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Every valuable asset that defines our life requires absolute protection and care. It can be our families, our homes, our vehicles or our pets, every single aspect that makes our life meaningful needs safeguarding. An individual can provide this protection only with a robust insurance policy, securing themselves financially during times of needs. MSIG understands the value that your assets and families hold in your life and provides exceptional personal insurance plans with attractive benefits. Business owners can rest assured that their businesses would be protected adequately by comprehensive MSIG commercial insurance policies.

MSIG Singapore Overview

MSIG Insurance Singapore Pte. Ltd is a leading general insurance provider in Singapore with an experience of over 100 years. As one of the largest general insurance companies in the world, MSIG has its presence in every single country in the ASEAN region. MSIG is committed to providing innovative insurance solutions to Singaporeans with excellent customer service. MSIG puts the customer’s interest first and customised personal and commercial insurance solutions, just as per their requirements. Officials from MSIG also help customers from the time of application till approval of a policy, providing them with all the necessary assistance. In Singapore MSIG provides a vast array of insurance plans divided into personal insurance and commercial insurance.

Types of Insurance products offered by MSIG Singapore

Personal Insurance

  • MSIG Travel Insurance
  • MSIG Home Insurance
  • MSIG Vehicle Insurance
  • MSIG Trips Overseas Insurance
  • MSIG Financial Protection Insurance
  • MSIG Domestic Help Insurance
  • MSIG Golf Insurance

Commercial Insurance

  • MSIG Marine Insurance
  • MSIG Property Insurance
  • MSIG Business Interruption Insurance
  • MSIG Employees Insurance
  • MSIG Engineering Insurance
  • MSIG Public Liability Insurance
  • MSIG Business Packages
  • MSIG Vehicle Insurance
  • MSIG Financial Lines

MSIG Personal Insurance

Individuals in Singapore can opt for any MSIG personal insurance policy and secure their homes, families, vehicles and other assets. MSIG’s personal insurance policies also include travel insurance, golf insurance and insurance for your domestic workers.

MSIG Travel Insurance

Plan - TravelEasy

Every overseas trip that you undertake can be peaceful and stress-free if you hold a MSIG TravelEasy insurance plan. This insurance plan provides exceptional benefits securing you from unexpected calamities, riots, strikes or other incidents. The plan provides an array of enhanced covers for holiday activities like paragliding, skydiving etc., travel inconvenience covers, daily hospitalisation benefits in Singapore, overseas medical benefits and higher protection limits for children and senior citizens. MSIG offers three types of plans namely - Standard, Elite and Premier for single-trip, annual and group Travel Insurance policies.

MSIG Home Insurance

Plans - Enhanced HomePlus and Home Insurance

MSIG’s home insurance plans offer complete protection for your homes, families, building structure and pets. Under the Enhanced HomePlus plan, customers can enjoy a wide range of covers for Home Contents, Renovation works, Worldwide Personal Liability up to $1,000,000, Worldwide Accident Protection, Alternative Accommodation, Accidental Death of Domestic Pet, Property Owner's Liability and other home related benefits. The regular Home Insurance plan provides insurance protection for household contents, personal accidents, building structures, personal liability, domestic servants and specific personal possessions.

MSIG Vehicle Insurance

MSIG offers two motor insurance policies namely - MotorMax and MotorMax Plus for your vehicles. Both the plans contain benefits inclusive of comprehensive vehicle coverage, third party liability, personal accident cover, medical expenses cover, authorized workshops for vehicle repairs, windscreen cover and 24/7 automobile and medical assistance. The MotorMax Plus plan also offers a few additional benefits like loan protection up to S$100,000, old vehicle replacements, transport allowance and vehicle repairs at any workshop of your choice.

MSIG Health Insurance

Plans - Hospital CashPlus and Prestige Healthcare

Customers can enjoy excellent medical benefits from two types of health insurance plans provided by MSIG - Hospital CashPlus and Prestige Healthcare. The Hospital CashPlus plan includes covers like Daily Hospitalisation Cash Benefits, Overseas Daily Hospitalisation Cash Benefits, Recuperation Cash Benefits, Overseas Emergency Medical Evacuation and Death or Permanent Total Disablement and Accidental Emergency Outpatient Reimbursement Benefits. Prestige Healthcare is a comprehensive health care plan for families, individuals and corporate employees with hospitalisation benefits international medical cover and emergency medical assistance.

