A "low interest" loan shouldn't mean you have very little interest in paying it back!

    RHB HDB Home Loan

    RHB Bank provides a home loan exclusively for purchasing HDB flats. You can borrow to purchase a new or resale HDB flat. The same loan can also be taken to refinance any existing HDB loan.

    RHB HDB Interest Rates

    The interest rates offered by different housing loan boards are indicated in the table below:

    Board Interest rate
    HB1 4.25% p.a.
    HB4 4% p.a.
    MR1 5.75% p.a.
    MR4 5% p.a.


    What Else Does RHB HDB Home Loan Offer?

    • You will get a legal subsidy equal to 0.5% of the loan amount. The subsidy is capped at S$2,500.
    • If you are borrowing for refinancing, the legal subsidy will be available for loan amounts that are more than or equal to S$200,000.
    • There is no penalty on prepayment of the first 20% of the loan amount during the lock-in period.
    • RHB provides a bridging loan to pay your downpayment for the new flat, while you are waiting for proceeds from the sale of an existing house.


    • You need to be a citizen of Singapore or a Permanent Resident to be able to apply for this loan.
    • You must be at least 21 years old.
    • You must be a mortgagor.

    Documents You Should Submit

    • A front and back copy of your NRIC.
    • Financial information regarding your HDB loan commitment from the HDB website.
    • Recent statements from other financial institutions and moneylenders regarding any credit facilities you are currently using.
    • Option to purchase or Sales and Purchase Agreement, if you are purchasing a new house.

    Income documents:

    • Recent electronic payslip along with either the income tax notice of assessment (NOA) or CPF contribution statement for the previous 12 months, in the case of salaried employees.
    • Income tax NOA for the previous 2 years, in the case of self-employed persons.
    • Tenancy agreement that is stamped, for rental income proof. A minimum of 6 months of lease period must be remaining, according to the agreement.

    Additional documents for a refinancing loan:

    • Recent statement indicating repayment history for the last 12 months and the outstanding balance.
    • Title Deeds’ copy, Stamp Duty Certificate of the property from its purchase, or Exercised Option to purchase or Sales and Purchase Agreement.

    For bridging loan:

    • Recent withdrawal statement of CPF Public Housing.

    How to Apply

    • Download the application form from the RHB official website and fill it.
    • Take an appointment with the bank using the form available on the website.
    • Talk to a loan specialist in RHB and complete your loan application process.

    Contact RHB

    For other queries regarding tenure, interest rates, and charges, you can contact RHB in the following ways:

    • Call RHB on 1800 323 0100.
    • Send an email to ‘[email protected]’.
    • Visit your nearest branch and clear your queries in person.

    Be it refinancing an existing HDB loan or buying a new or resale flat, you can consider a loan from RHB for your financial needs. Contact a loan executive and apply for a loan to own your new abode.

    Bridging Loan

    In case you are waiting to receive payment for the sale of your existing property, you can apply for a bridging loan from RHB Bank and avail the money needed to make the down payment for the HDB property you want to purchase. This will help in ensuring that you do not have to lose out on the opportunity to purchase the HDB property of your choice. Once you receive the payment, you can pay off the loan amount and as the interest charged will be very attractive you will not end up spending a lot of money on availing a bridging loan.

    Here are the documents that you will need to submit for availing a bridging loan from RHB Bank in Singapore:

    • Latest withdrawal statement of CPF Public Housing.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Does the RHB HDB Home Loan come with a fixed or variable rate package?
    2. This home loan from RHB Bank comes with variable packages for the first 3 years and then a fixed package for the remaining years of the loan tenure.

    3. How can I avail the legal subsidy offered with this RHB home loan?
    4. You can avail the legal subsidy offered with this RHB home loan when you opt for refinancing the loan and the loan amount is equal to or greater than S$200,000.

    5. What is the maximum rate of interest charged with RHB HDB Home Loan?
    6. The maximum rate of interest charged with RHB HDB Home Loan is 3.38 percent per annum.

    7. I am a foreigner working in Singapore? Can I apply for this RHB Home Loan?
    8. No, only Citizens and Permanent Residents of Singapore can apply for this home loan offered by RHB Bank.

    9. Do premier customers get any discount on the interest rate?
    10. Yes, premier customers get a discount of 0.05 percent per annum for the initial 2 years. The rates can be changed by the bank.

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