QBE Health Insurance

QBE has collaborated with Safe Meridian to bring you a number of different insurance plans that provide you with insurance coverage all over the world. You can customise a plan according to your needs and also to meet your budget requirements. The plans are available in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum options at premiums that are designed to fit what you’re looking for.

Key Highlights

The following are some of the key highlights of the QBE health insurance:/p>

  • Silver, Gold and Platinum members are entitled to a premium discount of 10% if they go for a whole year without making a claim.
  • Family policies which have up to 3 children are eligible to get a discount of 10% on premium payments.
  • A dedicated hotline in the case of medical emergency or evacuation.

Some of the cover benefits that you receive with this plan are:

Particulars Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Daily room & board   Single Room, Semi-private room
Hospital Cash Benefit    Up to S$65/night  Up to S$100/night  Up to S$100/night Up to S$160/night
Surgical Procedures   Full Reimbursement
Doctor’s/Surgeon’s fees   Full Reimbursement
Organ transplant   Full Reimbursement
Kidney Dialysis Full Reimbursement
Psychiatric Treatment  Lifetime limit up to S$39,000  Lifetime limit up to S$52,000  Lifetime limit up to S$58,500 Lifetime limit up to S$78,000
Cancer Treatment   Full Reimbursement


In order to buy this health insurance, you need to be a Singapore citizen, PR, or a foreigner with a valid work pass in Singapore.

Here’s How You Can Buy

To purchase this insurance policy, you can contact your insurance broker, or contact QBE directly. You can directly contact the company by phone on +65 6692 9151 or just send an e-mail to [email protected]

Payment Options

There are a number of different ways by which you can pay for this insurance, some of which are given below:

  • Bank transfer
  • Cheque
  • Credit card

How do I Make a Claim?

  • In order to make a make a claim, you need to inform QBE about the incident immediately
  • You can download the form from the website
  • Complete the form with all the necessary documents and send it back to the company to the address provided on the website

Documents Required to Make a Claim

Some of the documents that you might require to make a claim are as follows:

  • Original medical bills and receipts
  • A written letter from your doctor/hospital, detailing the cost of medicine and services rendered
  • If applicable, a copy of the police report
  • For dependent between the age of 19-25 years, you will need a letter confirming that he/she is a full-time student of a recognised  school or college

How to Cancel this Insurance

In case you are not satisfied with your policy and want to cancel it, you can do so by contacting the company. However, you are only allowed to cancel the policy within the first 14 days of policy commencement. Further, if you have applied for a claim in this time period, you are not allowed to cancel this policy.


You can get in touch with QBE in the following ways:

  • For general enquiries, you can call +65 6224 6633 or send an e-mail to [email protected]
  • In case of medical emergency or assistance, you can contact the 24-hour hotline on +65 6322 2688

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How quickly will my claim be processed?

A. Once you have applied for the claim with complete information and documents, your claim will be processed on priority basis. Normally, the amount of time taken for the process mainly depends upon the nature of your request.

Q. Is there any country where my insurance is not valid?

A. You have medical cover all over the world, except the USA.

Q. Why do I need to inform QBE about a change in job?

A. You need to inform QBE about a change in job or any other such particulars immediately because this might mean a change in the terms of your policy.  A change in job or address might mean a change in potential risk that is associated with it

Q. Are my routine check-ups and vaccines covered by this policy?

A. In the bronze and silver plans of this insurance, you are not covered for check-ups and vaccines. However, if you choose to go with the gold or platinum plan, you will be covered adequately for these situations

Q. Will my physiotherapy sessions be covered by this policy?

A. Yes, but you will need to pre-authorise the claim. This policy is extended to sessions provided by chiropractors, acupuncturists, traditional medicine practitioners, etc.

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