NTUC Income Co-Pay Assist Plan

The Co-Pay Assist Plan has been designed specifically for the public officials who are already covered under the Comprehensive Co-payment Scheme (CCS). This plan aims at reducing your out-of-pocket expenses under the CCS by covering a part of your co-payment. CCS covers only up to 85% of your medical bills, while the remaining 15% has to be paid by you.

Features and Benefits

The main features and benefits covered under this policy include:

  • Inpatient treatments: Coverage for co-payment of up to 7.5% of your medical bills and up to 20% of your dependent’s medical bills.
  • Outpatient treatments: Coverage for co-payment of up to 7.5% of your medical bills and up to 20% of your dependent’s medical bills. The coverage will be provided for chemotherapy and radiotherapy in cases of cancer, or for utilising erythropoietin and cyclosporin. You’re also covered in cases involving kidney dialysis.
  • Coverage abroad: Coverage of up to 7.5% of your overseas medical bills.
  • Rewards programme: You will get access to Income Treats rewards programme. The various categories under which this rewards are provided include health and fitness, beauty, lifestyle and leisure, wine and dine, maternity, and more.

Income Co-Pay Assist Plan Coverage

The following table illustrates the coverage you can claim under this policy, depending on the co-payment rates:

Ward details Adjusted co-payment rates
Ward you are entitled to Ward you are admitted to Rate for policyholder Rate for dependant
C B2 4.40% 11.70%
C B2+ 3.10% 8.30%
C B1 1.80% 5.00%
C A 1.30% 3.30%
B2 B2+ 5.30% 13.30%
B2 B1 3.10% 8.30%
B2 A 2.60% 6.70%
B1 A 5.70% 15.00%
According to eligibility of plan or ward downgrade 7.50% 20.00%

How to Apply for Income Co-Pay Assist Plan

There are essentially two ways to apply for this policy, which include:

  • You can call Income’s hotline number at 6332 1123 to apply or enquire about this health insurance group policy.
  • Alternately, you can directly visit the website to send an online enquiry about the policy application. You have to fill the Customer Enquiry Form on the website to apply for this policy.

Check your Eligibility for Income Co-Pay Assist Plan

The eligibility criteria under this policy requires you to be a public officer who’s covered under the Comprehensive Co-payment Scheme.

How to Make a Claim Under Co-Pay Assist Plan?

To file a claim under this policy, you must fill and submit the prescribed form pertaining to the claim. This form must be submitted across to Income as soon as possible.

Besides, you must also submit the original medical bills along with it. NTUC might ask you for any additional information depending on the process for assessing your claim. However, you will have to bear the expense of furnishing such information or documents on your own.


Q. How do I make payment for the first year?

A. You can pay for the first year only through cheque or cash.

Q. Can I make payments through GIRO?

A. Only pensioners covered under the Comprehensive Co-payment Scheme can make premium payments through GIRO.

Q. Is it possible for me to claim for child delivery?

A. Yes, claims pertaining to childbirth or pregnancy can be filed under this policy. However, this benefit is only extended when you have had the policy for over one year.

Q. Will I be covered for dental expenses under this policy?

A. No, this policy doesn’t provide cover for your dental expenses.

Q. Will this policy provide me coverage for industrial accidents?

A. The coverage under this policy isn’t extended for industrial accidents.

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