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You have worked hard and earned the life that you deserve. Your house, your car and most importantly, your life needs to be secured and protected at all cost. You can insure your life along with all the other assets of your life and live in peace with your loved ones. You know, that accidents can happen. So, it is of utmost importance that to ensure maximum security for all your belongings by opting for the different insurance schemes offered by the insurance companies.

Overview of Tokio Marine Insurance

Tokio Marine Insurance Company established in the year 1879, is a 130 years old and the first insurance company in Japan. Tokio Marine has seen immense growth and prosperity over the years and has come to this day when it has expanded into 486 cities, in different countries all over the world. The insurance schemes provided by Tokio Marine Insurance company provides you innovative and customizable solutions that are tailored to meet your changing needs.

Types of insurance offered by Tokio Marine Insurance Company

There are several insurance plans that are offered by Tokio Marine which provide great solutions for all your insurance related needs. The list below will provide you with an idea to know more about the insurance schemes offered by Tokio Marine Insurance Company.

  • Tokio Marine Term Insurance
  • Tokio Marine Life Insurance
  • Tokio Marine Mortgage Protection
  • Tokio Marine Group Medical Insurance
  • Tokio Marine Accident Insurance
  • Tokio Marine Motor Insurance
  • Tokio Marine Travel Insurance

Tokio Marine Term Insurance

This particular insurance scheme is also called TM Enhanced Term Assurance and it is specifically designed in a way so that it provides comprehensive solution by providing financial security in events of permanent disability or death due an accident, dreadful diseases, major illness, etc. The Tokio marine Term Insurance scheme is absolutely affordable. You do not need to worry anymore if you are the only earning member of the house as TM Enhanced Term Assurance Plan will help you provide a safe and secure financial shelter for all your loved ones. The plan provides a lot of flexibility with its policy term. You may avail the Term Insurance plan for 5 and 10 years, as per your financial convenience. The Longevity Benefit feature rewards you with 10% of the assured amount when you live up to 99 years and celebrates your long life.

Tokio Marine Life Insurance

Nothing is more important than your life and, thus, it deserves the best insurance plan. With Tokio Marine Life Insurance you can enjoy lucrative per annum return of up to 4.05% when the assured sum matures. You may choose policy terms of ten, fifteen or twenty years when you have a premium payment term of 5 years. This helps you to plan your financial goals easily. The plan provides you with financial protection in an event of permanent disability or death due to accident. This particular insurance plan allows you to secure your child’s future along with yours. When the assured sum matures you are rewarded with a lump sum amount which can be used by you to meet all your expectations.

Tokio Marine Mortgage Protection (joint-life)

If you are looking for a mortgage term policy that provides you with high protection at a very low cost then Tokio Marine Mortgage Protection is definitely a one stop solution for you. This is a joint life policy, hence, the insurance proceeds are payable in an event of death or permanent disability. You can choose between 0% to 9.75% interest rate. If the interest rate is higher, the reduction in the assured sum is slower in the first few years. For the last three years of your policy, your premiums are waived off. CI (Critical Illness) rider can be attached optionally in order to enhance the perks of this policy

Tokio Marine Group Medical Insurance

Tokio Marine Group Medical Insurance plan is a comprehensive insurance scheme that provides cover for all your employees under one single contract, which saves both resources and time for you. The policy serves as a very good form of benefit for the employees which, in turn, offers you immense peace of mind. Such good plans will help you to retain your hard working employees and will also attract new talent. The employees will not have to pay for surgical procedures and hospitalisation, in the event of an injury. Avail reimbursement for all medical expenses. The key coverage areas include Dental Rider, Outpatient Clinical Rider, Catastrophic Medical Rider, Maternity Rider, etc.

Tokio Marine Accident Insurance

The Tokio Marine Accident Insurance plan offers comprehensive cover against any injury, temporary or permanent disability and death caused by an accident. Enjoy round the clock coverage under this insurance plan even when you are traveling. The renewal feature is guaranteed and, thus, your loved ones can be completely sure that you will be covered under the policy when you need it the most. You are entitled to medical reimbursement of up to S$ 10,000 which reduces your financial worries to a great extent when you meet an unfortunate accident. Choose the best medicine for yourself, may it be the traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine. You and your loved ones can enjoy peace of mind as you are entitled to Accidental Death benefit of 100% of the assured sum and 150% of the total assured sum in case of burns or permanent disability. In case of accidental death while traveling by private or public transport, the insured can avail multiplied benefits of up to 200% of the total assured amount.

Tokio Marine Motor Insurance

Tokio Marine Motor Insurance provides you coverage for your car against natural calamities windstorm, flood, etc. The policy also provides comprehensive coverage for your vehicle against strike, civil commotion and riots. It takes care of all legal third party liabilities arising due to an accident. The personal accident coverage offered by this policy for you is up to an amount of $ 50,000. Also, avail addition cover for your co passengers and driver. Towing service is available round the clock if your car breakdowns somewhere.

Tokio Marine Travel Insurance

You must understand that accidents can happen anywhere. If you are planning for a business trip or a holiday, you must ensure that you secure your trip completely. Ensure that you are ready to tackle any problem that might emerge during the trip. Tokio Marine Travel Insurance provides you with that extra bit of security and insures your life along with your belongings when you are traveling. Also known as TM TravelPro, the travel insurance from Tokio Marine, offers several family packages which are pretty much affordable. All your children can be covered under this particular plan.

Frequently Asked Questions – Tokio Marine Insurance

  1. Do I get medical reimbursement under Accident insurance?
  2. Yes, you are entitled to medical reimbursement of up to S$ 10,000 under Tokio Marine Accident Insurance scheme.

  3. Can I choose the interest rate in Mortgage Protection plan?
  4. Yes, you can choose between 0% to 9.75% interest rate under Mortgage Protection plan.

  5. Is there a personal accident coverage under motor insurance plan?
  6. You can avail coverage of up to S$ 50,000 under the Tokio Marine Motor Insurance plan.

  7. What should I do in case of a car breakdown?
  8. Under the motor insurance plan offered by Tokio Marine you can avail towing service anytime, anywhere.

  9. What are the key coverage areas for Tokio Marine Group Medical Insurance?
  10. The key coverage areas under Tokio Marine Group Medical Insurance are Dental Rider, Outpatient Clinical Rider, Catastrophic Medical Rider, Maternity Rider, etc.

News About Tokio Marine Insurance

  • Japans insurer Tokio Marine to offer certified drone pilots liability coverage

    Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance, in collaboration with Japan’s Drone Pilot Association (DPA), will now provide insurance coverage to certified drone pilots. The number of drone-flying schools recognized by the DPA is set to increase to 100 by 2019, ensuring that around 10,000 pilots will be insured.

    07th February 2016

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