Credit Cards Anonymous: How to de-addict yourself from credit card overuse

    Credit cards are probably one of the greatest inventions of our time. This little plastic card has made life so much more easier and convenient for the common man. Not only do credit cards help us make purchases with ease they also ensure that we get the best with the amazing rewards. Most of us are highly dependent on our credit cards or have developed an unnatural attachment to it. In simpler words, we are addicted to it. It is very easy to get addicted considering how convenient credit cards are and the amazing rewards offered by some credit cards are reason enough to apply for the credit card. We get the temptation but a credit card addiction can be quite serious and harmful if not dealt with in time. A credit card addiction will not only land you in major debt but will bring your credit score down and ruin your credit history. Listed below are the steps for a credit card detoxification and de-addiction!

    Credit card addiction- How to deal with it?

    Given below are some of the best ways to de-addict yourself from credit cards and have a healthy relationship with your credit cards:

    Recognise the problem

    The first step to recovery in any sort of addiction is admitting you have a problem and it is no different in this case. It is much easier to be in denial about your credit card habits but it is very important to recognise and accept the problem first in order to resolve it. But how do you find out you are an addict? If you don’t already know,it is time to check if you identify with the given below are the clear cut signs of a credit card addict:

    • You use only credit cards for your transaction.
    • You are unable to make payments on time.
    • You have too many credit cards.
    • You aren’t aware of APR fee and other charges.
    • You hide your credit card debt from your spouse, family and friends.
    • You haven’t made minimum payments on your card in a long time.

    Understand the problem

    Once you have figured out you have a credit card addiction, the next step is to understand where the addiction stems from or the cause for the credit card addiction. It is important to analyse your credit card addiction and figure out the root cause of the addiction in order to solve it. For instance, you might have got into credit card debt because of your impulsive shopping habits. Many of us end up with too many credit cards because we apply for credit cards every now and then owing to the amazing rewards offered by the credit card. It is very important to understand the reason for your addiction in order to detox.

    Figure out a solution

    Once you have figured out the reason for your problem, it is time to get to solving it. There is no one perfect solution for a credit card addiction, there are several steps to detoxify yourself or get rid of a credit card addiction. Once you figured out the solution, it is important to implement it immediately.


    It is not enough to have implemented solution/solutions to take care of your credit card addiction, the trick is in ensuring that you stay consistent with it. The solutions will be of no help if you are not consistent with it. Consistency is the key in solving your credit card addiction.

    Solutions for your credit card addiction

    Now that we have figured out the four steps for de-addiction, it is time to look at the solutions for the credit card addiction. Listed below are some of the detox steps that will definitely help you get rid of your credit card addiction:

    • Get rid of additional cards
    • Stop carrying your card around everywhere
    • Do not apply for any more credit cards until you get rid of your credit card debt
    • Do not let your family and friends use your credit card
    • Start making payments on time
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