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Life throws a lot of surprises and it is important that we are fully prepared for these unexpected events. A situation might arise where you will have to provide lump sum amounts for a personal commitment, unforeseen incident or a health emergency. An insurance policy turns out to be your best friend when you face such scenarios, helping you with the required financial assistance. Holding a comprehensive QBE insurance policy would provide complete protection to your family and also safeguard your assets during times of need.

QBE Singapore Overview

QBE Insurance (International) Limited has a well-established presence, dating back to over a century in Singapore. Currently rated amongst the top 20 insurers in the world, QBE is Australia’s largest general insurance company providing specialized insurance products to consumers across 40 countries. QBE has been actively contributing to Singapore’s tourism sector by providing insurance to the infrastructure of the nation’s key tourist landmarks and has also acquired a share of insurance for terminal extensions in Changi airport. QBE’s insurance products are developed with the client’s requirements in mind and cover everything from complicated business risks to simple everyday personal needs. In Singapore, QBE provides two major insurance segments namely - Personal Insurance and Business Insurance.

Types of Insurance products offered by QBE Singapore

Personal Insurance

  • QBE Personal Accident Insurance
  • QBE Domestic Property Insurance
  • QBE Travel Insurance

Business Insurance

  • Business Insurance Solutions
  • Commercial Property
  • Construction & Engineering
  • General Accident
  • General Liability
  • Group Accident & Health
  • Group Travel
  • Marine
  • Product Protection
  • Professional Liability
  • Trade Credit
  • Work Injury Compensation

QBE Personal Insurance

QBE offers comprehensive personal insurance policies customised for every family type or individual in Singapore. With competitive pricing and the right amount of cover, a QBE personal insurance policy will provide the right financial assistance to you and your family during any emergency. QBE’s personal insurance policies include coverage for personal accidents, travel and domestic properties belonging to policyholders.

QBE Personal Accident Insurance

Plan - QBE PA EXTRA Cover

Targeting its retail customer segment, QBE offers the QBE PA EXTRA Cover plan under Personal Accident Insurance. This plan includes personal accident cover for individuals and families with compensation for death or permanent total disablement and also for medical expenses required in the case of accidents. The amount of coverage under this plan is up to S$1,000,000 with no-claim bonus options, free coverage for up to three children and for accidents arising from non-professional sports.

QBE Domestic Property Insurance

Plan - HomePlus

A home is a cherished asset for any individual and safeguarding a home is a key priority. This can be done only with an insurance policy that completely protects your home against losses and damages. The HomePlus plan offered by QBE provides free coverage for the building structure, fixtures, fittings and renovation works. Under this, alternative accommodation is provided, Property Owner's Liability coverage and other consultant expenses are also covered. The plan also provides coverage for damage or loss of household contents including free covers for break-ins, theft of money and death or theft of pedigree pets. The HomePlus Plan additionally covers worldwide personal and family liability up to S$1,000,000, personal accident cover and compensation for domestic workers.

QBE Travel Insurance


QBE’s travel insurance policy covers both individuals and families, providing an array of customised solutions for business travellers and vacationers. QBE’s Travelon plan offers personal accidental cover along with compensation for medical expenses during travels. Additionally, inconvenience covers for loss or damage to baggage, personal effects, travel documents, flight cancellations or reschedule, hijack and personal liability are also provided. As bonus covers, home protection, alternative employees’ expenses and cover against terrorism related risks are also offered.

QBE Business Insurance

Insure your business or company with QBE’s customised insurance plans catering to all your business related needs. QBE specializes in providing excellent business insurance solutions to entrepreneurs and businessmen in Singapore, covering complex risks and minor damages, ensuring that day to day functioning of a business is not affected. Depending on your business requirements you can choose from a total of twelve business insurance covers offered by QBE and secure your business today.

Business Insurance Solutions

QBE offers this particular business insurance solution for individual companies which fall under the small to medium sized segments. Retail, commercial and industrial businesses can opt for this solution with covers included for damages or losses to business property, equipment, and business interruption, loss of money, work injury compensation, group personal accidents and fidelity guarantee. QBE has three types of business insurance packages which are tailor made for companies namely - Office Packages, Retail Packages and Spa & Beauty Packages.

Commercial Property Insurance

Protect your commercial property including stocks, furniture, building structures, plants and other property contents against accidental loss or damages with a QBE Property Insurance policy. Under the commercial property insurance plan, QBE offers three products namely - Fire Insurance, Loss of Profits and Industrial All Risks.

Construction & Engineering Insurance

Engineering and under construction projects can be secured with a comprehensive Construction & Engineering insurance policy from QBE. The covers under this policy includes protection against risks, material damages, third party liability claims, Contractors’ and Construction All Risks and business interruptions. The policy also provides cover for electronic equipment, machinery breakdown and boilers.

General Accident

The General Accidents Insurance scheme offers compensation for losses or damages sustained due to burglary, loss of money and accidental breakage of plate glass along with fidelity guarantee.

General Liability

Manage your business liabilities better with QBE’s General Liability insurance policy, which offers complete protection against any legal liability arising due to injury or property damage in relation to your business. The liability products offered under this insurance plan are - Products Liability, Public Liability and Combined General Liability.

