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    With the increasing popularity of travel insurance policies, many firms are coming up with attractive options that travellers can purchase. HL Assurance, which is part of the Malaysian conglomerate Hong Leong Group, is one such company.

    HL Assurance’s Travel Protect360 guarantees round-the-clock coverage that can ensure you have complete peace of mind during your trip knowing that you are prepared for any unexpected incidents. Depending on your needs, you may choose from three different plans that offer varying degrees of coverage.

    You will not have to worry about things like flight cancellations, flight delays, hotel accommodation cancellations, loss of baggage, and expensive medical treatment while you are overseas. If, in the unfortunate event that you require urgent medical attention that is not available at the place you are in, this travel insurance can provide you unlimited emergency evacuation coverage.

    Types of Travel Policies Provided by the company

    HL Assurance Travel Protect360 offers two kinds of policies: Single Trip and Annual Unlimited. Depending on your travel frequency and other requirements, you can choose either of them.

    1. Single Trip: Most people are not frequent overseas travellers. They might go on a holiday abroad once or twice a year or make some sporadic trips for business-related purposes. For such people, a Single Trip policy would be an ideal choice since it gives them the flexibility of choosing when they need coverage.
    2. Annual Unlimited: Some people need to make frequent trips abroad for business or family reasons. A Single Trip cover will not be adequate for them since it would be a hassle to buy several policies throughout a year. In such a situation, HL Assurance’s Annual Unlimited policy may be a better choice.

    HL Assurance offers three different plans under the Travel Protect360 insurance, applicable on both Single Trip and Annual Unlimited packages. These are categorised based on the coverage value and benefits offered. These are Basic, Enhanced, and Superior. Ideally, you should select a plan after carefully reviewing your financial status, travel itinerary, and any other relevant requirements.

    Key Benefits of Buying HL Assurance Travel Plan

    This policy provides several benefits that a traveller would find attractive. These range from the comprehensive cover it provides to the cover’s value and the company’s service. Here’s a brief list:

    • High coverage for medical requirements abroad
    • No limits on coverage for urgent medical evacuation
    • Covers excess charges on cars rented
    • Coverage for various types of travel inconveniences
    • Coverage for certain expenses incurred during activities like golf

    The policy even has the backup of Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC) through Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme. This protection kicks in automatically without you having to do anything.

    HL Assurance Travel Insurance Coverage

    Certain key details of the coverage provided by HL Assurance’s travel insurance are given below:

    Coverage Basic (in S$) Enhanced (in S$) Superior (in S$)
    Accidental death and permanent disablement (adults aged below 70) 200,000 250,000 300,000
    Overseas medical expense (adults aged below 70) 150,000 250,000 500,000
    Medical expense in Singapore (adults aged below 70) 10,000 15,000 20,000
    Personal liability 500,000 500,000 1 million
    Trip cancellation cover 5,000 7,000 12,000
    Lost baggage cover 3,000 5,000 7,000
    Lost document cover 2,000 3,000 4,000

    HL Assurance Travel Insurance Promotion in Singapore

    To make their travel insurance policy more attractive, HL has two promotional offers running at the moment.

    • Promotion on Single Trip Policy: If you purchase a single trip insurance policy before January 31, 2018 through the insurer’s website and ‘like’ their Facebook page, you will be eligible for a Changi Recommends Wi-Fi Router Rental Voucher worth S$3, apart from a 7% rebate on rental of Wi-Fi router. There is also a 55% discount on the policy, which will be valid until otherwise stated.
    • Promotion on Annual Unlimited: If you buy an annual policy and ‘like’ the insurer’s Facebook page, you will be eligible to get a Rewards Lounge Card with one free entry to any of Singapore Changi Airport’s VIP lounges. If the policy is Couple/Family kind, two entries will be allowed. This reward should be redeemed before February 28, 2018. A 35% discount is available on this policy as well, valid until otherwise stated.

    How to Apply for HL Assurance Travel Insurance

    You can apply for the HL Assurance Travel Insurance by logging on to the company’s website and selecting the Travel Insurance tab under the Personal Insurance Section. Provide details of your trip and your email address to get a quote and make the purchase.

    How to Claim HL Assurance Travel Insurance

    You can begin the process of claims online on the company’s website or download a form from there for offline processing. Relevant supporting documents, including copies of itinerary and flight tickets will have to be sent by post to the company’s office.

    The company’s customer service will help you whenever you need, making procedures such as benefit claiming easy and convenient. According to the company, every member of its claims department team has over five years of industry experience, which should work in your favour should you come across any difficulties when making a claim.

    HL Assurance Travel Insurance Hotline

    You can contact the company round-the-clock at +65 6922 6009.

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    HL Assurance Travel Insurance FAQs

    Q. My travel agency went bankrupt after I bought a tour package from them. Am I eligible to claim any benefits from the insurer?

    A. Yes. If your travel agency becomes insolvent you are eligible for benefits of up to S$2,000 on the Basic plan, S$3,000 on the Enhanced plan, and S$4,000 on Superior plan.

    Q. I was on a trip to London but missed the connecting flight from Dubai because the flight from Singapore was delayed. What documents should I submit to claim benefits?

    A. To claim benefits for the inconvenience caused due to misconnections you should furnish documents from Common Carrier or relevant agents verifying the reason for misconnection, the delayed and the actual time of the flight you arrived in and the scheduled and actual time of the next common carrier available.

    Q. I decided to curtail my trip because I ran out of money. Can I claim benefits?

    A. No. If the trip was curtailed due to your unwillingness to travel or your financial situation, you are not eligible to claim benefits.

    Q. I left my luggage with some money in it at an airport lounge before heading to the restrooms. When I came back the money was gone. Why is the insurer not accepting my claim to benefits for money lost?

    A. According to the terms and conditions of HL Assurance Travel Protect360, you are not eligible to claim benefits for money lost if the money was left unattended at any time.

    Q. I am going on a holiday with my 86-year-old grandpa. In case he falls sick and requires medical evacuation during the trip, will the insurance cover the expenses even if they are extremely high?

    A. No. The emergency evacuation feature is not available to individuals above the age of 84 even if they are insured.

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