600
  • 15 years: S$800
  • 10 years: S$1,000

Riders available

  • Crisis Cover III
    • It gives a lump sum advance upon diagnosis of any one of the critical illnesses listed. In such cases, it means you have funds when you require it.
  • Early Stage Crisis Waiver
    • In case you are diagnosed with early or intermediate stage medical conditions, your premium will be waived for a period, so that you can focus on treatment.
  • Crisis Waiver III
    • In case you are diagnosed with any of the critical illnesses on the list, your premium will be waived forever and you will continue to be under the cover.
  • Early Payer Security
    • In case you are diagnosed with early or intermediate stage medical conditions, you do not have to pay the premium for a fixed period. Your loved ones can continue to be covered under the policy.
  • Payer Security III/Payer Security Plus
    • In case of death, critical illness or TPD, Payer Security III waives the rest of the premiums of your child’s policy till the policy due date before he/she turns 25, or the end of the premium payment term, whichever is earlier. Payer Security Plus waives the rest of the premiums till the policy anniversary before you reach the age of 85, or the end of the policy term, whichever is earlier.

UOB PRUlife Promotions

  • When you sign up for a plan which has an annual premium payment, you will get an opportunity to win up toS$18,888.
  • When you sign up, you have the following chances to win certain amounts:
    • When you sign up for a policy where you will not use your CPF savings, you will be given 18 opportunities to win S$200 Annualised Premiums.
    • When you sign up for a policy where you pay premiums annually, you have 1 chance to win S$200 Annualised Premiums.
  • One winner will get S$18,888, 8 winners will get S$8,888 and 88 winners will get S$888.
  • The submissions for the Lucky Draw, that is, processing of the policy documents will be done till 31 March 2018.
  • The Lucky Draw will take place on 23 April 2018. The total number of winners is 97.
  • This promotion is valid till 31 March 2018.

How to Apply for UOB PRUlife

  • To apply for this policy, you can contact the UOB Personal Banker on the bank's website or visit the bank.
  • Alternatively, you can visit the Prudential Assurance Company to apply.

Check your Eligibility

Name of the plan Eligibility
PRUlife cover
  • Minimum age: 21 years
  • Maximum age: 45 years
PRUlife Limited Pay
  • Minimum age: 30 years
  • Maximum age: 45 years
PRUlife Vantage
  • Minimum age: 40 years
  • Maximum age: 55 years
  • Foreigners are eligible to apply
PRUterm Total Refund Individuals who are employed.

How to Claim UOB PRUlife?

  • Visit the website of Prudential Assurance Company and navigate to the Our Services page. Click on "How to submit a claim."
  • You will need to fill the claim form and prepare the necessary documents that support your claim. These documents would vary according to the claim you present to the company.
  • For instance, to make a death claim, you would need the death certificate, medical attendant report, post-mortem report, proof of relationship with the deceased and NRIC of claimant among others.
  • You then must submit these to UOB, or to the Customer Service Centre of Prudential Assurance Company or you could even mail it to them at the following address:

Singapore (Pte) Limited Robinson Road P.O. Box 492 Singapore 900942

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