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Life as we know it is uncertain and you can never be certain about what your future holds for you. You can only plan and try to ensure that things are as predictable as possible but still you cannot control future events. Hence, you need to be prepared for the uncertain events that you might be faced with in the near or distant future. AIA insurance policies can go a long way in ensuring that you are prepared to deal with uncertain and unfortunate events in life. They can offer you with the required financial support when you are faced with unfortunate events and can even make sure that your loved ones are taken care of if something happens to you.

AIA Insurance

About AIA Insurance Group

AIA is one the largest independent insurance groups in Asia with a pan-Asian presence in more than 18 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong and so on. In Singapore, AIA offers a wide range of banking and financial products which include Wealth Management plans, Savings plans, Investment plans, Retire plans and Protection plans. It also offers business-centric plans such as Credit Insurance and Employee Benefits. The insurance and other products offered by AIA are designed in such a manner that they are able to meet the specific needs of the customers and come with a ton of beneficial features.

Types of Insurance Offered By AIA

AIA offers a wide range of insurance products to Singaporeans and the insurance policies from AIA are very comprehensive. AIA can take care of all your insurance related needs and provide you with complete protection against unfortunate events in life. The different types of AIA Insurance products offered in Singapore are listed below.

  1. AIA Term Insurance –
  2. The term insurance plan from AIA is known as AIA Secure Term Plus and it is a comprehensive plan that offers a lump sum amount as a financial relief to the family members of the insured individual, in case he or she is dead. The plan also offers other benefits such as flexible term options, extended coverage, optional riders and so on.

  3. AIA Life Insurance –
  4. In Singapore, AIA offers a variety of life insurance products that provide extensive coverage to the insured individuals and also their loved ones against a range of unpredictable situations and events that might be faced by them. The life insurance plans from AIA are very flexible and a few of these plans are even available in US Dollars. AIA offers a unique insurance plan for expecting mothers known as the AIA Family First Baby and it offers protection against pregnancy complications in the form of financial assistance and other benefits. Singaporeans from all walks of life can easily find an AIA life insurance plan that will suit their needs the most.

    The 10 different types of life insurance plans offered by AIA in Singapore are as follows:

    • AIA Family First Baby
    • AIA Family First Protect
    • AIA Family First Secure
    • AIA Financial Plus (USD)
    • AIA Gen3 (II)
    • AIA Guaranteed 8 For Life (US$)
    • AIA Life Plus (II)
    • AIA Platinum Generations
    • AIA Secure Term Plus (II)
    • AIA Guaranteed Protect Plus

  5. AIA Mortgage Insurance –
  6. If you would like to ensure that your house is secured when you are faced with uncertain events like terminal illness, disability or death, you should opt for the mortgage insurance plan offered by AIA known as the AIA Mortgage Term Reducing Assurance (MRTA). This plan guarantees that the mortgage payments of your house are taken care of in case something happens to you. Thus, the plan helps in making sure that your loved ones always have a roof over their head. You can choose when you want to make premium payments for this plan i.e. on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

  7. AIA Health Insurance –
  8. With a health insurance plan from AIA you can take proper care of yourself and also be assured that you will be provided with the required financial support in case you are faced with severe diseases or other health problems. You will not have to worry about your medical expenses or the cost of treatment and instead you can concentrate on recovering from illness. AIA health insurance plans have been designed in such a manner that they will offer you with financial support for the following: Medical Expenses, treatment of Critical Illness, treatment of injuries sustained during an accident and income support when you are hospitalized as a result of any illness.

