ICBC Credit Cards 2018

    Credit Card Application

    ICBC credit cards in Singapore provide discounts and benefits in different spending categories like fuel, shopping, dining, etc. There are 5 different credit cards offered by ICBC Bank in Singapore. There are promotional offers on these cards as well running throughout the year which allow you to enjoy additional benefits. All the ICBC credit cards offer you cashback on your purchases which will be credited to your account. ICBC allows you to utilise this cashback to pay your monthly card bill or annual fee.

    Features and Benefits

    • Perform cash withdrawals via any ATM in China at preferential rates.
    • Make contactless payments for your train and bus rides with the ICBC Global Travel Mastercard.
    • Make purchases with your credit cards using the ICBC Instalment Payment Plan (IPP), whenever you spend a minimum sum of S$500 in a single transaction.
    • Access a complete range of self-service centres and service networks in China with ICBC. Besides, UnionPay is the one and only financial services corporation in mainland China that aids RMB settlement.
    • No administrative fee charged for any kind of a transaction made in Chinese Renminbi (RMB) for the dual currency cards. For all transactions done in mainland China, you will be charged in RMB directly. Also, choose to pay this amount either in RMB or SGD elsewhere.
    • Eligibility guaranteed for Express Chinese visa application services with the ICBC UnionPay Card. Qualify easily for special VIP services while applying for a Chinese visa if you have an ICBC UnionPay Card. The Express visa application service provides you a separate VIP counter to help you speed up the queue when you are applying for your Chinese visa.

    Most Popular ICBC Credit Cards and What They Offer

    The most popular cards offered by ICBC are listed below along with their perks:

    Cards Name Maximum Cashback/Cash Rebate Explore Card
      Shopping Dining Groceries Transport (Petrol/Taxi)  
    ICBC Koipy Dual Currency Platinum Credit Card 3% 3% 3% 3%
    ICBC Koipy Dual Currency Gold Credit Card 3% 3% 3% 3%
    ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card (Platinum) 8% 8% 8% 8%
    ICBC Visa Dual Currency Credit Card (Platinum) 8% 8% 8% 8%
    ICBC Global Travel MasterCard 3% 3% 3% 3%

    ICBC Bank offers different types of credit cards. You can opt for one depending on your specific spending category.

    ICBC Koipy Dual Currency Credit Card
    ICBC Koipy Dual Currency Credit Card

    Best for Dining

    • Get a cashback of 3% when your charge at least S$1,000 on a monthly basis to this card. S$60 is the maximum cashback amount you can earn. In case your monthly transaction amount is less than S$1,000, you will receive a cashback of 1%.
    • There is no restriction on the kind of purchases you need to make or any specific number of transactions that needs to be met. You will be eligible for cashback on any kind of a purchase you make.
    • You will regularly get promotional deals on restaurants and other outlets that are partnered with Koipy.
    ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Card
    ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Card

    Best Dual Currency Card

    • Up to 8% cashback on eligible retail transactions.
    • With the ICBC UnionPay Platinum Card, you will be able to make transactions in Singapore dollars as well as Chinese Renminbi (RMB) without any hassle.
    • There is no exchange rate for RMB transactions, and you can even pay your bills in either of the two currencies.
    ICBC Global Travel Mastercard
    ICBC Global Travel Mastercard

    Best Cash for Travel

    • Pay for your bus and train rides via contactless payments.
    • On all qualifying local transactions, you earn a cashback of 1.5%, and on qualifying overseas transactions, you earn a cashback of 3%.
    • There is no minimum spend requirement or maximum earning limit for this cashback.


    ICBC Rewards Programmes

    All ICBC cards give you cashback on your spends. This money will be credited to your account either after the transaction is posted to the card, or at the end of the month. You can use this money to clear a part of your credit card bill or annual fee.

    Complimentary Privileges

    I GO Singapore

    ICBC has teamed up with the Singapore Tourism Board and come with a programme known as “I GO Singapore”. I GO SG is available to all ICBC credit cardholders across the world. This exclusive platform offers you a wide range of discounts and privileges.

