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Why do I need insurance? It is probably a question that is often in your mind as you might be unaware of how insurance can be beneficial to you and your family. Insurance products are very popular with people around the globe as they help people to deal with unfortunate events in life. By opting for a comprehensive insurance plan, you can protect your home and its belonging, vehicles, ensure that your medical expenses are taken care of and also get financial assistance in a variety of other unplanned events in life. By opting for an insurance plan from NTUC Income, you will not only be able to protect your finances but will also be able to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of in case something happens to you.

Overview of NTUC Income

NTUC Income is one of the top 3 insurance companies in Singapore. Unlike other insurance companies in Singapore, NTUC Income is managed as a co-operative society and is registered under the Co-operative Societies Act. The company was established in 1970 in order to make all kinds of insurance policies affordable for Singaporeans from all walks of life. Apart from a wide range of insurance plans the company also provides savings and investments plans that offers Singaporeans with an opportunity to save money and build financial assets. The best part about insurance products from NTUC is that they are very affordable and are adorned with numerous beneficial features.

Types of Insurance offered by NTUC Income

NTUC Income offers a range of insurance products in Singapore, including health, life and general insurance. These insurance plans offer the customers with extensive coverage against unplanned events in life. The insurance plans that are offered by NTUC are listed below.

  1. NTUC Term Insurance – The term insurance plans from NTUC have been designed to help both individuals and organizations in meeting their insurance-related needs. These plans provide very high coverage and yet they do not require the insured individuals or businesses to pay a lot of money as insurance premiums. These insurance plans are available to citizens of Singapore, Permanent Residents of Singapore and also to foreigners. The various term insurance plans offered by NTUC are as follows:
    • iTerm
    • e-Term
    • Plus! Term Life Insurance
    • Cancer Protect
    • Family Insurance Plan
    • Mortgage Protection Plan
    • Dependants' Protection Scheme
    • Value Pack
    • DIRECT – Term
    • DIRECT - Whole Life
  2. NTUC Life Insurance – A life insurance plan from NTUC can ensure that your family is taken care of in case something happens to you as a result of death, permanent and complete disability, and dreaded diseases. If you would like to protect yourself against diseases, you can opt for an insurance plan from NTUC that can protect you against more than 100 life threatening diseases. NTUC life insurance policies come with very flexible policy terms and they also offer riders than can enhance the protection provided to you by the policy. The life insurance policies offered by NTUC are given below.
    • VivoCare 100
    • VivoLife
    • Protection Plan
    • Senior Plan
  3. NTUC Mortgage Insurance – The Mortgage Protection Plan from NTUC Income has been designed to make sure that your mortgage payments are always made on time and the mortgage is paid off in case you meet with an unfortunate event. It is a very beneficial plan that offers the insured individuals with flexible payment options and other helpful features. The plan will pay off your mortgage payments in case you are faced with total or permanent disability, or death.
  4. NTUC Health Insurance – If you want to protect yourself against the rising cost of healthcare, you should opt for a health insurance plan from NTUC Income Income. Given that medical treatments, medicines, hospital bills and other medical expenses can burn a hole in your pocket, you should opt for a health insurance plan to get the required financial assistance or to ensure that your savings is not spent only on medical bills. NTUC Income provides a range of health insurance plans and so it will be very easy for you to find a plan that will be best suited your needs. The various NTUC Income health insurance plans are listed below.
    • Enhanced IncomeShield
    • Value Pack
    • Co-Pay Assist Plan
    • ElderShield
    • PrimeShield
    • Managed Healthcare System
    • IDAPE (Interim Disability Assistance Programme for the Elderly)
  5. NTUC Accident Insurance – Do not let an accident ruin your life and the happiness of your loved ones. Opt for an accident insurance plan from NTUC Income and ensure that you are offered with income benefits and financial assistance for other expenses in case you meet with an accident. The personal accident insurance offered by this insurance company is known as NTUC Income PA Assurance plan and it can offer you with up to S$20,000 for medical expenses and up to S$35,000 for accidental death. This also comes with a rider for infectious diseases known as Personal Accident Infectious Diseases Plan. You should be below 65 years of age to apply for this plan.
  6. NTUC Travel Insurance – In order to make sure that you can enjoy a stress free and hassle free vacation, NTUC Income offers an all-inclusive travel insurance plan. This plan covers loss of personal as well as financial belongings, any inconvenience faced while traveling, travel or baggage delays, modifications to travel plans, medical conditions (pre-existing) and the cost of undergoing any treatment when you are on a trip. You will get to choose from three types of travel insurance plans, namely Classic, Deluxe and Enhanced PreX.
  7. NTUC Motor Insurance – The motor insurance plan from NTUC Income provides coverage for both cars and motorcycles. The insurance plan is very comprehensive and provide complete protection to your vehicle against accidents, losses, 3rd party liabilities, cost of vehicle repairs etc. The settlement process is very fast and you will be provided with complete assistance by NTUC to make sure that the claim process is as smooth as possible. The motor insurance plans from NTUC are NTUC Car Insurance and NTUC Motorcycle Insurance.
  8. Home & Lifestyle Insurance - NTUC Income offers an array of home and lifestyle insurance plans to Singaporeans and these plans have been designed in such a manner that they will provide complete protection to your home and its belongings, apart from safeguarding your lifestyle. The home insurance plans from NTUC Income are available for HDB home owners as well as private property owners. The different types of home and lifestyle insurance plans offered by NTUC Income are as follows:
    • Foreign Maid Insurance
    • Golfer’s Insurance
    • Enhanced Home Insurance
    • HomeTeamNS Golfer’s Insurance
  9. Specialised Care Insurance – NTUC Income does not just provide the regular insurance plans offered by any other company, but it also offers certain insurance plans that cater to people with special needs. These plans provide all-inclusive coverage for Autism, Down Syndrome and other conditions for which people need special care. These insurance plans from NTUC Income provide coverage for medical expenses and home-care expenses. NTUC Income offers the following specialised care insurance plans:
    • SpecialCare (Autism) Insurance
    • SpecialCare (Down Syndrome) Insurance
    • SilverCare Insurance
  10. Insurance for students and children – You can opt for any of the insurance plans for students and children offered by NTUC Income to secure your child’s future by providing him/ her with proper education. If you would like to make sure that your child can study abroad without any difficulty, you can opt for the Overseas Study Protection Plan from NTUC Income. The different insurance plans for students and children that are offered by this insurance company are listed below.
    • Junior Protection Plan
    • Student Sports Injury Plan
    • Student Protection Plan
    • Overseas Study Protection Plan
  11. Insurance for Businesses – Apart from individuals, business entities can also benefit from the insurance plans offered by NTUC Income as the company offers specialised insurance plans for them. If you are a business owner you can benefit from these insurance plans as they will protect your business against unfortunate events so that you can focus on serving your customers or clients. The two types of insurances for business offered by NTUC Income are as follows:
    • Commercial Insurance
    • Group Insurance

