MSIG Health Insurance Overview

MSIG offers two types of health plans: Prestige Healthcare and Hospital CashPlus. With Prestige Healthcare, you get a plan that is comprehensive and that can be customised to suit your family, lifestyle, and budget requirements. On the other hand, Hospital CashPlus is a plan that has been designed to provide you with daily cash payouts in the event you are hospitalised, in Singapore or outside Singapore.

Features and Benefits

With MSIG Prestige Healthcare, you will get the following benefits:

  • Coverage of up to S$3 million for outpatient and inpatient treatments, cancer treatments, casualty accident services, organ transplants and more.
  • Get your international cover automatically increased to up to S$2 million if you are hospitalised while you are abroad.
  • Coverage of up to S$1 million for foreign emergency medical evacuation and repatriation.
  • Get up to S$2,000 for any kind of alternate treatment by a chiropractor, acupuncturist, registered Chinese physician or physiotherapist.
  • 24/7 emergency hotline to assist you with medical emergencies and evacuation.

With MSIG Hospital CashPlus, you will get the following benefits:

  • Get cash benefits worth up to S$225,000 when you are admitted to a hospital in Singapore or overseas.
  • Save 25% on your renewal premium for every claim-free year.Get a gift from MSIG in addition to S$1,000 recovery cash benefit that will be paid out when you are discharged from the hospital after at least seven days.
  • Get up to S$1,000 for any emergency outpatient treatment expense after an accident.
  • Get coverage of up to S$200,000 for any emergency evacuation and deportation.
  • 24/7 emergency hotline to assist you with medical emergencies and evacuation.

Coverage Offered Under MSIG Health Insurance Plans

Prestige Healthcare

  Amount Insured
Coverage Platinum Deluxe Elite
Overall limit per insured person S$3 million S$1.5 million S$900,000
Hospital and related services Up to S$1 million Up to S$500,000 Up to S$300,000
Post-hospital follow-up treatment Up to 180 days after getting discharged Up to 120 days after getting discharged Up to 120 days after getting discharged
Pre-hospital diagnostic services and specialist consultation Within 180 days of getting admitted to hospital Within 120 days of getting admitted to hospital Within 120 days of getting admitted to hospital
Mobility aids Up to S$500 Up to S$400 Up to S$300
Artificial limbs Up to S$1,500 Up to S$1,000 Up to S$500
Outpatient alternative treatment Up to S$2,000 Up to S$1,000 Up to S$750
Compassionate grant S$8,000 S$5,000 S$3,000
Overseas emergency medical evacuation And repatriation Up to S$1 million Up to S$500,000 Up to S$300,000
Increased international cover From S$1 million up to $2 million From S$500,000 up to S$1 million From S$300,000 up to S$600,000
Additional Benefits
Outpatient services Up to S$25,000 subject to S$100 deductible per claim Not covered Not covered
Miscarriage/abortion due to accident S$5,000 S$4,000 S$3,000
Compassionate Travel Covered Covered Not covered
Emergency Medical Advice and Travel Assistance Provided Provided Provided
Optional Maternity Benefits      
Complicated delivery as defined in the policy Up to S$15,000 Up to S$15,000 Not applicable
Normal delivery Up to S$6,000 Up to S$6,000 Not applicable

Hospital CashPlus

  Amount Insured
Coverage Platinum Plan Gold Plan Silver Plan
Hospitalisation cash payout S$300 per day S$200 per day S$100 per day
Overseas hospitalisation cash payout S$600 per day S$400 per day S$200 per day
Intensive Care Unit cash payout S$600 per day S$400 per day S$200 per day
Death or Permanent and Total Disablement S$50,000 S$30,000 Not covered
Reimbursement for emergency outpatient treatment after an accident Up to S$1,000 Up to S$500 Not covered
Recuperation cash benefit S$1,000 S$500 Not covered
Emergency evacuation overseas, repatriation or burial of mortal remains or cremation Maximum coverage per insured member Not covered
Up to S$200,000 Up to S$100,000
Maximum coverage per insured member, subject to per insured member’s limit
Up to S$300,000 Up to S$150,000


A person becomes eligible for an MSIG health insurance if he/she is at least 15 days old and not older than 64 years. However, you can renew your health insurance policy until you are 79. The premium amount mentioned in the table is only for the youngest and the oldest and the amount goes up as you grow older.

With Prestige Healthcare, the yearly premium per person which includes a GST of 7% is as follows:

Platinum Deluxe Elite
Age Male Female Male Female Male Female
15 days to 17 years S$890 S$910 S$660 S$740 S$570 S$610
60-64 years S$4,650 S$4,440 S$3,080 S$2,720 S$2,990 S$2,520
For renewals only
65 years S$5,640 S$4,770 S$3,770 S$3,180 S$3,440 S$2,890
79 years S$11,180 S$9,640 S$8,800 S$7,550 S$7,980 S$6,880

With Hospital CashPlus, the yearly premium per insured person which is inclusive of 7% GST is as follows:

Age Band Platinum Plan Gold Plan Silver Plan
15 days to 17 years S$463 S$290 S$173
66 years – 70 years S$1,401 S$878 S$526

You will get to enjoy a 10% discount on the yearly premium if you apply for the Hospital CashPlus plan with your child or spouse. All family members must be covered under the same policy. The premium amount will go up as per the age.


Like most health insurance policies, MSIG also doesn’t provide coverage under certain scenarios. These exclusions are as follows:

  • War and terrorism
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Radioactive and nuclear activity
  • Pregnancy or childbirth or miscarriage
  • Routine medical examinations
  • Full-time military service
  • Mental illness


Q. Will the annual premium amount vary with time?

A. Yes, the premium amount is fixed as per the age of the person insured and it goes up as the person enters the higher age bracket. The premium also varies at the time of renewal to factor the higher risk of the person insured and modifications for medical inflation.

Q. Does waiting period apply to any of the benefits?

A. Yes, there are certain benefits to which the waiting period applies. These are:

  • Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment – 2 years
  • Hospitalisation for treatment of any sickness - 30 days
  • Optional Maternity Benefit - applies to pregnancies that start at least 365 days from the beginning of the insurance or the day of restoration of cover, whichever is later.

Q. Can I submit a claim for a non-emergency medical treatment taken outside Singapore?

A. No, elective treatment is not covered.

Q. Will I be obliged to notify MSIG about a change in my occupation?

A. Yes, you will have to notify MSIG about any change in the status of your occupation as the terms and cover may change or may no longer be valid if the new job is more dangerous than earlier when you signed up for the insurance coverage.

Q. Will I get cover for a pre-existing medical condition that is not grave?

A. MSIG does not provide any coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.

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