Group Accident and Health Insurance

The Group Accident and Health insurance products are targeted towards corporate customers in Singapore. Employers can provide group insurance plans to their employees to cover work related risks, personal accidents and other medical expenses. The Group Personal Accident Insurance plan extends coverage for personal accidents, death and permanent total disablement, hospitalisation and damages sustained due to hijack and terrorism related activities. The Group Medical insurance policy provides medical coverage for corporate employee groups for hospitalisation, surgery and other medical expenses. This policy includes additional medical insurance cover for Foreign Workers and Small Group Medical Insurance for corporate groups with one to 14 employees.

Group Travel Insurance

The Group Travel insurance from QBE includes personal covers, inconvenience covers and bonus covers for business travellers and holiday makers. QBE offers individual and family plans in Singapore inclusive of single-trip or annual coverage for policyholders. Personal covers include death, personal accidental expenses, hospitalisation and permanent total disablement. Loss or damages to baggage, travel documents, flight cancellations, delays, personal effects, and personal liability are covered under inconvenience covers. Bonus covers include home protection while traveling, alternative employees’ expenses and protection against terrorism related risks.

Marine Insurance

As a specialist in marine insurance solutions, QBE offers multiple types of covers to mitigate risks involved in shipping and the marine trade. QBE’s Marine Insurance plans are broadly classified into Marine Cargo insurance, Marine Liability insurance, Marine Hull insurance and Pleasure Craft Insurance. Marine Cargo insurance includes Single Voyage Marine Cargo, Marine Cargo Open Cover, Project Cargo and Delay Start up Cover, Towing Risks, Goods-In-Transit and Comprehensive Exporters and Products Liability. Marine Liability insurance contains Transport Operators Liability, Stevedores Liability, Ship repairers Liability, Marine Professional Negligence Insurance, Marine Terminal Operators Package and Marina Operators Liability. Marine Hull insurance includes Hull and Machinery insurance, War related risks, Mortgagees insurance, Innocent Owners insurance, coverage for Builders' Risks and Commercial Third Party Liability insurance. Pleasure Craft Insurance provides protection to seafarers and their yachts against physical damages including third party property liability and third party injuries occurring due to the pleasure craft usage.

Product Protection Insurance

QBE provides world-class solutions to car owners under the Product Protection insurance scheme. This policy compensates for expenses related to unexpected vehicle repairs, or losses sustained due to theft of vehicles. Under this insurance scheme, QBE offers Extended Warranty Insurance and Gap Insurance to customers. The Extended Warranty Insurance plan provides coverage for damages or losses arising from mechanical breakdowns for vehicles, outside the manufacturer’s warranty period. GAP insurance includes three products for vehicle owners namely - Financial Shortfall, Return to Invoice and Vehicle Replacement Insurance.

Professional Liability Insurance

Businesses providing professional services can enjoy complete protection against legal liability in relation to services rendered, litigation threats and possible legal settlements or damages. QBE offers five types of Professional Liability Insurance solutions to prevent risk or damages for professionals and their businesses across a broad spectrum of industries. Professional Indemnity Insurance protects against legal liability for breach of duty during professional business practice. Medical professionals can be protected against legal liability occurring from malpractice leading to death or any physical injury to patients with a Medical Malpractice Insurance scheme. IT professionals can be protected with Information and Communication Technology Insurance against legal liability arising in relation to IT services provided. Directors and officers belonging to a company can be protected against personal legal liability under the Directors and Officers Liability Insurance plan. Non-profit organisations can benefit from the Association Liability Insurance scheme, getting protection against legal liability for services offered.

Trade Credit

QBE provides innovative insurance solutions for trade related risks across various industries in Singapore. QBE’s credit risk management solutions offer protection for cash flow and also provide early warnings to traders regarding probable payment difficulties. QBE’s Trade Credit and Surety insurance products are available to business organisations of all sizes and are customised to meet individual business requirements.

Work Injury Compensation

Corporate employers need to provide some form of comprehensive insurance coverage to their employees. Aiding in this effort, QBE offers affordable worker’s compensation solutions to Singaporeans which covers medical and hospital fees, medical leave wages, compensation for permanent disability and legal liability claims. QBE’s Work Injury Compensation Insurance also allows employers to negotiate with their employees for settlements, ensuring fair dealings for both the parties.

FAQs for QBE Insurance

  1. How can claims be made for any type of QBE insurance product?
  2. To register a claim with QBE, the filled-in claim form along with other related documents have to be submitted to the claims department. The insurer will then contact you for further processing.

  3. What is the time taken by QBE to settle insurance claims?
  4. The time period of an insurance claim settlement depends on the nature of claims made and related aspects, which varies on a case-by case basis.

  5. What modes of payments can be used to make insurance premium payments?
  6. Customers can make premium payments via cash, cheques or by using their credit cards at the QBE Singapore branch.

  7. What is QBE Qnect?
  8. QBE Qnect is an insurance platform which enables QBE intermediaries to efficiently manage their client’s insurance policy cycles from start to end.

  9. Is QBE Qnect available to intermediaries worldwide?
  10. No, this e-business platform is available only to QBE intermediaries in Singapore and Hong Kong.

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