DBS Insurance Plans Singapore

You have worked hard and earned substantially. It is of utmost importance that you also protect yourself, your family and your assets from all the odds. Life is full of unpredicted events and you must prepare yourself in a way so that you can tackle them properly. It might happen that you are unwell or your vehicle is damaged. In such cases, an insurance is a very good option as it offers you with financial support when you need it the most. Once your financial problems are taken care of in a crisis situation, things become a lot easier for you to handle.

About DBS Bank Insurance

DBS Bank is one of the leading banks in the world. It has its headquarters in Singapore and are constantly growing in South Asia, South East Asia and Greater China. DBS Bank offers customisable and innovative solutions with its products which cater to the changing needs and requirements of the customers. DBS Bank cares about all the customers and provides comprehensive insurance plans which provide great coverage to the insured. May it be property, travel, personal vehicle or life, DBS has great solutions for everything. A good insurance can give you the protection and coverage that you need by offering monetary help. Choose DBS Insurance schemes and enjoy the peace of mind that you deserve.

Types of Insurance provided by DBS Bank

DBS bank, being one of the best banks in Singapore, offers several types of extensive insurance schemes that can be useful and beneficial for you. Going to your office in your car or taking a flight to a well-planned vacation, things can go wrong anytime, anywhere. DBS Bank has thought about all such things and tailored the plans that offers ultimate coverage and protection for you. The types of insurance provided by DBS Bank are listed below. These can help you to understand more about their products.

  • Travel Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Medical and Health Insurance
  • Wallet and Card

Travel Insurance

Traveling can be fun. Going to new places and seeing the world is a very exciting thing to do. However, you must keep this in mind that a perfectly organised trip can also go wrong under certain circumstances. It is of great importance that you are well prepared for such situations. Enjoy overseas education but be ready to tackle any and all problems. Avail about eighteen benefits that include both travel related coverage and personal accidents. You can also avail cover for all your hotel accommodation charges in case your overseas house is damaged due to any natural disaster including fire. Also avail hospital benefits worth SGD 200 on a per day basis if you are injured and hospitalised during your course of study in a foreign country. Travel to Bintan, Malaysia or Batam and avail great coverage for yourself along with extensive protection for five other companions. For every trip that make to the aforementioned destinations, you pay SGD 10 as premium for your insurance plan per trip. When you go for a vacation and take part in different adventurous activities like skiing, bungee jumping, scuba diving, etc. the travel insurance plan provided by DBS Bank protects you from all possible unfortunate events. You can also avail emergency medical evacuation worth up to an amount of SGD 1,000,000. For baggage delays you can avail coverage of up to SGD 2000. There are different types of plans under the Travel Insurance Scheme.

  • Overseas Study Insurance Plan
  • BBM Travel Insurance Plan
  • Traveller Shield Insurance Plan

Car Insurance

Buying a car in today's world is a matter of great pride and honour. A car helps you to commute to different places easily and ensures that you save a lot of time. But one must keep it in mind that accidents can happen anywhere, especially on the roads. With so many vehicles on the road, it is pretty unsafe. You must protect your car and yourself from any unpredicted and unexpected accident by availing a suitable car insurance. DBS car insurance offers a coverage of up to SGD 200,000 for car loan protection. For repatriation benefits and medical evacuation overseas, the plan offers a coverage of up to an amount of SGD 50,000. Enjoy medical expenses of up to SGD 1,000 for each and every passenger along with the driver, involved in the unfortunate accident. The no claim discounts will not be affected in any way if you make claims for damaged windows and windscreens. You can also choose a workshop for the repairs of your vehicles. Avail emergency roadside repair services and towing services in case your vehicle breakdowns. The plan under Car Insurance offered by DBS Bank is mentioned below.

  • Drive Shield

Property Insurance

Owning a house is a great thing but protecting it from all the odds is a big responsibility. Enjoy a plan which is tailored to offer you maximum security along with comfort. All your outstanding mortgage loan commitment are taken care of by the scheme in the unfortunate event of terminal illness or death of the insured. As supplementary benefits you can also enjoy coverage against about thirty six critical illness and any temporary or permanent disability. You can avail immediate coverage from the day of sign the application. You can enjoy coverage of up to SGD 320,000 against any damage or loss caused to your house or its contents. A personal liability cover up to an amount of SGD 1,000,000 can be availed all across the globe. 25 percent of the premium is refunded if there is no claim during the insurance period. There are different types of Property Insurance offered by DBS Bank, Singapore. There are listed below.