    The different types of health insurance plans offered by AIA are as follows:

    For Medical Expense:

    • AIA Platinum Health
    • AIA HealthShield Gold Max & Essential (For Foreigners)
    • AIA HealthShield Gold Max
    • AIA HealthShield Gold Plans for Public Service Officers & Employees of AIA Nominated Companies

    For Hospital Income:

    • AIA Health Cash Plus
    • AIA Pink of Health

    For Critical Illness:

    • AIA Complete Critical Cover
    • AIA Prime Critical Cover
    • AIA Secure Critical Cover
    • AIA Women of Wisdom


    • AIA Critical Protector Rider (USD)
    • AIA Critical Protector Life Rider
    • AIA Early Critical Protector
    • AIA Hospitalization Benefits

  9. AIA Accident Insurance –
  10. If you would like to make sure that your medical expenses are taken care of in case you meet with an accident, you should opt for an accident insurance plan offered by AIA. These plans have been designed to offer enhanced protection and offer the insured with maximum protection possible against dismemberment, burns and accidental death. Some of these plans even provide coverage for hospitalization in foreign countries. AIA provides the following accident insurance plans:

    • AIA Platinum Accident Care
    • AIA Prime Assured
    • AIA Solitaire Personal Accident
    • AIA Star Shield Plus

  11. AIA Travel Insurance –
  12. If you want to travel the world, experience its beauty and explore new places without losing your peace of mind, you should opt for the AIA Around The World’ travel insurance plan. You will not be required to make any declarations about your trip or undergo any medical examinations before going on a trip. This policy will provide you with round the clock protection no matter where you are.

  13. AIA Disability Insurance –
  14. The disability insurance plan from AIA, known as the AIA Premier Disability Cover, provides complete financial protection in case the insured individual is faced with physical disability as a result of an accident, stroke or any other illness/ health condition. The plan will offer income benefits, lump sum payouts and payback benefits to the insured individual. If you opt for this plan, you will be offered with income benefits in case of disability even if you continue earning an income.

  15. AIA Home Insurance –
  16. The different Home Insurance plans from AIA provide enhanced coverage to your home against losses, damages or liabilities and help you in securing your finances. These plans will safeguard you against the rising cost of labour and inflating property prices as the coverage offered is automatically increased by 5% every year. If you do not make any claims within the policy period, you will be offered with a No Claim Bonus on renewal of the policy. The insurance company offers two home insurance plans known as AIA CoverMax and AIA Elite HomeCare.

  17. AIA Lifestyle Insurance Plans –
  18. AIA offers a lifestyle insurance plan known as the AIA GolfSure Family Plus which protects you, your spouse and your children against any accidents sustained in any golf course around the world. It is a one of a kind insurance plan that has been designed to ensure that you can continue golfing with your family in golf courses around the world, without having to worry about any loss or damage caused to you or your precious golf equipment.

AIA Insurance Promotion & Offers

An advantage of opting for any insurance plan from AIA is that the company offers a wide range of promotions and offers from time to time which will entitle you to a discount on the premium amount and other benefits. Do keep an eye for such promotions and offers while applying for any insurance plans from AIA.

FAQs – AIA Insurance

  1. Can you please provide information about the countries covered under Zone 1 & 2 for the AIA Platinum Health plan?
  2. Zone 1 covers Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia and Laos, while Zone 2 covers China, Taiwan, India and Hong Kong.

  3. What is the amount offered for tests and services under the AIA Pink of Health plan?
  4. An amount of up to S$2,000 is offered for tests and services under the AIA Pink of Health plan.

  5. Does AIA offer any prenatal life insurance plan?
  6. Yes, the AIA Family First Baby is a prenatal life insurance plan offered by this insurance company.

  7. What are the exclusions of the AIA Family First Baby Plan?
  8. AIA Family First Baby Plan is a life insurance plan which does not cover the following:

    Usage of drugs that are not prescribed;

    Pre-existing medical conditions;


    Carrying 3 or more fetuses during a single pregnancy etc.

    For a complete list of exclusions, please refer to your policy document.

  9. What are the terms available with the AIA Secure Term Plus (II) plan from AIA?
  10. This term insurance plan offers you with flexible terms of 5, 10 and 20 years.

News About AIA Insurance

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