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insurance is a blanket of security we can take to ensure protection if anything were to happen to us. Our bodies are not indestructible and needs care and protection. It’s up to us to lead healthy lifestyles and try to be safe. But we can’t completely avoid danger and health issues. In the face of these problems, the biggest worry is paying to keep ourselves healthy and alive. And if we happen to pass on, we need to secure a comfortable life for our dependent loved ones. We can also protect our material possessions as their worth is important in this world.

About Maybank

Malayan Banking Berhad, founded in 1960, is one the largest and strongest banks in Southeast Asia and is also a Malaysian Universal Bank. It operates through an international network with over 2400 branches and offices in 20 countries with its key operations in home markets of Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. It serves over 2 million customers in the consumer, business and corporate markets, making it one of Asia’s leading financial service groups. It also offers private banking services. Through a series of acquisitions, Maybank has proved to be a formidable player in the banking world.


ETIQA is an Insurance and Takaful arm of Maybank which was officially launched in 2007. It operates as a multi-channel distributor of insurance and Takaful products. The company is one of the largest insurance distributors in Malaysia and has been in Singapore for 50 years as a branch of the Malaysian office. Being a company that gives priority to people over policies, it ranked number one in Combined Insurance and Takaful business for Life and General insurance. It has bagged many awards and continues its award-winning business offering a variety of quality insurance products and services to its wide range of customers. It functions in a manner of keeping in mind what the customer really needs and what is relevant to them as well as the current day and age. The company aims at making insurance easy, honest and transparent to help customers protect their assets, maintain their current lifestyles and secure their future.

Types of Insurance offered by ETIQA

ETIQA offers a comprehensive suite of insurance products to its customers to cater to different needs and requirements. Whatever insurance you may be looking for, you would find it at ETIQA. It offers an insurance policy on your life as well as your material possessions. You can take out an insurance plan on your home, car, and business. You can insure yourself and your family when you travel to avoid any hassles if anything happens while you are out of town. You can also take out policies to help secure your future in case you have an accident that would render you unable to work. ETIQA will help you get through all these unwanted circumstances easier. The different kinds of insurance ETIQA has to offer are:

Life Insurance plans

A life insurance policy helps secure your family’s well-being after you are no longer able to take care of them. Our loved ones are the most important to us and looking after them is top priority. You can provide them with financial protection should anything happen to you. Get high lump sum coverages and longer tenures with ETIQA’s ETIQA’s life insurance plans.

  • Direct Purchase plans
    • Direct – ETIQA Term Life
    • Direct – ETIQA Whole Life
  • Premier Plans
    • ePremier legacy
    • ePremier essential
  • Savings and Retirement Plans
  • These plans help ensure financial security during your retirement. It also helps you through tough times in case you are diagnosed with grave illnesses. Turn your hard earned money into rewards by saving now for the future.

    • eFUTURE pay presto
    • eSAVE assure presto
    • eSAVE flexi
    • eSAVE delight
    • eSAVE enhance
    • eSAVE enhance (ltd pay)

General Insurance Plans

General Insurance covers accidents, travel, property and motor vehicles. Apart from your life, these insurance plans are equally important to secure you financially against misfortunate events.

Personal Accident Plans

In the face of life’s unpredictability, personal accident insurance plans come to your rescue if anything unfortunate were to happen to you. An accident policy will help you eliminate worrying about money and financial strains and let you channel your attention on recovery. Contribute to a plan now, and let ETIQA worry about the finance.

  • e-Hero
  • e-Protect
  • Personal Accident Insurance with Rider (Exclusive to Maybank customers)

Travel Insurance Plans

For some people, travel is part and parcel of life. And for those who are more grounded, there’s never a time where we don’t want a relaxing vacation. Smooth and stress-free travels can make all the difference to your vacation. Insure yourself in case of accidents or illnesses while you are overseas to avoid incurring high medical costs. You could also insure yourself through Etiqa travel insurance plans against travel inconveniences like cancelled and delayed flights, lost baggage and other unforeseen circumstances.

