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    Are you a frequent traveller? Or the non-frequent one? Do you travel overseas often on business trip? Or are you the type that likes to take a vacation once in a while? Whatever be your take on travel, there is one thing that is universally applicable if you wish to have a hassle-free and convenient travel experience, no matter how often or how rarely you travel. And that universally applicable …. Is travel insurance.

    Travel insurance is basically a form of insurance that helps you seamlessly address any inconveniences you encounter while travelling. Travel experiences are often unpredictable, but with travel insurance, you can tide over several aspects that might be a cause for inconvenience including loss of wireless, technological equipment, baggage or delayed flights.

    There are several travel insurance providers in Singapore and Liberty Travel Insurance is one of them. The insurance provider is known to cover almost every aspect of an individual’s travel, making it one of the most sought after travel insurance providers in Singapore.

    Let us go ahead and look at what you can expect from purchasing a travel insurance policy from Liberty Travel Insurance. We look at the various features and benefits of the travel policy.

    Types of Travel Insurance Provided by Liberty Travel Insurance

    The Travel Insurance policy offered by Liberty Travel Insurance is popularly called TourCare Plus. As a potential customer wishing to purchase this travel insurance policy, you have two options:

    • Standard: Covers all aspects of your travel and addresses even the minutest areas of inconvenience that you might encounter.
    • Supreme: Similar to the Standard policy but has a higher sum assured against individual coverages.

    The travel insurance offering can broadly be classified into two types of plans:

    • Annual Plans:
      • Annual plans offered by Liberty Travel Insurance are most suitable for individuals who travel often. This type of plan is mostly purchased by business persons or organizations employing professionals who travel overseas frequently for corporate or government meetings and conferences. People who like to travel frequently on vacations can also opt for an annual plan as the policy is available at a discounted price.
    • Single trip plans:
      • Single Trip plans are mostly meant for those individuals who don’t travel often. If taken on a single trip basis, the cost involved in a single trip plan is more than that in an annual plan. Single trip plans are also ideal choices for families travelling on a vacation.

    Note: Both annual trip plans and single trip plans can be suited to meet the interests and expectations of the individual.

    Prominent Features of the Liberty Travel Insurance Coverage

    Liberty Travel Insurance covers various aspects of your travel, ensuring that your travel experience does not suffer from uninvited hiccups. Let us look at the various aspects covered under the Liberty Travel Insurance cover:

    Accidental cover: The Travel Insurance policy from Liberty Travel Insurance offers insurance benefits in the event of accidents sustained during travel. This includes permanent disablement, partial disablement, total permanent disablement, and death. Disablement can translate to loss of limbs, eyes and other body parts.

    Medical Expenses when overseas: The Liberty Travel Insurance policy covers medical expenses sustained when abroad. The reason for medical expenses can be anything from an accident sustained when overseas to being inflicted with an illness overseas. While medical expenses cover various facets including hospitalisation costs and special medical costs, it does not hold good for pre-existing medical conditions.

    Goods purchased when abroad: Your travel insurance policy will also cover goods, valuables or articles that you purchase when you are overseas. If you were to lose a valuable or article, Liberty Travel Insurance has the cost of the valuable covered for you. You will, however, need to show proof of theft or loss of your valuable.

    Inconveniences caused during travel: Various types of travel inconveniences including loss of luggage, loss of baggage, loss of wireless equipment including laptops or smartphones, are also covered under the policy. Before beginning the trip, you will be required to inform about the valuables you’ll be carrying during your journey. Valuables purchased overseas but stolen/lost in transit are also covered under the policy. Travel inconveniences also include flight delays and missed connections.

    Coverage Area Types
      Standard Supreme
    Personal Accident

    S$150,000 (75 years of age and below)


    (Between 76 years and 85 years of age, and children below the age of 21)

    S$300,000<((75 years of age and below)) and

    S$100,000 (Between 76 years and 85 years of age, and children below the age of 21)

    Medical Expenses when overseas

    S$250,000 (Persons below the age of 75 years)

    S$50,000 (Persons between 75 years to 86 years of age)

    S$500,000 (In the case of families)




    Medical Expenses upon return to Singapore

    S$15,000 (Persons below the age of 75 year)

    S$1,000 (Persons between 75 years to 86 years of age)

    S$30,000 (In the case of families, per family)




    (Under the three different categories respectively)