    The participating merchants of I GO SG are broadly classified into 6 categories which are as follows:

    • Shopping: Special shopping promotional offers at prominent shopping malls.
    • Dining: Special food products, must-try signature dishes.
    • Hotels: Fine accommodation at luxury hotels at discounted prices.
    • Leisure: Enjoy your vacation in Singapore and explore islandwide.
    • Beauty & wellness: High-quality foods and health-related products.
    • Others: Delicious local food items, souvenirs, etc.

    ICBC Credit Card Hotline: Call ICBC bank’s 24-hour hotline from anywhere in the world, if you have any query or require assistance in any manner.

    ICBC Cards Eligibility Requirements

    To get an ICBC card, you need to meet the following qualifying parameters:

    Cards Name Minimum Income Residents (p.a.) Minimum Income Foreigners (p.a.) Minimum Age Other criteria
    ICBC Koipy Dual Currency Gold Credit Card NA 21 years You should be a student from institutions such as NTU, NUS, and SMU. NA
    Others S$30,000 p.a. 21 years Fixed deposit collateral worth S$10,000 is also admissible. NA

    Note: In case you are not able to meet the minimum income criterion or submit the mandatory documents required, you can sign up for a secured card. For this card, you will need to submit a fixed deposit worth a minimum of S$10,000.

    Security Features

    With an objective to keep your credit card details confidential, ICBC offers you with security features such as – SMS alerts service and email alerts service. With the help of these services, you will be able to track your transactions mentioned below:

    • Card activation alerts
    • Local transaction alerts
    • Overseas transaction alerts
    • First card transaction alerts
    • Unapproved transactions on your card
    • Activation and deactivation of the overseas ATM cash withdrawal option
    • Activation and deactivation of the magnetic stripe for overseas transaction alerts

    Temporary Credit Limit Increase

    You can apply for a temporary credit limit increase depending on your specific needs. You can apply for an increase in your credit limit in the following two scenarios:

    • Your pending unsecured debts are brought down to an amount that is lesser than 6 times your monthly pay.
    • When you bring down your complete credit limit for your current facilities to an amount that is lesser than 12 times your monthly pay.

    Your request for credit limit increase will depend on the bank’s internal credit evaluation criteria and checks performed by the credit bureau.

    Things to Know About BOC Credit Cards

    How to Use the Internet Banking Login through ICBC Card?

    With ICBC cards, you can make use of internet banking login to make spot repayment, consume details, check basic information, among others.

    Is There a Mobile App?


    Yes, there is an Android mobile app available with ICBC credit cards. With this app, cardholders can check bonus points earned, check remaining balance, check transactions made and repay RMB and FX overdraft. You will also find the option of paying the credit card bills.

    Does the Bank Offer Invitation-Only Credit Cards?


    There are no invitation-only credit cards offered by ICBC.

    Can You Transfer Funds from the Cards to an Account?


    With ICBC cards, you can only receive funds using FAST.

    How to Check Status of My Requests?

    Contact the Bank

    You can check the status of your requests by getting in touch with the bank.

    How to Make Payment Using Cheques?

    To make payments through cheque, you will have to cross it and make it payable to “Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited”. You will have to issue separate cheques for paying to each credit card account. You must indicate your account and card number at the back of the cheque. You can mail your Payment Slip and cheque using the Business Reply Envelope enclosed.

    How to Convert Bill to Instalment Payment Plans?

    All ICBC cardholders can make payments in instalments via self-service channels, ICBC counter, Internet Banking or telephone. When you pay for retail transactions, ICBC will send a text message to all eligible members and invite them to use instalment payment plan for making payments. You can activate the service by replying to the text message. Once payments are made, ICBC deducts the amounts in periods as agreed by you in addition to the handling charges. You can make repayment in monthly instalments.

    About ICBC Bank

    ICBC Singapore Branch was the first financial institution of ICBC that was set up in the overseas. It was inaugurated in 1993. ICBC Singapore launched the first SGD/RMB Dual Currency Credit Card in Singapore. Currently, it stands as one of the prominent recognised banks in Singapore. It offers a wide spectrum of financial services such as private banking, corporate banking, retail banking, and institutional banking. Here are the details of its credit cards.

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