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Life is full of unexpected and unpredicted events and it is of utmost importance that you prepare yourself for all sorts of situations. An emergency situation may surface any time which could prove to be financially demanding. You must know how to tackle such tough and difficult phases in life. Choose the right kind of insurance policy for your house, your car, your assets, your loved ones and for yourself. Avail the protection and security that you and your family need and deserve. In times of an emergency, the insurance policy protects you from all the odds and provides you with financial support.

Overview Tenet Sompo Insurance

Tenet Insurance Company Limited was established in the year 1957 and became the subsidiary of Hwa Hong Corporation Limited in 1980. Sompo Japan Insurance, another insurance company in Singapore, started its journey in 1973. In 2010, Tenet Insurance Company Limited was taken over completely by Sompo Japan Insurance Incorporation as they has a strategy to expand overseas. Tenet Sompo Insurance Private Limited was finally created in the year 2013 and they have made their presence felt in Singapore through the service that they provided to their customers.

Tenet Sompo is one of the largest companies providing general insurance in Singapore and it provides innovative and customizable solutions with its products to meet the changing needs of its customers. The merger of the Tenet and Sompo has increased the efficiency of all the operations and, thus, the company can now serve its customers better.

Tenet Sompo Accident Insurance

This insurance plan provided by Tenet Sompo covers you from all accidents that might come in to your life all of a sudden. The limits are extremely flexible and the premiums are affordable too. Tenet Sompo Accident Insurance allows you to avail the benefits and coverage that you deserve. No matter where you are in the world, the plan never fails to offer you coverage 24X7. Avail repatriation expenditures of up to S$ 200. The cover protects you against assault and murder, insect or animal bites, food poisoning, etc. All you expenses for treatments under licensed Chinese Acupuncturist, Chiropractors, Bonesetters and Physicians are covered under the Tenet Sompo Accident Insurance plan. Avail a free look in period for a period of 14 days. If you do not like the features and benefits of the scheme, you can choose to drop the plan. Tenet Sompo Accident Insurance provides you with financial support in the event of permanent or temporary disability and death.

Tenet Sompo Travel Insurance

Something can go wrong during a holiday that you planned and you must be ready to tackle those situations too. Tenet Sompo Travel Insurance takes care of all your financial requirements if anything goes wrong during the trip and allows you to enjoy the peace of mind that you need. The plan covers travel cancellation and delay costs caused due to a natural disaster. Avail alternative travel arrangement back to Singapore when your trip is delayed for over 24 hours. The plan offers you coverage of up to S$ 1000 if your credit card experiences fraudulent usage overseas. You are also protected against reconstructive surgery caused by burns and third degree burns caused during your travel. There is no particular aggregate limit for the family plan and your children are covered under the offers and benefits of the travel insurance scheme. You can avail cover against several amateur sports including para sailing, snow skiing, white water rafting and hot air balloon. Avail a coverage of up to $ 500 for your treatments under Chinese Chiropractors and Physicians, per accident. The plan not only provides coverage for you and your love ones, but also, ensure that all your luggage and baggage are safe on the trip.

Tenet Sompo Home Insurance

Tenet Sompo Home Insurance scheme, commonly known as Home Bliss, offers you a comprehensive protection for your house along with all your household belongings. Avail Home Emergency services round the clock when you are covered under this policy. All the expenditures for assessing and tracing of water seepage is taken care of by the Tenet Sompo Home Insurance policy. Avail reimbursements for cleaning of your house in times of a disease outbreak. Enjoy Identity Fraud coverage and Personal Accident coverage under the Tenet Sompo Home Insurance Plan. When you renew the policy, you get 10% discount for your loyalty towards Tenet Sompo. In case you or the members of your family face an event of permanent disability in the house, you can avail Mobility Enhancement expenses in order to modify your house according to your convenience. Also, you get a free look in period for 14 days. If you do not like the plan you may choose to opt out of after 14 days.

