HSBC Internet Banking Singapore

HSBC is amongst the most popular banks in the world and is one of the biggest banks in Singapore, with operations stretching from loans to credit cards and investment instruments. As a HSBC customer, you have access to HSBC’s iBanking services – an interface that allows you to perform a variety of banking activities online. iBanking has become extremely popular in several countries and has brought about heightened ease and convenience in the banking domain.

iBanking services offered by HSBC enable you to pay your credit card bills, payments towards loans, applying for new banking products, making investments, and more. Let us take a look at the various features of the iBanking service offered by HSBC and how the service is benefiting thousands of customers across Singapore.

HSBC iBanking Services

HSBC’s iBanking interface covers offers an array of services starting from fund transfers and managing one’s account to opening investment accounts and paying a wide variety of bills. The iBanking interface also allows customers to apply for banking and financial products online - customers can apply for personal loans, car loans and home loans on the iBanking interface. When a customer applies for a banking product online, an executive from DBS will get in touch to take the application process forward.

  • Performing fund transfers: iBanking enables you to transfer funds within HSBC and from HSBC to other banks. In order to transfer funds you will have to add your beneficiary first and authenticate the beneficiary by entering the One-Time Password received on your registered mobile number. Fund transfers, both within HSBC and to other bank accounts, require authentication by the user.
  • Managing your account: iBanking allows you to keep a tab on your expenses - expenses you incur on your debit card linked to your bank account. If you have a credit card from a bank other HSBC, you won’t be able to keep a tab on the credit card expenses on the HSBC iBanking interface. In order to track your credit card expenses and view your credit card monthly statement, you will have to use the mobile application or iBanking interface of the bank that you have a credit card from.
  • Applying for new banking products: One of the most convenient way to apply for a loan or a new credit card is by visiting logging in with your iBanking credentials. Customers have the provision of applying for car loans, personal loans, home loans, HSBC credit cards and investment instruments. You can also apply for a new debit card and request for a new chequebook. Your chequebook and debit card will be delivered to your registered mailing address.
  • Paying bills: You can pay your credit card bills and other utility bills through HSBC’s iBanking interface. All you need to do is login to the platform through your login credentials.

How to apply for HSBC iBanking services?

You can apply for HSBC iBanking services by visiting your closest HSBC branch and filling out an application form. You can also place a request online, following which an executive from the bank will get in touch with you and help you complete the remainder of your application. Your login credentials will be sent to your registered mailing address.

Note: If you don’t have a savings account with HSBC, you will not be able to gain access to iBanking services that allow you to apply for loans and perform fund transfers.

How to login to HSBC iBanking?

In order to login to HSBC iBanking, you’ll have to enter your HSBC Login details – your User ID and Password provided to you at the time of registration. After you register for HSBC iBanking services, your login details will be sent to your registered mailing address.

If you forget your User ID or password, you can reset the same using the Forgot Password option. In order to reset your password, you’ll need to enter a PIN received on your registered mobile number and also enter your debit card details.

Important things to know about HSBC’s iBanking services

Here are a few important things that you need to know about iBanking services offered by HSBC:

  • Adding a beneficiary: In order to make a fund transfer, you are required to first add a beneficiary. You will need to authenticate your beneficiary by entering the One Time Password received on your registered mobile number. Fund transfers to accounts can only be done if they’ve been added by beneficiaries.
  • Applying for a loan product online: You can apply for products on HSBC’s iBanking interface, especially loan products. Once you apply for a loan product online, an executive from the bank will get in touch with you and help you take the application process forward.
  • Investment options: HSBC’s iBanking platform provides customers with a range of investment options. You can login with your credentials and open an investment account with HSBC by selecting an option that is most appropriate.
  • Being a HSBC credit card member: As a HSBC credit card member, you only get limited access to iBanking services. Meaning, you can only view your credit card statements and pay your monthly credit card bills. Having a savings account, however, would mean that you have funds in your HSBC account. This would give you access to far more features. These features include performing online fund transfers (within the bank and to other banks), and applying for banking products and services (this includes loans, credit cards, investments, etc.).

Investment options available with HSBC iBanking

If you hold a HSBC savings account and have your iBanking login credentials, you have a variety of investment options that you can make. Following are the most popular investment options available to customers:

  • Fixed Deposits
  • Unit Trusts
  • CPF
  • Savings Bonds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Exchange Traded Bonds

Key benefits of using HSBC iBanking services

  • Customers can pay their credit card bills and other utility bills with convenience and ease using HSBC iBanking services.
  • Customers can make payments other payments towards loans and invest in an array of financial instruments through HSBC iBanking.
  • The HSBC iBanking platform is absolutely secure, with every transaction requiring authentication by the customer.
  • Fund transfers between HSBC and other banks can be set for a future date and fund transfers between HSBC accounts takes place almost instantly.
  • Customers can look at various credit and investment options available to them on the platform.

FAQs for HSBC ibanking Users

  1. Can you download account related information (account summary) from the HSBC iBanking platform?
  2. Yes. you can download account related information from the HSBC iBanking platform and view your account summary.

  3. Will every transaction I make through iBanking need authentication?
  4. Yes. As a security measure, every inter-bank transaction you make through iBanking will need authentication. Even intra-bank transactions will require customer authentication.

  5. Can i schedule an online transaction for a later date?
  6. Yes. iBanking allows you to do that. You can schedule a transaction to take place at a later date. A future date upto a month in advance can be set.

  7. What happens in the case of unsuccessful transactions?
  8. In case a transaction is declined, you will get an intimation from HSBC almost immediately. If the money gets deducted from your account though, the amount will be refunded within five working days.

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