NTUC Promotion & Offers

The latest promotions and offers available with insurance plans from NTUC income are as follows:

Promotion for tertiary graduates - if you are a tertiary graduate who had recently completed his/ her course, you will receive a cash back of S$1,000 when you apply for any regular insurance policy from NTUC Income, till 31 December, 2015.

Motorcycle Insurance - Apply for a new motorcycle insurance plan or renew your existing plan to get S$30 as a reward from 1 September, 2015 - 31 August, 2016

SG50 Promotions – Celebrate the 50th birthday of Singapore with NTUC Income and get rewarded for being a loyal customer of the company. Also enjoy a variety of offers when you opt for a new insurance plan.

Travel Insurance – Enjoy a discount of 30% on booking a vacation for two, when you sign up for NTUC Income travel insurance plan till 11 August, 2015. If you are one of the first 300 people that sign up on a given day, you will get a travel gadget worth $69.90 and if you opt for yearly plans, you will get a discount of 15%.

Motor Insurance – Pay the premium for your NTUC Income motor insurance plan with a credit card from OCBC, DBS/ POSB or UOB and enjoy an interest-free period of up to 12 months for making the instalment payments.

PA Assurance – Get a voucher worth $10 for NTUC FairPrice for every $100 paid as a yearly premium, when you opt for a new PA Assurance plan from NTUC Income.

Plus Promotion – Earn LinkPoints every time you spend S$1 with NTUC Income.

Student Plan – Get a travel gadget worth $69.90 when you opt for NTUC Income Overseas Study Protection Plan.

NTUC Insurance - FAQs

  1. Does the PA Assurance plan from NTUC Income cover overseas trips?
  2. Yes, this plan will cover your overseas trips if you are outside the country for a duration not more than 180 days.

  3. Are expensive items like antiques, jewellery and art works covered by the NTUC Income Enhanced Home Insurance plan?
  4. Yes, this home insurance plan from NTUC Income covers expensive items like antiques, jewellery and art works.

  5. Can foreigners apply for NTUC Income’s Interim Disability Assistance Programme for the Elderly (IDAPE)?
  6. No, only citizens and permanent residents of Singapore can apply for this health insurance plan from NTUC Income.

  7. Does NTUC Income offers loans against the life insurance plan?
  8. Yes, the company offers a loan against its life insurance plan but the approval of the loan is subject to terms and conditions set by the company.

  9. What is the age limit for the Plus! Term Life Insurance from NTUC Income?
  10. In order to apply for the Plus! Term Life Insurance, you should be aged minimum 21 years of age, but not more than 65 years of age.

News About NTUC Insurance

  • NTUC Income Launches Digital Integrated Shield Plan

    NTUC Income took a huge step towards digitising its insurance products in Singapore as it becomes the first to offer the Integrated Shield Plan (IP) in a digital format through its online portal.

    18th January 2018

  • NTUC Income Releases Telematics-Based Insurance Options

    With the help of technology, NTUC Income intends to assess driving behaviour and offer discounts on motor premiums to excellent drivers.

    NTUC Income introduced 2 insurance plans that apply information and communications technology. The schemes include Drive Master, which is app-based, and FlexiMileage, which utilises an onboard diagnostics instrument. According to the scores recorded by these programmes, the insured will be given a discount of 5 to 20% on the no-claim discount.

    Drive Master records speed, mileage, time, and manoeuvres taken (forced acceleration, braking, etc.). FlexiMileage focuses solely on distance, and not on driving behaviour. It aims to reduce accidents. So, an owner of a low-mileage car will get a 35% discount if the annual mileage is below 5,000 km. Also, the app does not punish a driver for bad driving behaviour.

    11th November 2015

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