What is Not Covered in Health Insurance – Exclusions

You sign up for a health insurance plan thinking it will help you survive the uncertain health issues life might throw at you. But, you need to know what exactly these health insurance plans do not cover, so as to be prepared for them. Though exclusions vary from policy to policy, here are some of the common exclusions from a health insurance plan:

Pre-Existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions mean suffering from an illness before you buy a health insurance policy. Most health insurance companies offer health insurance to individuals while they are fit and fine. There are, however, some health insurance companies that offer health insurance to individuals with a health condition, but demand a higher premium from them. For example, AXA’s health insurance policies offer coverage for pre-existing conditions under selected plans. Yet, it is advisable to buy health insurance while you are young and healthy.

Injury Through Fights

If you are injured while harming others, like participating in a riot or scuffle, or even self-mutilation, you must pay for it yourself. Health insurance companies do not cover these kinds of injuries.

Dental Treatment

Your dental treatment has to be borne by yourself as health insurance companies usually only cover dental treatments in case of accidental injury.

Cosmetic Surgery

Surgeries to enhance your aesthetics will not be covered by your health insurance company. However, if the need for a cosmetic surgery arises from injury in an accident or a medical condition, some health insurance companies cover such expenses.

Infertility Treatment

Treatment for infertility could eat up into your expenses as they are very expensive, especially in Singapore. Infertility and assisted conception are under government subsidies, but the amount would vary depending on whether you are a Singaporean, PR or a foreigner.

Purchase of Assistance Appliances

If you need certain special appliances to function normally; for example, a dialysis machine, your health insurance company will not be paying the bill.

Maternity Charges

All expenses related to maternity like ultrasound, delivery, abortion and caesarean are excluded from the health insurance policy. You may, however, take it as an add-on on your health insurance policy. Usually there is a waiting period in case of maternity insurance.

Medical Coverage Abroad

Health insurance companies do not cater to medical expenses incurred abroad, if you have signed up for a health insurance policy in Singapore. In case you travel abroad for work or study, you could sign up for a health insurance policy that provides worldwide coverage. Some health insurance companies may give you an amount that the particular medical procedure might have cost you in Singapore.

In case you have a travel insurance, it will cover the costs incurred in case of an accident or medical emergency encountered during travel.

Non-Medical Charges at a Hospital

All the add-on services that you would receive on request or otherwise from the hospital while being admitted there, will not be covered by the health insurance company. These include use of TV, telephone, food for guests and extra pillows, among others. Ambulance fee is also excluded.

Charges Incurred at a Nursing Home

If you have been taken care of at a private nursing home, your bill will not be taken care of by the health insurance company.

Rehabilitation Charges

In case you were in rehab for drug-addiction or alcoholism, unfortunately, your health insurance company will not cover the amount of the bill incurred.

Alternative Treatments

Health insurance companies usually do not provide cover for complementary or alternative treatments like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). However, some health insurance providers might offer it as an add-on in their selected plans.

Occupational Hazard

Some health insurance providers may restrict your coverage if your workplace exposes you to certain hazards which could lead you to illness in the future.

Sex Change Operation

If an individual wishes to go under the knife to change their gender, this is not covered in any health insurance policy in Singapore.

Though there are several exclusions in the health insurance policies available in Singapore, it is better to read the offer document carefully before signing up for one.

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