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Unexpected and unpredicted events can occur in your life anytime, anywhere. It is of utmost importance that you get maximum protection and security for yourself and your loved ones. May it be traveling to a new place with your family or going to office like every other day, you must ensure that you have the best insurance policy which covers you from all the odds. An insurance policy gives you the peace of mind that you deserve. It offers you the financial support that you require during an emergency situation. Choose the best policy for yourself and keep enjoying the happy and priceless moments of your life.

Overview AXA Insurance

AXA is one of the biggest general insurance companies in the world which provides great innovative solutions with its products. AXA cares about its customers and, thus, offers flexible and customizable insurance plans to meet the changing needs of the customers. The claim process is also very quick and hassle free. AXA, by providing constant good service to its customers, has proved to be extremely reliable and attentive. Accidents and unfortunate events can happen anytime in your life. It is the best option to choose the best insurance plan that suits all your requirements and stay covered all the time. The insurance policies offered by AXA never fails to assure you with a great amount of security and protection.

There are different types of insurance schemes offered by AXA Insurance. The list below will help you to understand them in a better way.

  • AXA Accident Insurance
  • AXA Travel Insurance
  • AXA Car Insurance
  • AXA Home Insurance
  • AXA Group Personal Accident Insurance
  • AXA Health Insurance
  • AXA Life Insurance

AXA Accident Insurance

AXA Accident Insurance plan is commonly known as AXA Smart PA. This particular plan not only protects you from all odds, but also, provides utmost coverage and security to all your children at no extra or additional cost. It is not in your hands to stop an unpredicted unfortunate event. But you can always control and reduce the financial impact caused due to that event. In case of permanent disability caused by an accident, you are entitled to a lump sum amount of up to 150% of the total assured sum. In case of death of the insured, a 100% of the assured sum is provided by AXA. The coverage protects you against several accidental risks including natural elements, motorcycling, suffocation due to poisonous fumes, smoke, drowning, etc. The plan also covers you against all injuries suffered by you while traveling. The various riders include weekly indemnity, ICU benefit and Hospitalisation income, Medical reimbursements for accidents and broken bones benefits. There are three different plans under AXA Accident Insurance scheme.

  • Smart Care Shield
  • Smart Care Prime
  • Smart Care The One

AXA Travel Insurance

You are a globetrotter and you love to see new places. Thus, traveling is very important to you. But you must also remember that a well planned trip can also face unpredicted problems. Hence, it is advisable that you prepare yourself for all such situations in order to tackle them properly. The AXA travel insurance, also known as the Smart Traveller, not only provides coverage for you, but also, for your loved ones while traveling. With so many offers and benefits on the plan, this insurance scheme is definitely your one stop solution for travel insurance. In the event of a trip curtailment you are paid up to an amount of $ 20,000 even if you have to stay overseas for necessary medical treatments. In case of unrecoverable deposits under a cancelled trip, the plan provides you with a coverage of up to $ 12,000. You can enjoy the peace of mind that you deserve, as the coverage for personal accident starts three hours before you leave for your trip. The benefits for trip postponement initiates 30 days before your date of departure for a particular trip. All your medical and dental treatments are covered under this policy up to an amount of $ 600,000. If public conveyance is delayed under certain circumstances, the policy covers all your travel misconnection and travel diversion expenses. The plan covers you against permanent disability or death in the event of an accident while traveling. It also provides covers for injuries due to amateur sports including parachuting, sky diving and bungee jumping. Avail comprehensive golf cover with AXA Travel Insurance.

AXA Car Insurance

Buying a car is definitely a matter of great pride, joy and honour. You have worked hard and saved a lot to buy your dream car. But you must remember that with a great car comes greater responsibilities. A car is more of necessity than a luxury in today’s world. May it be going to your office every day or taking your family out for dinner over the weekend, your car helps you to commute very easily. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you should protect your car, your loved ones and yourself from any injury or damages. We know that the roads are unsafe and accidents can happen. AXA Car Insurance provides you with financial support in case of an unfortunate event. Your car is provided with towing service round the clock and after the repairs it is delivered to a location of your choice. Your car is protected against natural calamities including flood. The plan provides cover for all your dental and medical expenditures. Avail repairs for your car that are guaranteed for a period of 12 months under the AXA Car Insurance. The policy is extremely customizable and offers innovative solution to meet the lifestyle and changing needs of the customers. There are different schemes under this plan. The different value added packs that you can avail with AXA Car insurance include Family Protector, Claim Protector and Overseas Protector. The add-on benefits offers you to opt for NCD Protector which protects your No Claim Discounts. You can also avail roadside assistance in case of an accident or car breakdown.

