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    Headquartered in Boston, Liberty Mutual Insurance Group is a global insurer operating with over 900 offices across the world. As a business unit of this Group, Liberty Insurance in Singapore provides a wide spectrum of insurance services namely health insurance, motor insurance, travel insurance, business insurance, personal insurance and home insurance. Liberty Insurance offers the best travel insurance in Singapore with attractive benefits and customized plans that caters to every traveler’s unique needs.

    Types of Liberty Travel Insurance Plans

    Liberty Individual - TourCare Plus

    Travel the world unabated and embark on new adventures without worrying about lost baggage, flight schedule changes and other travel inconveniences. Liberty Travel insurance takes care of all that for you. The TourCare Plus plan from Liberty Insurance ensures that all your travel needs are covered while you are globetrotting and provides comprehensive coverage to Singaporeans and their families.

    Benefits of TourCare Plus Travel Insurance

    • Double Indemnity for personal road accidents and compensation for accidental deaths and permanent disablement and injuries. The compensation amount extends up to S$150,000 for ‘Standard’ policyholders and up to S$300,000 for ‘Supreme’ clients.
    • Overseas medical expenses including hospital visits, compassionate visits, child guard, daily hospitalisation costs, emergency medical evacuation and Repatriation of Mortal Remains are covered under this travel insurance policy. The Liberty China Card-hospital admission deposit is waived off at specific hospitals in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.
    • Personal Liability up to S$1,000,000 is covered depending on the tier of clients.
    • Travel inconvenience cover includes compensation for flight delays, flight diversions, baggage delays, trip cancellation or postponement, flight overbooking, alternative travel arrangements and other emergency purchases.
    • The different types of losses covered under this policy are loss of personal cash, baggage, travel documents and personal effects.
    • The TourCare Plus policy also includes Rental Vehicle Excess cover, loss of travel expenses paid in advance and Home Guard cover to compensate for loss or damage to household items while the client has been travelling.
    • Liberty Insurance has a 24/7 helpline to provide assistance to customers worldwide.
    • This policy also provides additional cover for acts of terrorism, hijack, kidnapping and disruption of hotel services.

    Eligibility - Singaporean citizens and foreigners permanently residing in Singapore with valid work permits, employment passes, dependent passes and student passes are eligible to avail this travel insurance policy. The policy does not cover individuals below the age of 6 months and above 85 years. Overseas trips can be up to 120 days for a Single Trip Policy and 90 days for an annual policy.

    Countries Covered -

    Asia-Pacific - China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, India, Macau, Japan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, Mongolia, Bhutan, Tibet, North Korea, Maldives, Nepal, East Timor, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and Philippines.

    Worldwide - All destinations except Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba, Iran, Liberia, Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan and Syria.

    Liberty Overseas StudentCare

    Liberty Insurance protects you at every step, when you study abroad by offering an all-inclusive travel insurance coverage to suit individual student needs. The insurance plan has a worldwide coverage with 24/7 assistance to policyholders.

    Coverage under Overseas StudentCare Insurance

    • Overseas StudentCare offers personal accident and health coverage for permanent disablement, death and bodily injuries up to a maximum of S$200,000. A passive war extension cover is also provided for war related injuries.
    • The policy also compensates for death or permanent disablement due to criminal assaults and injuries arising from medical treatments.
    • The insurance plan also includes travel assistance in the form of compensation for travel delays, loss of travel documents, baggage delay, hospital visits and loss or damages to personal belongings.
    • Unlimited cover for emergency medical evacuations and repatriation of mortal remains is also included under this insurance scheme.
    • Liberty Insurance provides a Home Guard cover of up to S$3,000, for loss or damages to household items of policyholders while they are travelling.
    • The Overseas StudentCare plan also includes personal liability cover worth S$300,000 and Rental Vehicle Excess Cover worth S$1,000.
    • Student assistance is provided as students’ interruption cover up to S$10,000, Study Loan Repayment cover up to S$5,000 and Sponsor Protection cover up to S$15,000.
    • Optional Cover - Hospitalisation and medical expenses up to S$100,000 for treatments and surgeries.


    • Individuals must be aged between 15 to 45 years and should be Singaporean citizens or permanent residents to be eligible to avail the Overseas StudentCare cover. Foreigners with valid student passes are also eligible.
    • The individual should be a full-time student at an overseas university or should be participating in student exchange programs arranged by institutions in Singapore.


    Losses, injuries, damages, sickness or any legal liability arising from any of the following instances are not covered under this policy.

    • Illegal activities
    • Suicide
    • Self-inflicted injuries
    • HIV related conditions
    • Pregnancy and Childbirth
    • Participation in professional sports
    • Pre-existing medical conditions
    • Mental / Nervous disorders
    • Travel to Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo Cuba, Iran, Liberia, Iraq, Syria, Sudan and Lebanon

    Liberty GolfCare

    GolfCare provides comprehensive protection for golfers across the world by offering additional coverage for expensive golfing equipment. Liberty Insurance provides custom made plans to golfers comprising of various classes of insurance under a single policy. Customers can easily get a GolfCare policy with attractive premium terms and discounts for having a zero claims record.

    Coverage under GolfCare Insurance

    • Worldwide protection against legal costs involved in third party property and bodily injury claims.
    • Personal accident cover compensating for injuries or death occurring while playing golf.
    • Payment for medical and hospitalisation expenses incurred due to accidents while playing golf.
    • The policy also covers any loss or damage sustained on personal belongings inside the premises of golf clubs. The losses might occur due to burglary, fire or theft and an additional S$50 will be provided for each type of loss.
    • Accidental breakage cover for golf clubs during the course of play at golf clubs.
    • If an individual scores a hole-in-one, the insurer reimburses the sum insured along with the expenses incurred at the golf course.
    • Compensates for emergency evacuations or repatriation due to accidental bodily injury while playing golf outside Singapore.
    • Covers the costs involved in repatriation of mortal remains as a result of death while playing golf outside Singapore.

    Eligibility -

    • The GolfCare policy can be taken by individual below the age of 75.
    • Permanent residents of Singapore and foreigners with valid employment passes and work permits can avail the GolfCare benefit.


    • Scratches or dents on golf clubs.
    • Any loss due to general wear and tear.
    • Voluntary damages
    • Manufacturing defects
    • Damages occurring during transit

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    FAQs - Liberty Travel Insurance

    1. Does the TourCare Plus Travel Insurance coverage extend to business travel as well 

      Yes, business trips are covered provided the individual is engaged in professional and non-manual work.

    2. Is the Overseas StudentCare Insurance restricted to any particular type of university or institution?

      No, the coverage is extended to students admitted to any university across the globe.

    3. How can a policyholder cancel a GolfCare insurance policy?

      Customers can cancel the policy at any time by sending a written request to Liberty Insurance and they will be entitled to a premium refund.

    4. Are travel insurance policies covered under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme?

      Yes, personal travel insurance policies are covered under this scheme.

    5. How is No-claim discount calculated for a GolfCare insurance policy?

      Customers get a discount of 10% on premiums for no claims done for the previous year and a discount of 15% for no claims done for the previous two or more years.

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