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Being healthy is paramount for our body and mind to function optimally. However, there are several factors around us which pose a risk to our health. Illness, like trouble, can strike anytime, unannounced. Considering the sudden disruptive effect that an illness can have, not only physically but also financially, it is wiser to be prepared. You can do so with the help of an adequate health insurance plan.

As one of the leading insurers in Singapore, NTUC Income offers comprehensive and affordable health insurance plans which cover you and your loved ones for a range of illnesses, medical expenses and medical treatments.

About NTUC Income

Founded in 1970, NTUC Income is one of the leading private financial organizations based in Singapore which offers a gamut of products and services related to savings, insurance and investments. Affiliated to NTUC or the National Trade Union Congress, NTUC Income is not only among the top 3 insurers in Singapore but also enjoys a substantial market share in the local motor insurance industry.

Types of Plans under NTUC Health Insurance

Listed below are the health insurance plans offered by NTUC Income, along with the key features and benefits of each plan.

  1. NTUC Enhanced IncomeShield

    This medical insurance plan by NTUC Income is linked to your Medisave account and covers you for all hospital and surgical expenses.

    • The Enhanced IncomeShield plan covers you for inpatient hospital treatments, outpatient hospital treatment, pre and post hospitalization treatment and emergency overseas treatment.
    • This plan guarantees lifetime renewal as your coverage is not affected by your changing medical health.
    • All the eligible hospitalization cost will be reimbursed to you, after subject to coinsurance, admission of ward class or any other terms.
    • The Letter of Guarantee that is part of the Enhanced IncomeShield plan will allow you to forego the payment of hospital deposit.
    • This plan provides lifetime coverage, which means that you will be covered for hospital for your life.
    • Yearly premium payments for the Enhanced IncomeShield Plan can be made via your Medisave account.
    • Choose from a list of riders like the Plus Rider, Assist Rider, Daily Cash Rider and Child Illness Rider to enhance your plan coverage.
    • Payments for this plan must be made on a yearly basis.
  2. NTUC Value Pack

    The value pack includes the iTerm and the Enhanced IncomeShield C Plan. It combines the features and benefits offered by both these plans so you can get a unique plan which provides excellent coverage along with exemplary benefits.

  3. NTUC Co-Pay Assist Plan

    This plan is essentially a group insurance policy designed especially for public officers and falls under the Comprehensive Co-payment Scheme (CCS) to ease the burden of medical bills and expenses.

    • This plan covers inpatient and outpatient hospital treatments which includes up to 7.5% of your valid medical bills and up to 20% of your dependent’s valid medical bills at any government / restructured or private hospital in Singapore, subject to the ward class.
    • Premium payments for this plan also need to be made on a yearly basis.
    • Another notable feature of this plan is that it covers you for the stipulated percentage of medical bills, even if you’re posted overseas for a job.
    • The major exclusions of this plan include dental expenses, major psychiatric illnesses, claims relating to pregnancy or childbirth arising within 12 months of the insured’s cover commencement date, industrial accidents, cosmetic surgery, self-inflicted injuries, any medical expenses not covered by your employer, drug / alcohol abuse and claims regarding accouchement charges.
  4. NTUC ElderShield

    This is a health insurance plan introduced by the government, designed to provide long term care to individuals with severe disabilities by way of regular monthly cash payments.

    • The ElderShield plan comes in two variants – Basic ElderShield 400 and Basic ElderShield 300. Both these plans provide enhanced coverage against severe disability.
    • The ElderShield plan covers individuals who suffer from a severe disability and are unable to perform a minimum of three daily routine activities by providing a monthly disability benefit of up to S$400 per month for a duration of up to 72 months.
    • This policy covers you for a lifetime, allowing you to claim the benefits at any age.
    • The premium for this policy is determined at the time of taking the policy and shall not increase as you grow older.
    • Premiums for this policy must be paid on a yearly basis and can be paid via your Medisave account.
    • You can enhance the coverage of this plan with PrimeShield, which basically adds to your monthly benefits and ensures a lifetime payout, after your ElderShield policy benefits have been used.
  5. NTUC IncomeShield Standard Plan

    This health insurance product offer protection to ward Class B1. This is a Medisave approved Integrated Shield Plan which consists of the MediShield Life portion and Income.

    • You get unlimited lifetime coverage.
    • You get the Letter of Guarantee to waive the hospital deposits.
    • The premiums are payable with Medisave.
    • You get an option to enhance your coverage with additional riders like Plus Rider, Assist Rider, Daily Cash Rider and Child Illness Rider.
    • It covers both inpatient and outpatient hospital treatment.
    • There is no lifetime limit on the hospital bills.
    • Your health status will not affect the insurance coverage.
  6. NTUC PrimeShield

    Emergency care is offered. You must visit any restructured hospital in Singapore. If you visit any private hospitals, you will need to pay the full medical charges.

    This insurance plan has been designed to complement the Basic ElderShield plan and also offers long term coverage for severe disability.

