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Polytechnics in Singapore - The Ultimate Guide

Polytechnics in Singapore are popular for the kind of practical education they offer. Students are exposed to a hands-on environment where the learning is progressive, learning crucial skills as they are groomed in the theoretical aspects of their courses. Joining a polytechnic is a good way to learn practical skills while working with some of the leading industry partners in Singapore, for a period of up to 6 months. There probably is no substitute for learning on the job, and this is exactly what you will get at a polytechnic, developing your confidence in presentations, communication, and also in problem solving. There are five polytechnics in Singapore with all of them featuring a range of well-structured courses, qualified lecturers, and fully-equipped facilities such as modern tutorial rooms and lecture halls, laboratories, and computerised libraries. They also incorporate a number of recreational activities and sports.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic

When this polytechnic opened in 1963, it had only 116 students and offered only courses for technology, commerce, and language. It now has 9 academic schools that offer 3 common entry programmes and 44 diploma courses (full time), and the CET Academy which offers programmes (part time) for adults. The institution presently has about 14,000 students enrolled for its courses. It focuses on a holistic, practical, and progressive education, not confined to the four walls of a classroom, aiming to prepare students for the future.

With a sprawling campus, a fancy swimming pool, state-of-the-art classrooms, great food, innovative recreational activities, and an advisor and industry mentor for each student, this place gives the term “home away from home” a whole new definition.

Features & Facilities

  • State-of-the-art classrooms
  • Personal mentor
  • Recreational activities
  • Modern infrastructure
Singaporeans Permanent Residents International Students
S$2,800 p.a. S$5,600 p.a. S$10,000 p.a.

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Singapore Polytechnic

Singapore Polytechnic (SP) was founded in 1954. Today, it offers 40 diploma courses (full time) and 3 common entry programmes, among others. Set in a lush, green campus spanning across 38 hectares, this institute has more than 14,000 students enrolled in full-time diploma courses. It has 10 academic schools that offer courses based on architecture, design, business, mathematics and science, aeronautical engineering, and more. SP adopts a research-based method of education for both online as well as classroom teaching. The curriculum framework is designed to give students an innovative and effective learning experience in well-equipped, modern classrooms while having fun at the same time. For the academic session of 2018 to 2019, the tuitions fees for a full-time diploma course varies depending on your residency status.

Singapore Polytechnic is a great place to make new friendships and learn how to co-exist in a group of people just like you. It features more than 100 student clubs (trekking, sports, rowing, and many more) where you can find peers who share similar interests as yours. With modern sports facilities, community service, creative learning methods, food courts, and more, SP just might become your new favourite place.

Features & Facilities

  • Research-based education
  • Student clubs
  • Modern sports facilities
  • Community service
Singaporeans Permanent Residents International Students
S$2,800 p.a. S$5,600 p.a. S$10,000 p.a.

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Temasek Polytechnic

Temasek Polytechnic (TP) is known for striving to bring education to life by providing an educational environment mirroring the real world. It was founded in 1990, and today provides world-class education to more than 15,000 students. It has 6 academic schools and offers 37 diploma courses (full time) and 30 part-time courses. With a vision of being a reputed name in global education, TP uses creative and flexible academic methods to prepare students for their careers. Built on familial values, the institute has a Campus Care Network through which students and lecturers aid and support each other. The campus features state-of-the-art facilities including a swimming pool (Olympic size), media studios, modern computer labs, and a sports complex. The tuition fee payable is based on your residency status and also on your age. The Singapore government’s Tuition Grant Scheme helps students bear the costs of higher education in the country.

Temasek Polytechnic offers its students international training programmes, local and overseas internship programmes, exchange programmes, and other programmes to give them the best exposure to modern industrial practices and methods. The student life here is a vibrant one filled with sports, co-curricular activities, leadership programmes, and a caring environment, everything you need to feel right at home here.

