AVIVA Home Insurance

True to the saying “Home is where the heart is”, home is one place where we find solace. A house is a reflection of our investment capabilities and also the most prized-asset because it shelters you and your loved ones. In any case, home insurance is a very important addition to your insurance portfolio. AVIVA offers three different home insurance schemes, each plan individually crafted to the needs of Singaporean home-owners to offer them a complete peace of mind.

AVIVA Home Insurance

Aviva Home Insurance Overview

AVIVA had its humble beginnings as Fire and Life Insurance society which was founded in 1696. With the large merger of CGU and Norwich Union, Aviva was launched in 2002 and continued to gain prominence thereafter. In Singapore, AVIVA is an important market player in investment, insurance, health solutions and retirement. A pioneer in the insurance front, Aviva offers simple, convenient insurance products. Aviva caters to the needs of over 43 million customers worldwide by providing unique products in life insurance and general insurance. Aviva home insurance comes loaded with exclusive benefits and a comprehensive cover which will offer total peace of mind to the home-owners.

Features of Aviva Home Insurance

Aviva home insurance not only protects your home and its content but will cover the renovation work as well. Not only that, Aviva policyholders are also entitled for the following benefits:

  • Option of Schemes with Comprehensive Coverage

    With three specially crafted home insurance plans to choose from, customers can select the one that benefits the best. Also, Aviva home insurance offers coverage against a range of risks including accidental breakage of glass, loss of credit cards, personal money and papers.

  • Easy Claims Process

    Customers are guaranteed of a quick and convenient claims process that can be filed online with complete security.

  • Money Back Assurance

    If you are not entirely satisfied with the Home Insurance policy and the benefits offered, Aviva also offers a refund of the entire amount.

  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance

    Aviva’s emergency home assistants will be available anytime, anywhere to help you with a range of common household issues and emergencies.

  • Manage your Policy Online

    You can view, change and make amends to your policy whenever you want to using Aviva’s secure online portal. You can also renew the policy and make a claim from the comfort of your home.

Home Insurance Plans Offered by Aviva

Aviva offers three different home insurance plans, which are:

  • Aviva Home Lite: Every home will have different needs when it comes to insurance coverage. Home Lite provides basic insurance coverage, which includes the following:
    • Household contents: Furniture, domestic appliances, utensils, clothing, electronic equipment, cameras, clothing, jewellery, pc and laptops. You will get coverage of up to S$35,000 for household contents.
    • Renovations, fittings, and fixtures: Bathroom and sanitary furniture, wardrobes, floor coverings, air conditioners. You will get coverage of up to S$75,000.
    • Personal legal liability: Aviva provides coverage of up to S$250,000 if any accidental body injuries are caused to other individuals or third party property.
    • Alternative boarding expenses: You will be entitled to receive boarding compensation from Aviva for any risks that are covered under insurance. A maximum of S$12,000 (S$1,000x12 weeks) is covered.
    • Aviva’s select home emergency package is included by default. The coverage includes perils such as fire, flood, theft, earthquake, lightning, explosion, vehicle impact, riot, strike or civil chaos.
  • Aviva Home: This plan provides a higher coverage than Home Lite. This also provides cover for accidental glass breakage and loss of personal money. The protection offered is:
    • Household contents: Furniture, domestic appliances, utensils, clothing, cameras, clothing, jewellery, pc and laptops. You will get coverage of up to S$50,000 for household contents.
    • Renovations, fixtures, and fittings: This includes bathroom and sanitary furniture, built-in wardrobes, floor coverings and air conditioners. You are entitled to receive a coverage of up to S$100,000.
    • Personal legal liability: Coverage is provided up to S$250,000 if any third party property damage or any accidental bodily injury is caused by you.
    • Alternative accommodation expenses: You will receive alternative accommodation expenses of up to S$12,000 if you are a victim of any insured perils. You will be eligible to receive up to S$1,000 per week up to 12 weeks.
    • Accidental glass damage: If you accidentally damage the glass within your home premises, you are eligible to receive up to S$500.
    • Loss of credit card/debit card/personal money: You are entitled to receive up to S$500 for the loss of your credit/debit/personal money.
    • Aviva’s select home emergency package: This package is provided to you by default. Perils such as fire, theft, flood, earthquake, lightening, vehicle impact, riot, strike, civil commotion, explosions are covered under this package.
  • Aviva Home Plus: Home Plus plan provides the best comprehensive coverage of the three Aviva plans. Coverage is provided against loss of credit card, personal documents or papers, accidental death of pedigree cat or dog.
    • Household contents: Insurance coverage is provided to household contents that include furniture, domestic appliances, clothing, jewellery, pc, laptops, audio/video equipment, and cameras. You will receive coverage amount of up to S$100,000.
    • Renovations, fittings, and fixtures: Coverage is provided to floor coverings, air conditioners, built-in wardrobes, bathroom and sanitary furniture. You are eligible to receive compensation of up to S$100,000.
    • Personal legal liability: If a bodily injury or damage to third party property is caused by you, a compensation of up to S$250,000 is provided by Aviva insurance to cover these expenses.
    • Alternative accommodation expenses: If your house is damaged due to any insured perils or risks, the insurance company will pay for your accommodation for up to 12 weeks. You are eligible to receive S$1,000 per week up to 12 weeks amounting to a total of S$12,000.
    • Accidental damage to glass: If any glass is damaged within the premises of your home, you are eligible to receive S$500 to cover the expenses incurred due to accidental damage.
    • Loss of personal money, debit cards, and credit cards: In scenarios where there is a loss of credit/debit/loss of personal money, you are entitled to receive an amount of up to S$500 for the loss.
    • Loss of personal papers: You are eligible to receive a replacement cost up to S$500 for the loss of your personal papers that includes driving licence, ID cards, club cards, etc.
    • Accidental death of pedigree cat or dog: In case your pet (cat or a dog) dies due to any accident, you are eligible to get up to S$500.
    • Aviva’s select home emergency package: The home emergency package from Aviva is included by default. The risks covered include fire, explosion, earthquake, flood, theft, and lightning, bursting or overflowing of water pipes or household apparatus, vehicle impact, civil commotion, riot, and strike.
Features Home Lite Home Home Plus
Fire cover Yes Yes Yes
Theft cover Yes Yes Yes
Pet cover No No Yes
Renovation cover Yes Yes Yes