    • This plan provides individuals suffering from a severe disability who are unable to perform a minimum of 3 routine activities of daily living with monthly disability benefit for life.
    • In case you suffer a severe disability and but have a child below 21 years, then you will be entitled to an additional 25% of your monthly disability benefit for a duration of up to 36 months in your lifetime.
    • Under the Get-well benefit, you are entitled to a single time payout which shall be equal to thrice the amount of your monthly disability benefit in case you recover from the disability.
    • In case of death occurring due to severe disability, this plan shall provide not only the monthly disability benefit but also a single time payout, which is essentially three times that of your monthly disability benefit.
    • This plan provides monthly disability benefit for life (as long as the severe disability continues).
    • S$600 from your Medisave account can be used to pay your PrimeShield premiums, which must be paid on a yearly basis.
  7. NTUC Managed Healthcare System- Outpatient Plan

    Since the Managed Healthcare System is no longer accepting new applications, the existing Managed Healthcare System policyholders have the option to convert the policy to a new Managed Healthcare System- Outpatient Plan.

    • Upon yearly renewal, you can get coverage till you turn 80 years old.
    • Primary care benefits are covered.
    • Specialises investigations like CT scan, Barium Studies, MRI, etc., have to be co-paid. Up to 10% of the cost of investigation has to be co-paid.
    • Specialist care benefits is provided upon referral from the panel GP doctors.
    • 10% of the hospital bills have to be co-paid. The expenses which are in excess of the plan limit has to be paid by you as well.
  8. IDAPE (Interim Disability Assistance Programme for the Elderly)

    While IDAPE used to be under NTUC Income, the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) has taken over the administration of IDAPE from NTUC Income from 1st April, 2016. This product is for Singaporeans who are not eligible for ElderShield. This was set up because the applicants were too old or had pre-existing disabilities.

    • Seniors with severe disability can receive $150 or $250 as monthly cash pay-out for up to 72 months. $250 is paid to a person whose monthly household income ranges from $0 to $1,800. $150 is paid to a person whose monthly household income ranges from $1,801 to $2,600.
    • There is no restriction as to how the payments are to be used as long as it is used for the care of the disabled IDAPE claimant.
    • The applicant can nominate a caregiver who is 18 years old and above to receive the IDAPE payment.

Eligibility for NTUC Income Health Insurance

Following is the eligibility criteria for applying to any of the health insurance plans offered by NTUC Income.

  1. Enhanced IncomeShield
    • Applicant must be below 75 years of age.
    • To be eligible for the Assist rider, applicants must not be more than 75 years of age. The Assist rider plan must be the same as your Enhanced IncomeShield plan.
    • To be eligible for the Daily Cash rider, applicants must not be more than 65 years of age.
    • The Daily Cash rider plan must be the same as Enhanced IncomeShield plan.
    • To be eligible for the Child Illness rider, your child must not be older than 24 years.
  2. Value Pack
    • Applicant must be a Singaporean or a permanent resident of Singapore.
    • Applicant must meet the underwriting requirements.
    • Applicant must either be:
      • Not covered by a life insurance policy; OR
      • Is residing in 3-room HDB flat below (as indicated by the address on the NRIC); OR
      • Living in a household where the collective monthly income is S$3,500 or below.
  3. Co-Pay Assist Plan

    In order to be eligible for the Co-Pay Assist Plan, you must be a public officer covered under the Comprehensive Co-payment Scheme.

  4. Elder Shield

    All Singapore citizens and permanent residents of Singapore (PRs), upon attaining 40 years of age, are automatically covered under ElderShield with CPF Medisave accounts.

    • In case you have opted out of the ElderShield and wish to re-apply, you must be between 40 to 64 years of age.
  5. IncomeShield Standard Plan
    • There is no maximum entry age limit.
    • You need to be 75 years old and below to apply for Assist or Plus Rider.
    • The plan selected for Plus or Assist Rider must be the same as your IncomeShield Standard Plan.
    • You need to be 65 years and above to apply for Daily Cash Rider.
    • The plan selected for Daily Cash Rider must be the same as your IncomeShield Standard Plan.
    • You need to be 24 years and below to apply for Child Illness Rider.
  6. Prime Shield
    • Applicant must be a Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident.
    • Applicant must be between 40 and 64 years of age.
    • Applicant must be an existing Basic ElderShield policyholder.
  7. IDAPE (Interim Disability Assistance Programme for the Elderly)
    • Applicant must be a Singapore Citizen living in Singapore.
    • The applicant must be born on or before 30th September 1932 or 1st October, 1932 and 30th September 1962 with pre-existing disabilities as of 30th September, 2002.
    • The applicant must require assistance with three or more daily living activities such as eating, dressing, bathing, toileting, transferring, walking or moving around.

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FAQs - NTUC Health Insurance

  1. What is included under the Inpatient Hospital Treatments of the Enhanced IncomeShield Plan?

    This treatment includes expenses incurred for the intensive care unit, surgical procedures and organ transplants.

  2. Which illnesses are covered under the Outpatient treatments of the Co-Pay Assist Plan?

    The outpatient treatment includes the stipulated percentage of treatment costs for chemotherapy, radiotherapy for cancer, kidney dialysis and the use of erythropoietin and cyclosporine.

  3. Will I be notified for my ElderShield Policy renewal?

    Yes, you will be sent a renewal notification for your ElderShield policy two months before the expiry of your existing ElderShield policy.

  4. How long do I need to pay my ElderShield premium?

    You will be required to pay your premiums yearly for a period of up to 65 years.

  5. What is the payment period for the PrimeShield Plan?

    For the PrimeShield plan, the premium payment period is as follows:

    • If age of entry is between 40 – 46 years, you will have to pay premiums till you reach 65 years of age.
    • If the age of entry is between 47 to 64 years, then your premium payment period will be 20 years.
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