Features & Facilities

  • International training programmes
  • Leadership programmes
  • Campus care network
  • Media studios
Singaporeans Permanent Residents International Students
S$2,800 p.a. S$5,600 p.a. S$10,000 p.a.

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Nanyang Polytechnic

Nanyang Polytechnic (NP) was established in 1992, with students enrolling for business management and health sciences. Roll through the years and today the campus is spread over 30.5 hectares and can house up to 15,000 students along with 1,300 members of staff. The curriculum is designed to offer students an interactive and stimulating experience, helping them learn through innovative, hands-on learning practices. The institute’s mission is to empower students to excel at life and work, to grow and sustain industries in the long run. The campus cultivates a caring and nurturing culture, allowing students to interact with one another, learn gradually through innovation, and develop a “can do” spirit. NP also has a number of student clubs involved in academics, arts, sports, community service, and a lot more. NP charges tuition fees for its full-time diploma courses based on whether you’re a Singaporean or not. The following data gives you the details of this for the academic year 2018-2019:

The institute features co-curricular activities to help nurture the skills and talents of its students. Youth Expedition Projects in ASEAN countries and the NYP Entrepreneurship Startup help students hone their teamwork, entrepreneurial and leadership skills. Various sports programmes, dance and fitness routines, and a massive swimming pool to add to the vibrancy of life at Nanyang Polytechnic.

Features & Facilities

  • Student clubs
  • Youth expedition projects
  • Sports programmes
  • NYP Entrepreneurship Startup
Singaporeans Permanent Residents International Students
S$2,800 p.a. S$5,600 p.a. S$10,000 p.a.

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Republic Polytechnic

Republic Polytechnic (RP) started operations in 2002 with just 800 students enrolled for its programmes. Today, it boasts a strength of 14,000 students and over 1,000 members who serve as staff. Over the years, the institute has grown in excellence and reputation, and today has 7 academic schools and offers 42 courses in various disciplines including Engineering, Applied Sciences, Sports, and Hospitality, among others. Aiming to give their students an engaging learning experience, RP employs a fun-based education system. It is the first polytechnic to adopt a problem-based learning system, going beyond the boundaries of simply memorising facts and listening to teachers. The system encourages the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of the young minds, boosting their self-confidence as they engage with their peers in an active and engaging environment. RP charges tuition fees depending on the status of your residency and citizenship in Singapore.

Republic Polytechnic has a library stocked with books and multimedia content, work spaces, and leisure zones, everything you need to assist your academic endeavours. The Republic Cultural Centre hosts regular art-related events. The multi-purpose sports complex and the various dining options, ATM services, overseas internships, and international projects help make learning a fun activity.

Features & Facilities

  • Well-equipped library
  • Republic cultural centre
  • Overseas internships
  • Dining areas
Singaporeans Permanent Residents International Students
S$2,800 p.a. S$5,600 p.a. S$10,000 p.a.

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Student Life at Polytechnics

Polytechnics in Singapore are all about helping you learn through practical methods, a fun and interactive environment, industrial training, and more. They bring a whole new aspect to how you learn. Over the years, they have proven that practical teaching is an effective way of preparing students for careers in their respective fields.From a student’s perspective, life in such an institute is very different from colleges that adopt a more regular style of teaching. Since you will be in an environment that promotes interaction and co-operation with your peers, it makes learning a little more relaxed and a lot more interesting. One might even say the cultural differences and how things are done might come as a shock to you.

Many students say that the hands-on approach they are exposed to helps them learn faster and develop skills that they will require in the future. Apart from this, there are a ton of options when it comes to co-curricular activities including clubs for sports, adventure, dance and music, academics, and a lot more. Can’t find a club you can fit into? You can even apply to form a club of your own. Talk about being spoilt for choice. All of the five polytechnics in the country are equipped with modern facilities such as world-class libraries stocked with books and digital media, sports centres, dining and food outlets, and ATMs, among others.

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