  • My Protector Mortgage
  • Home Shield

Life Insurance

There are so many things that can be very important for you. But you must remember that nothing is more important than your life. Protecting your life against all unpredicted events is your biggest responsibility. DBS Bank cares about you and offers insurance schemes that provide complete protection and coverage for you. SGD 500,000 can be availed as simplified underwriting. The policy term can be chosen as per your convenience. Throughout the term of the insurance plan, the premiums remain fixed. In case of death or permanent disability of the insured, the family members or loved ones will receive a lump sum amount including the assured sum and the premiums. A coverage of up to 275 percent can be availed by the insured. You can also choose to pay the premiums in currencies other than SGD, namely, USD, GBP, AUD, HKD and EUR. There are different plans offered by the DBS Life Insurance scheme. They are listed below for your better understanding.

  • My Life Choice
  • My Protector Money Back
  • My Protector Level Plus

Personal Accident

Life is full on uncertain happenings and it is best to protect yourself against them. The Personal Accident insurance scheme from DBS offers customisable solutions which are tailored to cater to all your insurance needs. Anyone between the age of 18 years to 65 years, residing in Singapore, can avail the comprehensive Personal Accident insurance plan offered by DBS. Avail a coverage of up to SGD 200,000. You get SGD 3,000 as Medical Expenses for any accident that you experience. The coverage for Permanent / Total disability or accidental death increases for 5 years at a rate of 5 percent every year. In case anything happens to you, your child's education will be taken care of. You can also avail insurance for your maid and enjoy a cover of up to SGD 40,000. You can get competitive premium options with the insurance plan for your maid. There are several types of Personal Accident Insurance and the list below will help you to understand more about the types.

  • We Care
  • Active Care
  • Maid Insurance
  • Kids Care

Medical and Health Insurance

No matter what, you must take care of your health. It is the most important thing and should matter to you the most. DBS Bank offers great health and medical insurance solutions that provide you with extensive coverage against several critical illness, health issues, etc. You do not require to make any payment at the clinics that are recognised and approved under the insurance scheme. Avail a very high annual limit of up to SGD 2,000. You get a huge sum of up to SGD 10,000 if you are diagnosed with a major critical illness. Avail free insurance coverage for your little ones. The different types of Medical and Health Insurance offered by DBS are listed below.

  • Dental Insurance
  • Woman's Care
  • My Shield
  • My Shield Plus
  • My Care

Wallet and Card

Unfortunate events can happen anytime and you must be prepared. The Cash and Wallet scheme provides comprehensive coverage against any unfortunate event in your life and clears out all your outstanding bill amounts on the DBS Cashline Account. Diagnosis of critical and early cancer can get to a coverage of up to SGD 100,000. The plan under the Wallet and card scheme is mentioned below.

  • Cash Shield Prime Plus

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who all can apply for the Kids Care Scheme?
  2. All customers of DBS Bank with legally adopted or biological children can apply for the Kids Care scheme. The children must be below the age of 19 years and permanent residents of Singapore.

  3. How exactly does the scheme of Child Education Fund Work?
  4. A lump sum amount of either SGD 15,000 or SGD 30,000 is granted for each child as per the type of the plan. This amount is offered in the event of demise of the insured. The amount is used to take care of the child's education expenses, textbook costs, school fees, etc.

  5. What is covered by Female Cancer benefit?
  6. The scheme covers breast cancer for women. The plan also offers comprehensive cover against cancer of certain other organs including uterus, cervix, vulva, fallopian tube, ovary, etc. Contact the bank for detailed information.

  7. What is meant by Family Cover?
  8. A family cover includes the insured individual, the spouse of the individual and their legal children, going on a trip together. The child in this case should be between the age limit of one month to 18 years. Considering the child is unmarried, he can be up to an age of 23 years, studying in some recognised university for higher studies. If you have purchased an Annual Policy, all the people insured under the particular policy need not travel at the same time for being covered under the insurance plan. However, child below the age limit of 12 years should be accompanied an adult guardian or parent for a trip undertaken during the insurance period.

  9. If my age is 70 years, will I be able to purchase Traveller Shield?
  10. Yes. You can definitely buy the Single Trip Traveller Shield scheme. For all applicants above the age of 70 years, there are specific insured amounts for enjoying particular benefits. Please, contact the bank for information about this.

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