Liberty Home Insurance

A house is one of the most precious assets in Singapore. The building and the valuables inside, both are expensive, and they demand protection against unexpected disasters such as floods, fire, and theft. Liberty Home Insurance – HomeCare – is one of the policies provided by the company. Let’s understand in detail about this product.

Key Features and Benefits of Liberty Home Insurance

Listed below are the various benefits of Liberty Home Insurance:

  • This policy collates several types of covers in one policy.
  • You can get a no claim discount (NCD) as follows:
    • For your first renewal, you can get an NCD up to 10% of the gross premium.
    • For your second renewal, you can get an NCD up to 15% of the gross premium.
  • It is quite easy to arrange and is based on the first loss.
  • The plan has competitive premiums.

Plans Offered by Liberty Home Insurance

This policy gives a choice of 3 different plans: Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C along with a Top-Up Plan for Plan C. These plans cover various aspects such as building renovations and improvements, family and personal liability, personal accident, emergency assistance, etc. A few inclusions for this policy are based on First Loss. First Loss basis means the total amount to be paid by the company for the loss or damage incurred will be up to the total insured amount, irrespective of the actual amount of loss.

Features Plan A Plan B Plan C Top-Up Plan
Section 1: Building improvements and renovations S$50,000 S$100,000 S$200,000
  • Maximum sum insured up to S$3.5 million
  • Top-up rate is 0.0535%
Section 2: Contents such as household items, appliances, precious stones or metals, etc. S$15,000 S$40,000 S$50,000
  • Maximum sum insured up to S$500,000
  • Top-up rate is 0.02568%
Section 3: Includes family & personal liability. This is limited only to any 1 accident or unlimited any 1 period. S$500,000 S$500,000 S$500,000
  • Maximum sum insured up to S$1 million
  • Top-up rate is S$26.75 for each S$500,000
Section 3: Includes food & beverage extension. This is limited only to any 1 accident or unlimited any 1 period. S$100,000 S$100,000 S$100,000 NA
Section 4: Covers personal accident. It is S$10,000 per person and maximum up to S$50,000 per policy. S$50,000 S$50,000 S$50,000 NA
Section 5: Includes emergency assistance covering S$100 per event and a maximum up to 2 events can be claimed. S$200 S$200 S$200 NA

The sections 1 and 2 in the above table are on the First Loss basis. In case of claims for floods for the buildings located on basement or road level are subject to an excess of S$2,500. The provisions for extending the coverage in your Liberty HomeCare Insurance Policy are (but not limited to):

  • Loss or damage incurred to domestic servant’s or visitor’s personal properties
  • Spoilage of food & beverages due to the breakdown of refrigerator
  • Additional cost of domestic help for unexpected incident at home
  • Loss/damage of contents that are within the building boundary
  • The cost incurred in removal of debris
  • Expenses incurred for fire extinguishing
  • Death of your pedigree pet


The premium for Liberty Home Insurance Policy may differ and it is determined based on the below factors (but not limited to):

  • The ownership status of the building.
  • The type of building such as HDB flat, private building, etc.
  • The age of the building.
  • The size of the building.
  • Evaluation of your actual house value.
  • Contents such as TV, laptop, sofa, refrigerator, other valuables, and fixtures originally fitted to your home, etc.

The minimum premium for all the above-mentioned plans are:

  • Plan A: S$74.90 p.a.
  • Plan B: S$128.40 pa.
  • Plan C: S$192.60 p.a.

Liberty Home Insurance Policy Exclusions

The general exclusions applicable to all the sections covered by your HomeCare Insurance are listed below:

  • The company will not pay for denting, scratching, defacing or chipping.
  • Any kind of damage incurred due to depreciation, wear and tear, during the process of cleaning, washing, dyeing, repairing, altering, etc. at home; or the result of atmospheric conditions such as mildew, moth, rot, rust, etc.
  • The loss/damage due to a purposeful act or any act of your involvement.
  • The delay caused due to customs officials such as detention or confiscation.
  • The breakdown of electrical or electronic products due to manufacturer’s defect.
  • Property loss/damage that is dispatched by airline or sea with a lading or airway bill.
  • String breakdown of musical instruments.
  • Loss or damage to films when it is being used in a camera or a projector.
  • Damaged tubes or bulbs without damaging the apparatus.
  • Damage caused to photographic, musical, and sports equipment that is used for business purposes.
  • Any damage that is a result of mysterious disappearance or unexplained activity.
  • Any damage caused by false programming or mishandling.
  • The loss or damage incurred as a result of unoccupied house for a consecutive period of 90 days.
  • Any damage caused due to aerial devices that are travelling at supersonic speeds.