Coverage offered by Aviva Home Insurance

To suit the insurance needs of different class of people, Aviva has three home insurance schemes. Depending on the coverage, customers are offered the flexibility to choose the insurance plan that best suits them.

Here is a summary of covers that are common to all three insurance plans offered by Aviva.

  • Household Contents

    Items inside the house such as furniture, jewellery, domestic appliances, crockery, linen, laptops etc. are offered a coverage of up to S$35,000.

  • Renovation and Fittings

    Fixtures and fittings such as built-in wardrobes, air conditioners, sanitary furniture, bathroom and floor coverings are offered a cover of up to S$75,000.

  • Personal Legal Liability

    Personal legal liability protects the policyholder and by covering any damage to the property or accidental bodily injury caused to a third-party by the policyholder. Aviva offers a personal legal liability cover worth S$250,000 with all three home insurance plans.

  • Alternative Accommodation Expenses

    If the house is damaged as a direct result of any of the insured perils, Aviva home insurance pays up to S$1,000 per week for a maximum of 12 weeks to cover alternative accommodation.

  • Aviva’s Select Home emergency Assistance Package

    This package covers perils like fire, flood, earthquake, theft, vehicle impact, lightning etc.

Covers Specific to Aviva Home Lite

Aviva Home, the basic no-frills home insurance policy, offers cover for household contents, renovation & fittings, alternative accommodation and personal legal liability. Also included in the package is Aviva’s emergency assistance package.

Covers Specific to Aviva Home

In addition to the common covers, the following are the extra covers that come with Aviva Home.

  • Accidental Breakage of Glass

    This cover offers protection of up to S$500 covering the glass within the premises of the property.

  • Loss of Personal Money, Credit and Debit Cards

    Aviva’s “Home Lite” home insurance will cover the replacement costs of debit and credit cards and also any unauthorized use of the cards following any loss at the residence by an insured peril.

Covers Specific to Aviva Home Plus

Aviva Home Plus is the “cover-all” home insurance plans that offers the following additional covers in addition to the common covers.

  • Accidental Death of Pedigree Dog or Cat

    For accidental death of a pedigree pet from a damage caused by insured perils, Aviva offers a coverage of S$500.

  • Breakage of Glass and Loss of Personal Money and Cards

    Home Plus insurance scheme also covers the replacement cost and unauthorized usage of credit and debit cards. Also, S$500 is offered as cover for breakage of glass.

Aviva Home Insurance Premiums

Home insurance premiums are computed using the substitute cost of the home or its contents. Many factors will determine your home insurance premiums. Depending on the insurance coverage you choose, you will be required to pay for the premium. For instance, if you have a big luxurious home with amenities, the coverage you need will be higher.