Tenet Sompo Car Insurance

Buying a car is more of a necessity than luxury. Going to office or taking the family out for dinner, your car helps you to commute easily and saves a lot of time and hassle. It is a matter of great joy and pride to own a car. But you must remember that with a great car comes greater responsibilities. The roads are unsafe and accident prone. You and your car must be protected at all cost. Tenet Sompo Car Insurance provides you with a comprehensive car insurance scheme which not only protects you and the car in the event of an accident, but also, takes care of all third party liabilities arising out of the incident. Avail free personal accident coverage of up to an amount of S$ 20,000. Enjoy NCD (No Claim Discount) Protector in case you are availing 30% NCD or more. The percentage of the current NCD will remain the same at the time of renewal of your car insurance plan. The Tenet Sompo Car Insurance plan protects your car against all damages caused due to natural calamities including flood, earthquake, windstorms, thunder, etc. Avail protection against damages to your vehicle caused by civil commotion, riots, strike, etc. Avail loss of benefits for certain selected plans up to a period of 14 days. Avail free coverage for the co passengers and protect all your loved ones under the coverage. Compulsory excess will be granted for elderly drivers and young, inexperienced drivers too. In an emergency situation, you can call MARS (Mobile Accident Response Service) for roadside assistance.

Tenet Sompo Personal Insurance

Nothing is more important than your life. It is of great importance that your life is protected and secured at all cost. Tenet Sompo offers a set of comprehensive insurance plans that come with innovative ideas and customizable solutions. Whether you are traveling the world or driving back from office, you do not have to worry have any unexpected event anymore. Enjoy the perks of the insurance and avail the peace of mind that you deserve with Tenet Sompo Personal Insurance.

The different types of insurance that can be listed under Tenet Sompo Personal Insurance are as follows:

  • The Tenet Personal Accident Insurance
  • Tenet PAJunior Insurance
  • Tenet PAStar Insurance
  • Tenet MaidEASE insurance
  • Tenet MediLITE Insurance

Tenet Sompo Commercial Insurance

If you are a businessman, taking utmost care of your business should be a top priority for you. You must have all you contingency plans in place as there can be unexpected events which can affect your business. Tenet Sompo Commercial Insurance provides enhanced and exclusive coverage for your business and related assets. The property, building, money, office accessories, etc. are all covered under the commercial insurance plan offered by Tenet Sompo. The plan ensures that you are covered and protected against any burglary that hampers the smooth running of your business and causes you financial losses. There are different types of insurance schemes under this plan and it is highly advisable that you choose the plan as per your need and convenience.

  • Property and Casualty
  • Accident and Health
  • Marine and Related Liability
  • Commercial Motor

Frequently Asked Questions – Tenet Sompo Insurance

  1. When will the Personal Accident policy coverage come in effect and what does it cover?
  2. The Personal Accident coverage is in effect as soon as you leave your residence and make a move towards your destination in Singapore. The events that are insure under this plan are permanent or temporary disability, critical illness or a disease, compulsory quarantine and death. It will also cover any injury caused due to natural calamities including flood, earthquake, typhoon, etc. Injuries caused by unexpected outbreaks like civil commotion, riots and strike are also covered under the policy.

  3. How should I extend the period of my policy?
  4. You make talk to any of our representatives in person or call the Emergency Assistance Hotline to request an extension of the policy. Details of expiry date and mode of payment may be required while you request a renewal of your insurance policy.

  5. Who can enrol for the policy?
  6. All permanent residents of Singapore, citizens of Singapore, foreigners with valid visa and employment pass within the age limit of 16 to 70 years can apply for the policy. People domiciled in Singapore can also apply for Tenet Sompo Insurance Policies.

  7. Who are considered as Young Drivers under the Car Insurance plan from Tenet Sompo?
  8. Drivers who are below the age of 25 years are considered as Young Drivers under the Tenet Sompo Car Insurance Plan.

  9. How must I decide on the total assured amount for the building and all its contents under the Tenet Sompo Home Insurance plan?
  10. The total sum insured for your building must represent the total cost of rebuilding the property. It is advisable that you take advice from a qualified and professional surveyor. For all the contents of the building, the sum insured must represent the total cost of replacing the items with same but new items.

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