India International Home Insurance

India International Home Insurance protects you, your family, and your home from loss and damage caused by unforeseen circumstances that aren’t under your control. You will have coverage against incidents such as accidental fires. That way you can be prepared for financial emergencies and damages in your house. Read on for more details.

Coverage Provided

The home insurance policy provides you with the following basic coverages.

  • Comprehensive coverage on your house including its contents, renovation, fixtures, and fittings.
  • Worldwide Personal Liability that includes liability emerging from using non-motorised scooter/bicycle.
  • Accidental death of your pedigree pets.

The coverage is generally up to the maximum value of each item. However, there will be a limit to the sum insured in every category.

Complimentary Coverage

The coverage and its limit in each category provided under the home insurance policy are listed below.

  • Property Owner Liability/Worldwide Personal and Family Liability/Occupier’s Liability: S$1 million.
  • Personal Accident: S$25,000 (For permanent disablement or accidental death in the insured region).
  • Loss of rent or/and alternative accommodation: S$5,000 a month (up to S$15,000). Personal Effects (worldwide): S$1,000.
  • Hospitalisation fee: S$50 a day (up to a maximum of S$200).
  • Replacement of keys and locks in case of a break-in: S$1,000.
  • Accidental death of pedigree pets: S$500.
  • Loss or damage to household contents when they are being moved by professional packers and movers: S$5,000.
  • Loss or damage to refrigerated drinks and food due to failure in electricity supply, or due to explosion or breakdown of the refrigeration unit: S$500.
  • Expenses arising from fire extinguishing: S$3,000.

How to Buy India International Home Insurance Policy

  • On the homepage of the official website of India International Insurance, click on ‘BUY ONLINE’.
  • Enter your personal details and select the categories under which you want to be covered.
  • Pay online and purchase your policy.

How to Make a Claim

  • Report an incident to your agent immediately, or submit claim notification or details through an email to the insurer’s Property and Casualty Department to report the incident/loss. They will get back to you via mail or call.
  • Fill the claim form available in the official website in a PDF form, and submit it along with the necessary documents to your agent or the insurer’s Property and Casualty Department.
  • The insurer will assess your claim. They may get back to you for additional documents or further investigate your case.
  • Once the entire process of assessment and investigation is completed, you will receive your coverage if your case is approved.

Things to Remember While Making a Claim

  • You must notify the insurer immediately when an incident occurs.
  • You must notify the police when an act of crime or malice is involved.
  • You must also take reasonable action to lessen the loss.
  • You must submit the following documents along with the claim form.
    • Incident report.
    • Police report.
    • Photographs of the location of the incident and damaged property.
    • CCTV footage from the location, if available.
    • Assessment report from a repairer on the extent and cause of property damage.
    • Replacement quotations/competitive repair.
    • Purchase receipt/invoice of damaged property.
    • Writ of Summons/third party’s letter of purpose of claim, if any.


Q. What is the premium amount that I have to pay?

A. On the India International Home Insurance official page, you can click on ‘GET A QUOTE’ and select the nature of coverages you want. The appropriate premium payable will be displayed.

Q. When can I cancel my policy?

A. You can cancel your policy any time. You will receive a refund on the premium for the unexpired period.

Q. Do I have to submit any details other than the documents, while making the claim?

A. Yes, you must provide your contact details, the insured person’s name as mentioned in the policy, the policy number, the location of loss, the date of loss, and a description of the incident/loss.

Q. If I have made a settlement with a third party or admitted to liability without notifying, can I be reimbursed through my policy?

A. No, that would be a breach of policy conditions. You are not supposed to make a settlement or admit liability without the insurer’s consent.

Q. If my worker meets with an accident on his/her way to work, can I claim for reimbursement of medical bills under Workmen’s Compensation?

A. No, because the injury hasn’t occurred during his work or due to his work.

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