MSIG Financial Protection Insurance

Plan - ProtectionPlus

The ProtectionPlus plan gives round-the clock financial protection to you and your family against incidents resulting in accidental permanent disablement or death. The covers included under this plan are for Death, Permanent Total Disablement, Worldwide Medical Expenses and Hospitalisation Cash Benefits.

MSIG Domestic Help Insurance

Plan - MainPlus

Give your domestic help the protection they require with a MaidPlus insurance policy. Foreign maids are eligible to be covered under this plan. The MaidPlus protection plan includes the following covers - Personal Accident and Medical Benefits, Hospital and Surgical Expenses, Daily Wages and Levy Reimbursement, Alternative Domestic Help Benefits, Repatriation Expenses, Termination Expenses, Third Party Liability and coverage for your maid’s personal belongings. You can also opt for extra covers like Additional Hospital and Surgical Expenses, Waiver of Counter Indemnity, Insurance Guarantee Bond and Employer’s Liability under this plan.

MSIG Golf Insurance

Plan - Golfer's Insurance

The Golfer's Insurance plan from MSIG is a must-have for avid golfers in Singapore. This insurance policy provides protection to any golfer while playing or practicing at any golf course. The protection offered for golfers under this plan are Third Party Bodily Liability and Third Party Property Liability Cover, Personal Accidents Cover, Accidental Medical Expenses, cover for Death and Permanent Disablement, Golfing Equipment Cover, Personal Effects Cover and Hole-in-One Cover.

MSIG Commercial Insurance

Holding a commercial insurance policy is important for every entrepreneur or business owner in Singapore to safeguard their businesses against unwanted risks and damages.

MSIG Marine Insurance

The marine cargo insurance policy from MSIG protects your cargo and goods while in transit by land, sea or air or while being stored in warehouses. MSIG offers comprehensive marine insurance solutions to individuals involved in the shipping trade with protection against unexpected risks or losses. The covers available under MSIG’s marine cargo insurance policy are Single Voyage Policy, Open Cover, Annual Cover and Inland Transit Cover. The premium charged for any marine insurance policy depends on the type of cargo or goods, packaging, mode of transport, type of voyage, destination and selected covers.

MSIG Property Insurance

Protect your business property or company with an all-inclusive MSIG property insurance policy. MSIG provides covers for various aspects of a business and customers can choose any cover depending on their business requirements. The coverage included under property insurance are All Risks Commercial, Burglary Insurance, Fire and Perils Insurance, cover for money and accidental plate glass breakage. All Risks Commercial Insurance provides cover against accidental damage to business inventory and assets. The Fire and Perils covers protects your business against fire related incidents and other unexpected perils. Burglary Insurance gives you security against damages done by burglary attempts. Money can be insured while in transit or if locked away inside the business premises.

MSIG Business Interruption Insurance

Save your business and minimize the loss and risk arising from business interruptions due to unexpected financial disasters. The business interruption cover protect you against consequential losses of business assets arising from natural disasters like fire or floods. The disruption of business caused during the restoration period will be compensated by MSIG. Consequential Loss Insurance takes care of loss of profits during business interruptions and can be taken with a Fire Insurance policy.

MSIG Employees Insurance

Safeguard your employees with comprehensive insurance solutions from MSIG. Insurance policies for employees include Work Injury Compensation, Group Personal Accident Cover and Group Healthcare. Work Injury Compensation covers all legal liabilities borne by employers. Group Personal Accident protects your employees against personal accidents happening across the world. The Group Healthcare policy compensates for medical expenses incurred due to hospitalisation by company employees. Insurance packages taken for employees can be customised according to a company’s requirements.

MSIG Engineering Insurance

Under-construction engineering projects and buildings can be insured against loss or damages occurring from unforeseen disasters and risks. Under engineering insurance, MSIG provides two plans namely - Contractors' All Risks and Erection All Risks. The Contractors' All Risks policy is targeted towards individuals involved in a construction project, namely principal and contractors. This policy covers loss and damages sustained on construction materials and third party accidental bodily injury liability and third party property damage liability arising in relation to the building construction. Erection All Risks provides protection for installation of machinery, equipment and other fittings in industries. This policy offers insurance against loss or damages to industry materials caused by unforeseen events. This Erection All Risks policy also covers loss and damages sustained on erection works and third party accidental bodily injury liability and third party property damage liability.