    Personal Liability Coverage

    S$500,000 (Per Individual)

    S$500,000 (Per Family)

    S$1,000,000 (Under the two categories respectively)
    Trip Cancellation Cover S$5,000 (Per Individual) S$10,000 (Per Family)



    (Under the two categories of individual and family, respectively)


    Trip Curtailment Cover S$5,000 and S$10,00 S$10,000 and S$20,000
    Lost Travel Documents S$3,000 and S$5,000 S$5,000 (in the case of both individual and family)
    Loss of Baggage

    S$3,000 (Per individual)

    S$5,000 (Per Family)



    (Under both the categories respectively)

    Trip Disruption Charges (If insured person is hospitalized for a period of more than 5 consecutive days) Up to S$5,000 Up to S$8,000
    Terrorism and Hostage crisis Up to S$5,000 Up to S$5,000

    How to Apply for Liberty Travel Insurance?

    You can apply for the Liberty Travel Insurance policy by visiting the official Liberty Insurance website and filling the online application form available on the website. You will need to enter your details and also provide supporting identity and residential documents in order to process your application. A representative from Liberty Insurance will get in touch with you and help you complete the remainder of your application. You can also apply for the policy through licensed travel agents who are selling the policy.

    Check your Eligibility for Liberty Travel Insurance

    In order to be eligible for the Liberty Travel Insurance policy, the following eligibility parameters need to be satisfied:

    • The person purchasing the policy has to be between 18 years and 79 years of age.
    • In case an Annual Family Plan is opted for, the persons who can be covered include the policyholder, spouse, and his/her legal children.
    • In case of Single Trip Plans, two adults and children can be covered provided that the children travelling are legally related to either one of the adults. The two adults needn’t be legally related under the Single Trip Plan.
    • The provisions of the policy will be dependent on the type plan you choose. You have the opportunity to pick a plan that covers most aspects of your travel.
    • There is no specific age requirement for person insured under the purchased plan.

    How to make a claim with Liberty Travel Insurance in Singapore?

    In order to make a claim with Liberty Travel Insurance, you will need to download the claim form the official website and fill out all your relevant details. You will also be required to fill out your claim request in detail and describe the sequence of events before the loss of property or any other form of travel inconvenience. You can also contact the Liberty Travel Insurance hotline number and initiate your claim request. The Customer Service Representative will help you initiate your claim request.

    You can also contact the LIberty Travel Insurance hotline number and obtain details on how to take the claim process forward. In most cases, claims are settled in about 10 business days.

    Key Benefits of Choosing a Travel Insurance Policy from Liberty Travel Insurance

    You can enjoy a huge line of benefits upon choosing the Liberty Travel Insurance policy. The TourCare Plus policy, as it is called, comes with a host of benefits. Following are some notable benefits offered under the policy:

    • The Liberty Travel Insurance policy offers comprehensive coverage and covers almost every aspect that might be cause for inconvenience during your trip.
    • The policy gives you the option of flexibility – you can choose a plan and include details based on your individual interest and requirement. Meaning, you can choose an Annual plan or a Single Trip plan. If you are travelling with your family, your travel insurance policy will cover your family members as well.
    • All policy details are listed out precisely for your reference on the company’s website. At any time, you can go through the policy documents and address any queries.
    • The hotline number is active 24*7. You can contact the hotline number at any time you please and representatives will be ready to address any inconveniences you may have encountered.
    • The policy covers areas such as natural disasters, chemical attacks, wars and terrorism.
    • The policy also covers your medical expenses when abroad, your sports equipment and several activities that you undertake while you are on a vacation.

    Frequently Asked Questions of Liberty Travel Insurance

    1. Will I have to undergo a medical test before I apply for a travel insurance policy?

      You do not necessarily have to undergo a medical test. But if you have pre-existing medical conditions that might need hospitalization overseas, you are required to mention it in your application form. Hospitalization charges for pre-existing medical conditions are not covered under the policy.

    2. Can foreigners apply for the Liberty Travel Insurance Policy?

      Yes. Foreigners can apply for the travel insurance policy, as long as there is Singapore is a connection destination.

    3. What are the various extensions available under the Policy?

      The various available extensions include: Kidnap benefits, Hijack benefits, withdrawal of hotel or accommodation services, Quarantine (on arrival in Singapore - concerns infectious diseases) and terrorism cover.    

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