When you require more coverage, the premium amount will increase too. You can get a quote by visiting the Singapore Aviva website. Upon visiting the Aviva website, you will need to select ‘Get a quote’ option. You will need to input information relating to your occupation, cover needed, etc., and select the desired options to obtain a quote.

Aviva Home Insurance Exclusions

While Aviva provides coverage in all the above parameters, it is excluded in the following scenarios:

  • War: An act of war or invasion from a foreign enemy or entity resulting in a conflict. The damage from war will not be covered under the policy.
  • Terrorism: Any wilful or deliberate damage done to an individual or a group of people using nuclear, biological, or chemical means can be referred to as an act of terrorism. Any damage or harm that has resulted from a terrorist activity is not covered under the insurance policy.
  • Other actions: Any consequences that may arise from actions taken by the policyholder to control, prevent, or suppress any terrorist or war-like activity will not be covered.
  • Radioactivity: Liability, loss or damage arising from contamination of radioactive material or nuclear waste will not be covered. Insurance coverage is not provided in situations where the policyholder is subjected to the use of explosive nuclear equipment or using toxic waste or materials.
  • Sonic bangs: Sonic bangs can arise from pressure waves while travelling in an aircraft. Any damage to property or loss resulting on account of sonic bangs will not be covered.
  • Pollution or contamination: Any loss, damage or liability arising from pollution or contamination will not be covered.
  • Wilful act of negligence: Any loss or damage that may happen due to your negligence will not be covered.
  • Sanction limitation and exclusion: Aviva is not liable to pay any compensation if the claim in anyway would expose the sanction, prohibition or restriction under the trade or economic sanctions or the United Nations resolutions, the United Kingdom or the United States of America, laws or regulations of the European Union.

Home Insurance Eligibility

You should meet the following criteria to qualify for Aviva home insurance:

  • You should be a Singaporean resident with NRIC (National Registration Identity Card) or FIN who owns or rents a property in Singapore.
  • You should be aged between 18 and 70 years old.

Aviva Home Insurance Claim Process

If you would like to submit your claim, you will need to contact the Aviva hotline number. Alternatively, you can also download the home insurance claim form from the Aviva Singapore website. You will need to fill up the claim form with information pertaining to the full facts of the claim, incident, and extent of the damage occurred. You will also need to include the supporting documents along with the claim form.

The claim form should be submitted at the earliest (within 7 days after the incident has occurred). You can get in touch with Aviva customer care to obtain information about the status of your claim.

Cancellation of Your Aviva Home Insurance

You can cancel your home insurance policy online by logging into MyAviva. Once you login, you will need to place a cancellation request. Your request will be processed within 14 working days and the amount will be credited to your account (original payment mode).

Contacting Aviva Home Insurance

You can dial the Aviva hotline number to contact the company or email them with your concern. You can contact the insurer for any of the following concerns:

  • Checking your home insurance policy status
  • Enquiry about making any amendments to your policy
  • Claim enquiry
  • Provide feedback or compliments about the service

    File a complaint

  • Loss, damage or liability caused because of ionising radiation, radioactive contamination and explosive radioactive equipment.
  • Loss or damage to the property because of pressure waves from a travelling aircraft at or over the speed of sound.
  • Any loss or damage caused due to your wilful act or negligence.
  • Loss, damage or liability because of pollution or contamination.
  • As per sanction limitation and exclusion clause, Aviva will not cover or pay claims that would expose the insurer to any sanction, prohibition or restriction under United Nations resolutions or such regulations.

Please read the policy document carefully for a detailed list of exclusions and covers offered before proceeding with application or making a claim.

FAQs - Aviva Home Insurance

  1. Are the contents of my car garage covered by Aviva home insurance?

    Yes. The home insurance policy covers your property along with the outbuildings that are at the address mentioned in the policy schedule.

  2. Will I be required to specify all my valuable items like stereo and furniture?

    No. But, your home insurance policy will have an upper claim limit per item.

  3. I have an existing Home insurance policy with Aviva. What will happen if I fail to pay the premium instalment?

    Your policy will remain active and in force but you will be issued finance charges, interest and fees on the outstanding amount by the bank.

  4. How will you replace the lost or damaged household items?

    As per the insurance policy, Aviva will compensate you for the repair or replacement of the lost or damaged items.

  5. Will Aviva home insurance cover the replacement of stolen locks and keys?

    Yes. If you purchase the additional cover for replacement locks, Aviva offers up to S$500 in case the keys of external doors, alarm systems or domestic safes are lost or stolen.

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