  • Vacation Shield Plus
  • Travel Care Plus (Exclusive to Maybank customers)

Home Insurance Plans

Your home is a prized possession, and it’s important to ensure that the comfort you enjoy will always continue. Ensure that your loved ones will always enjoy the home and the lifestyle you provided. The sanctuary that we work hard for is not safe from unforeseen disasters like fires, thefts, personal misfortunes or the work of Mother Nature. Insuring your home will protect you financially in case you incur damages, injuries and other losses.

  • Mortgage
  • HDB Fire
  • Homeowners Enhanced
  • Maxihome Contents Plus (Exclusive to Maybank customers)

Car Insurance Plans

A car can be our first love or just a mode of transport, but we should ensure we are safe while we’re on the road. Unfortunately, not everything is in our hands, and we may run into accidents. Etiqa car Insurance will help safeguard you financially against medical expenses, damages to your vehicle and third parties.

  • Private Car

Business Insurance Plans

In this dynamic world, businesses face new challenges constantly. Insurance is an absolute yes for businesses because you stand to gain everything from it if things go south. ETIQA can help safeguard your business, property, assets, employees and third party liabilities. They also offer package insurance deals for small and medium size businesses of various trades.

  • Property
  • Casualty
  • Engineering
  • Miscellaneous
  • Marine
  • Accident & Health
  • Package

ETIQA Insurance Promotions

  • Buy a single-trip travel insurance plan and get 50% off. You can also avail of free plan upgrades when you buy online. The offer does not apply to travel in Malaysia. The offer does not come with annual plans.
  • Pay your premiums with a Maybank Credit Cardsand enjoy 6 months or 12 months instalment with 0% interest. This offer stands for policy premiums of at least S$300 per month.
  • Get 10% off on premiums for all existing direct clients signing up other retail general insurance policies with ETIQA. This is a limited period offer.

FAQs - ETIQA Insurance

  1. Do I really need life insurance?
  2. Life insurance policies safeguard your family more than yourself. So if you have dependants you want to protect in case you cannot, you should take out a life insurance policy. It basically protects your earning capacity to provide for your loved ones in the event of your death. Life insurance policies also comes with savings schemes and retirement plans to safeguard you in case you cannot work anymore or when you retire.

  3. What is a rider?
  4. A rider is also known as an add on. A rider enhances your coverage under your policy and requires you to pay an extra premium amount. For instance, under personal accident insurance, you can take a rider policy to insure your passenger as well. So you extend your insurance cover with add ons.

  5. How long do I have to pay premiums?
  6. Your premiums depend on the policy you take. Insurance policies are usually long term commitments and can be renewed up to old age. A term life insurance policy can be taken out for lesser terms like 5 years.

  7. After I retire, will the insurance pay out a lump sum or give me an income like a pension?
  8. You can choose either of the options according to what you want. There are insurance policies that will pay out a lump sum when you retire. You can also opt for retirement plans that provides a monthly income which will ensure you receive a steady flow of cash to help you through your retirement days.

  9. My policy is a participating policy. What does that mean?
  10. If your insurance plan is a participating policy it means that you will be given guaranteed benefits and non-guaranteed benefits. The guaranteed benefit is the sum assured. Non-guaranteed benefits are a share in the profit or loss of the company’s participating fund such as bonuses and cash dividends. Premiums of participating policies are pooled in and invested diversely. The profits and losses are shared amongst the policyholders.

  11. Why should I insure my business?
  12. Your business has valuable assets and employees. Apart from insuring what you have, you need to insure yourself against legal liabilities that might arise in the future. If in case your product or service causes harm to customers, you need insurance to protect you against compensation claims. You also need to protect yourself against theft, fire or damage to your premises, equipment or vehicles.

  13. Can I take an insurance policy on my jewelry?
  14. Yes, your jewelry is valuable and would be a great loss in the case of theft. You can take out an insurance policy on them for a sum of your choice.

  15. Can I apply for a policy online or do I have to visit an ETIQA office?
  16. You can apply for ETIQA insurance policies online at ETIQA Direct term and whole life policies are available on their official website. You can also apply at the ETIQA offices.

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