• Hong Leong Fixed Deposit Promotions

    Hong Leong Financial Group is a popular financial services company that operates in a handful of Southeast Asian countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Philippines. The company has a robust operational setup in Europe as well. Hong Leong is offers a wide range of banking and financial products, mostly focused on the consumer angle. Among the bank’s various offerings under the consumer banking segment, fixed deposits are one of them.

    Time Deposits are always known to be a safe means of investment whilst also acting like a savings instrument. Ideally, banking organizations offering fixed deposits to consumers, have a tenure of anywhere between 1 month and 60 months. Besides offering great returns, they also offer flexibility to customers, enabling them to choose a tenure of their choice and make partial withdrawals from their fixed deposit accounts from time to time.

    Let us take a detailed look at the latest fixed deposit promotions for the year 2017. We also look at why you should choose Hong Leong for your financial needs.

    Hong Leong Fixed Deposit Promotions 2017 Singapore

    With the latest Hong Leong Fixed Deposit Promotions, you can enjoy much better returns in the short-term. Invest now and save big by choosing Hong Leong Finance for your fixed deposit needs. Below are details of the latest Hong Leong 2017 Fixed Deposit Promotion.

    Note: The promotion is only valid on a minimum deposit of S$30,000. Below is the table indicating details of the promotional offer.

    Promotion Valid up to Eligibility Promotion details
    Hong Leong Fixed Deposit Promotion 31 October 2017

    • Minimum 15 years of age for ordinary citizens

    • Minimum 55 years of age for senior citizens

    • Minimum deposit of S$30,000

    • Senior citizens will receive a bonus interest rate.

    • Promotional rates are applicable for tenures of 3-months, 6-months, 12-months and 15-months.

    Hong Leong FD Updated FD Schemes

    Amount for fixed deposit 3-month tenure 6-month tenure 12-month tenure 15-month tenure
    S$30,000 – S$50,000 0.50% 0.75% 1.00% 1.10%
    S$50,000 – S$100,000 0.65% 0.80% 1.15% 1.20%
    S$100,000 – S$200,000 0.75% 1.00% 1.18% 1.22%
    > S$200,000 0.75% 1.00% 1.20% 1.25%

    Hong Leong Fixed Deposit Promo Accounts

    Hong Leong Finance offers only one type of fixed deposit account – the conventional fixed deposit scheme that offers interest returns in line with the chosen tenure. Longer the tenure chosen, higher the returns. In order to invest in the Hong Leong fixed deposit scheme, you are required to meet the bank’s eligibility parameters.

    Under the same fixed deposit offering, senior citizens are entitled to receive a bonus rate of interest. IN order to qualify for the senior citizen interest rate, the applicant has to be over 5 years of age.

    Why choose Hong Leong Finance for your Fixed Deposit needs?

    Here are a few reasons why Hong Leong might well be your best choice if you wish to open a fixed deposit account today:

    • You can choose flexible tenures from 1 month to 36 months depending on your convenience.
    • IF you are a senior citizen, you can earn a bonus interest rate of 0.125%. You need to be above the age of 55 in order to qualify for the senior citizen’s scheme.
    • Through the Hong Leong 2017 promotions, you can earn higher returns over your chosen tenure.
    • All your fixed deposit investments are protected. Fixed deposits have always been known to be safe financial instruments with guaranteed returns.
    • You can make partial withdrawals and take care of urgent and short term financial commitments.
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