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Liberty helps you secure financial protection against the things we hope we’ll never have to go through. But in this world, it’s hard not to come by bad times. Accidents that cause harm to ourselves and our material possessions, health issues, or problems occurring while we travel can put a strain on our finances. In order to be able to pay for any unforeseen circumstance, insurance plans step in to offer financial aid, but you need to plan ahead of time.

About Liberty

Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, headquartered in Boston, runs its operations globally across 5 continents providing a range of personal and commercial insurance products. Liberty spreads its reach across a variety of products including personal accident, medical, property, motor, home, and liabilities. For corporates and institutes it offers insurance against work injuries, compensations, bonds, employees and marine cargo.

Liberty Insurance Singapore is completely owned by Liberty Mutual Group Inc. It is a licensed general insurer that is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). It ranks 7th amongst the largest general insurance companies in Singapore. Liberty aims to secure profitable growth and hold on to their position in the top ten insurers in Singapore. Known to keep their promises, Liberty plays an integral role in helping customers live safer and more secure lives.

Types of insurance offered by Liberty

Liberty offers different types of insurances that cater to different aspects of life. You can choose a plan according to what you require. The different types of insurance Liberty offers are:

  • Travel Insurance
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Personal Accident
  • Family & Home

Liberty Travel Insurance

When we travel, be it on business or pleasure, we hope for it to be smooth. The last thing we want is flight delays, baggage loss, accidents and the like. Incurring medical expenses when you’re overseas can be a burden! Liberty offers travel insurance to protect you financially should you run into any of these problems. It also extends its care to golfers to enable them to play anywhere in the world with no worries! And with so many students seeking education abroad, Liberty understands the important to insure them against any unfortunate mishaps and obstacles. While abroad, students can focus on building friendships, achieving goals and finishing their studies while being financially secure for their travels and their health.

  • Individual – TourCare Plus
  • Overseas StudentCare
  • GolfCare

Liberty Vehicle Insurance

Liberty understands that no insurance policy can suit the needs of everyone. It provides insurance plans for the regular car owners as well as the high end car owners. You can also avail of insurance for your two-wheeler. Motor insurance is really important because no matter how safe we are, accidents can always happen. We cannot control fate, but we can be prepared for it. Insuring yourself with vehicle insurance will help you offset costs you might incur in the form of repairs, damages, third party liabilities, and injuries.

  • Liberty Private Car Insurance
  • Liberty Motor Cycle Insurance

Liberty Medical Insurance

Our health is so important to us, but we don’t really think about it when we are fit and fine. For instance, we become conscious of our hand and realise its importance only when we injure it. The same applies to the rest of our body. When we’re sick, we always want the best, but affording the best treatment is not always possible due to financial constraints. An insurance plan can help you get the best treatment when you need it. With Liberty, health insurance doesn’t need to be expensive. Liberty has four different medical insurance plans to suit the varied needs and affordability of its different customers.

  • Promedico Personal
  • Promedicare
  • Promedicash
  • Promedi Plus

Liberty Personal Accident

As much as we hope that accidents won’t happen to us, we can’t be sure. Accidents are unpredictable and may prove to be a burden, physically, mentally and financially. Safeguard yourself and your loved ones from sudden financial burdens in case something unfortunate were to happen. Though accidents are unforeseen, we can foresee the expenses that could possibly come with it and prepare for it. Choose from 5 different plans and customise your coverage with Liberty according to your financial capacity and your lifestyle.

  • PAcare Plus
  • Paymaster
  • Personal Accident
  • Family Care
  • Liberty Centennial PA

Family & Home

Liberty encompasses the family and home into its insurance schemes. Ensure that the older generation of your family enjoys their retirement and has peace of mind knowing they are financially protected when they need medical treatments. Liberty offers a plan for your domestic help who sometimes becomes a part of the family while they take care of you and your home. A comprehensive MaidCare plan is available to ensure your help has cover during illnesses and in case of accidents. Apart from human life, a home is important for our comfort and survival. We work hard to build our home and we need to protect it. Liberty has an insurance scheme that will cover your home, its fixtures and fittings and also extends to renovations arising out of any damage incurred through unforeseen accidents.

  • Senior Care
  • Maid Care
  • Home Care

Liberty Insurance Promotions

Liberty Insurance has events and contests where you could win prizes and scholarships. Look out for promotional offers that come with different insurance schemes.

FAQs - Liberty Insurance

  1. How do I claim medical insurance?
  2. You can download the Medical Claim Form from the official website. Print out the duly filled form and send it with supporting documents to Liberty.

  3. Is there a stipulated time period within which I should claim insurance?
  4. Yes, you should send in the claim within 30 days from the date of treatment in the hospital, the end of your travel, or the happening of an event that would give rise to a claim.

  5. Can I send the documents required through email to claim insurance?
  6. You can send scanned copies of the documents via email to Liberty as a claim notification. To process the claim, the original documents are required.

  7. How much insurance can I claim for a single incident?
  8. The insurance amount you are eligible for depends on the policy of your choice and the premiums you pay. Please refer to the schedule of benefits provided by Liberty to know your eligible amount.

  9. Am I allowed to claim insurance from two different companies?
  10. Yes, you can claim insurance from two different companies as long as you are reimbursed only the amount you have incurred. You will not receive double the insurance amount because you have two policies. If you are claiming insurance from Liberty in this situation, you need to mention in the Medical Claim Form that you are lodging a claim with another insurance company. Then submit a copy of the settlement advice and tax invoices and Liberty will reimburse you the share or balance you have to get from them.

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