Liberty Home Insurance Claim Process

The claim must be requested as early as possible when there is any damage or incident needing a claim. Whenever there is a claim request, you must duly fill, print, and send the forms listed below, along with supporting documents, to the company:

  • HomeCare Claim Form for loss/damage occurred to building, improvements, renovations, contents, etc.
  • Personal Accident Claim Form for loss or damage occurred due to personal accident.

The mailing address for Liberty Home Insurance is Liberty House, 51 Club Street, Singapore 069428. You can find the above-mentioned forms on the official website of Liberty Home Insurance.

How to Cancel Liberty Home Insurance Policy

You can cancel this policy any time by giving a written notice to the company. You will be getting the refund of premium depending on the company’s short period table. However, the insurer can also cancel your policy by giving you a notice of 30 days. The notice will be sent to your registered home address. The premium paid for the rest of the insurance period will be refunded.

Liberty Home Insurance Contact Details

There are different ways to connect with the insurer in Singapore and they are given below:

  • You can fill the online ‘reach out to us’ form, providing your contact details and queries. After that, Liberty Insurance will get in touch with you.
  • You can visit the insurer from Monday to Friday between the operating hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Please note that Road Tax section will close at 4:30 p.m. only. The address is Liberty House, 51 Club Street #03-00, Singapore 069428.
  • You can call the company and talk about your queries or claims. This is a 24-hour service. The hotline numbers are:
    • If you calling from Singapore, use 1800-LIBERTY (5423 789).
    • If you calling from out of Singapore, use (+65) 6338 0990.
    • For assistance in emergency medical cases, use (+65) 6334 4434.
    • For home and travel assistance in emergency cases, use (+65) 6636 1131.
  • The menu options while calling hotline numbers are:
    • 1 for motor accident.
    • 2 for work injury.
    • 3 for SeniorCare assistance.
    • 4 for general enquiries. But, for general enquiries you must call within the business hours only.
  • For your enquiries related to Do Not Call or Personal Data Protection, you must write a letter addressing to data protection officer and send to the above-mentioned address in Singapore.

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Q. What are the supporting documents required for a claim on damage caused to building, improvements, renovations, and contents?

A. The documents required are listed below:

  • Clear photographs of the contents that are damaged.
  • An assessment report issued by repairer or builder explaining the cause and outspread of the damage.
  • Invoice (original) of the lost/damaged property.
  • Quotations (2 different) for replacement/repair of damaged things.
  • If you are claiming for a theft, you must provide the police complaint report.

Q. Is there any provision for loss of rent in this policy?

A. You can claim for the loss of rental amount and also for alternative accommodation expenditure if your house is declared to be uninhabitable.

Q. Can I provide photocopies of the documents like medical bills?

A. No, you must only give original supporting documents which includes original medical and tax invoices.

Q. Will I get the amount spent for medical reports in my claim?

A. No, you will not get the money for hospital reports or proof of illness, such expenses you must bear by yourself.

Q. How will this policy help me under its section of emergency assistance?

A. In any case of an emergency at home, Liberty will pay S$100 per event per policy (up to 2 events). This amount is to assist you with emergency services such as electrical or plumbing repairs. To get this service you must contact Liberty Helpline at (+65) 6636 1131.

Q. Can I get coverage in Liberty HomeCare Insurance Policy for damage to security system in my house?

A. Yes, you can get extended coverage at an additional premium for repairing your security system such as locks, keys, etc.

Q. Can I claim for the loss caused by natural calamities?

A. Yes, this plan insures your house against Typhoon, Flood, windstorm, etc. The claim amount must exceed S$500.

Q. Can I claim for my children under this plan?

A. You can claim for your spouse and children if there is any injury to them.

Q. What is Free-Look Period?

A. You get 14 days period from the date of receipt of Liberty HomeCare Insurance Policy, to understand the terms of the policy. You can cancel the policy within this period and the premium paid will be refunded (only if you have not made any claim).

Q. What are the documents required for the claim under the section ‘personal and family liability’?

A. The documents needed are:

  • Claim letter/letter of demand issued by the third party.
  • Writ of summon that you got from the third party.
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