  • Smart Drive Essential
  • Smart Drive Essential Plus
  • Smart Drive Flexi
  • Smart Drive Flexi Plus
  • Smart Drive Flexi Family
  • Peace of Mind
  • Smart Drive for Her

AXA Home Insurance

Your home is one of your biggest investments and it is definitely an asset for you. It takes great deal of planning and saving before you can buy a home. Hence, it is much important that you protect and secure your house from all damages by choosing the right insurance for it. AXA Home Insurance offers you and your family the peace of mind that you deserve as it covers your house and its belongings from all odds. Avail single or joint coverage for a lifetime and enjoy a discount of 5% for choosing a 3 year coverage plan. You are entitled to get 10% No Claim Discount. You are also protected against any theft or burglary that takes place in your house. AXA Home Insurance covers all your contents of the house and replaces them when necessary without deducting any depreciation cost for general wear and tear. Avail free family cover of up to S$ 1,000,000 for personal liability, across the globe. The plan protects your house from any accidental damage or loss, fittings and fixtures, etc. The different plans under the AXA Home Insurance Scheme are as follows.

  • Decreasing Term Assurance
  • Smart Helper
  • Smart Home Essential
  • Smart Home Prestige
  • Smart Home Optimum

AXA Group Personal Accident Insurance

Life is full of uncertain events and, hence, it is of great importance that one must ensure maximum protection and security against all odds. We don’t have control to stop the inevitable but we can minimize the financial impact caused by the event and reduce the damage. AXA Group Personal Accident Insurance offers you the financial support that you require in times of emergency. The plan provides cover against an unfortunate event of death due an accident. It also offers comprehensive coverage for total or permanent disability caused due to an accident. The insured is entitled to receive a lump sum payout of 150% of the assured sum.

AXA Health Insurance

Nothing is more important than your health. Everything in your life depends on your health. AXA cares about its customers and provides solutions that are customisable and innovative. There are several plans under the AXA Health Insurance Scheme which caters to meet the changing requirements and needs of the customers. The plan provides coverage for your health along with all pre-existing conditions. The annual limit under this plan is high and you can avail International Emergency Medical Assistance round the clock. The renewability for this plan is guaranteed and you can avail coverage for your new born baby too. Choose the AXA Health Insurance Plan that not only provides health coverage to you, but also, to the members of your family. The different health insurance plans offered by AXA are as follows.

  • AXA Family Advantage
  • Global Care Health Plan
  • Mum’s Advantage
  • International Exclusive
  • Prime Care
  • Premier Care
  • Health Cash Plan
  • SmartCare Optimum
  • SmartCare Executive

AXA Life Insurance

Live life king size and let AXA Life Insurance take care of all the problems. We all know that life is full of events that are unpredicted. But we must prepare ourselves accordingly to tackle the situation in times of emergency. The financial support from AXA Life Insurance can prove to really useful when something unfortunate hits you and disrupts the course of your normal life. The plan is extremely flexible and provides customisable and innovative support to the customers. Avail cover against all critical illness and permanent disabilities. The insured is entitled to receive a lump sum pay out in the event of disability or death. The payment options are easy and the application process is quick and hassle free. Renew your plan according to your convenience. Minor illnesses are also covered under the AXA Life Insurance. Avail dedicated medical emergency helpline service round the clock. There are several plans offered by AXA for health insurance.

  • Direct AXA Life Lite
  • Direct AXA Term Lite
  • Life Exentials
  • Life Exentials Prime
  • Term Protector
  • Health Pro Living
  • Health Pro Growth
  • 360 Degree cancer Care
  • Early Stage Criti Care
  • Living Enhancer
  • Early Payout Living Enhancer
  • SmartCare Critical
  • SmartCare Junior

Frequently Asked Questions – AXA Insurance

  1. What is the entry age for Early State Criti Care Health Insurance Plan?
  2. You should be 69 years or below when you apply for the Early Stage Criti Care Plan.

  3. What are the Claim Limits for Early Stage Criti Care Plan offered by AXA?
  4. The early stage assures a maximum of S$ 75,000 per claim, whereas, intermediate stage assures a maximum of S$ 150,000 per claim.

  5. Will my car be delivered to my house after service?
  6. Yes. After your car is repaired fully and all damages caused by the accident are taken care of, it will be delivered to a location of your choice.

  7. Is my new born baby covered under the AXA Family Advantage Plan?
  8. Yes, your new born child is protected under the Family Advantage plan offered by AXA.

  9. What is the maximum coverage age for the Premier Care Plan offered by AXA?
  10. You can be covered up to an age of 85 years under the Premier Care Plan offered by AXA.

News About AXA Insurance

  • AXA to Merge 2 Insurance Entities into a One-Stop Shop

    AXA, which is the second biggest insurer in Europe is merging its general insurance and life insurance entities in Singapore, thereby creating a one-stop shop. This joint entity will come into effect starting from January 1, 2017. AXA Insurance Singapore was first setup in 1969 and AXA Life Insurance Singapore in 1999.

    In an exclusive interview with The Strait Times, Chief Executive of both insurance entities, Ms. Doina Palici-Chehab said that certain departments of general and life insurance namely finance, human resource and communication has already been merged.

    AXA will retain all of its staff which is around 700 employees and this consolidation will cost approximately S$1 million to put into effect. AXA began working on the consolidation in the beginning of 2016 including the composite license application.

    BankBazaar Singapore

    16th November 2016

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