MSIG Public Liability Insurance

MSIG’s public liability policy protects you against legal liabilities arising from accidents caused by negligence of employees or business representatives. This policy covers third party accidental bodily injury liability and third party property damage liability along with claimants costs.

MSIG Business Packages

MSIG offer various business packages to business entrepreneurs to protect their companies and professional practices. The four business packages provides under this insurance type are - BusinessPlus, Office Insurance, Shop Insurance and Surgery Policy. BusinessPlus Insurance can be taken by small and medium enterprises with covers for Fire and Extraneous Perils, Business Interruption, Theft, Workmen’s Compensation, Public Liability, loss of money, plate glass breakage and personal accidents. Office Insurance protects your office premises, contents and money along with coverage for Workmen’s Compensation, Public Liability and Business Interruptions at affordable costs. Secure your shop with MSIG’s shop insurance policy safeguarding the contents, stock and money along with covers for Business Interruptions, plate glass breakage, public liability and compensation for shop employees. The surgery policy has been designed exclusively for doctors and dentists protecting against business interruptions, loss of money, liabilities and cover for surgery contents and Workmen’s Compensation.

MSIG Commercial Vehicle Insurance

A commercial vehicle insurance policy provides complete protection your company vehicles against accidental loss, damage or theft with additional third party coverage for usage in Singapore or West Malaysia.

MSIG Financial Lines

MSIG’s financial lines solutions are customised to suit specific business requirements and protect companies and personal assets against litigations. MSIG offers four different policies under this namely - Professional Indemnity, Executive and Management Liability, Association Liability and Investment Managers. Professional Indemnity secures professional practices in Singapore against third party claims. Executive and Management Liability protects corporate and management decisions taken by private listed companies. Non-profit organisations like can benefit from an Association Liability solution with protection for management decisions. The Investment Managers policy covers fund managers against legal liabilities for their management and professional decisions.

MSIG Insurance Promotions

MotorMax / MotorMax Plus Insurance Lucky Draw

Win a cash prize of S$1,000 when you participate in the MotorMax / MotorMax Plus Insurance monthly lucky draw contest. MSIG is offering this promotion as part of the SG50 celebrations to MotorMax/MotorMax Plus insurance policyholders. The contest was initiated on 4th May and will run till 30 September 2015 and policyholders can win up to 5 prizes from MSIG. Each approved MotorMax and MotorMax Plus policy qualifies for the contest, once the policy has been activated. The monthly draw will be done at the MSIG office on every last Friday of the month and winners will be notified by post, telephone or email within 7 working days.

MSIG Travel Promotion

Customers purchasing a MSIG TravelEasy plan can enjoy promotional discounts of 10% on annual plans and 25% on single trip policies. MSIG also offers additional promotional discounts for group travel policies with 10% off on groups with 6 to 10 persons and 15% off on groups with 11 to 20 persons. The group travel offer is applicable only on Standard and Elite Plans and Single Trip policies.

The promotion is valid from 13 July to 20 September 2015 and the minimum premium paid after discounts should be S$25.

Maid Insurance Promotion

MSIG is offering free gifts to customers buying a MaidPlus plan online for their domestic helpers. Under this promotion policyholders can get assured gifts of one complimentary medical checkup and one flu vaccination for their domestic maids. This promotional offer is valid until 31 December 2015.

FAQs for MSIG Insurance

  1. How is the sum insured decided in the case of an Enhanced HomePlus insurance?
  2. The sum insured is the full value of your house, contents and personal effects at prevailing market values.

  3. Who is eligible to enroll for a ProtectionPlus insurance policy?
  4. Individuals aged between 18 and 65 years can enroll for a ProtectionPlus insurance policy.

  5. Will I be covered by a Hospital CashPlus health insurance policy if I live outside Singapore?
  6. The policy generally lapses if the policyholders lives outside Singapore for a period of more than 90 days.

  7. Is it possible to increase the sum insured by a policyholder under the Golfer’s insurance scheme?
  8. No, MSIG does not provide the facility of increasing the sum insured for policies active under this insurance plan.

  9. What are the benefits available under the Wages & Levy reimbursement scheme in a MaidPlus plan?
  10. The Wages & Levy reimbursement benefit offers a fixed sum to policyholders for a period of 30 days, if their maid has been hospitalized due to sickness or injury.

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