Maybank Critical Illness Medical Insurance

You might find yourself buried under a pile of expenses, when you or anyone in the family is diagnosed with any critical illness. Treatment, hospitalisation, and medical costs can be insurmountable. It’s usually advisable to have an insurance policy that covers you in such cases.

Maybank provides a policy to its customers for Critical Illness which is tailored to help you manage expenses on treatment for a critical illness. The insurance plan is called EverCritical Care, and Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited underwrites it. It covers 30 critical illnesses. Besides, the insurance plan not only covers expense related to medical treatments, but also provides you a Recuperation Benefit, in case you’re admitted in a hospital. Furthermore, in case you’re diagnosed with kidney failure, heart attack, or cancer, the policy will provide double the coverage amount. Maybank’s EverCritical Care is a comprehensive protection insurance policy for dealing with critical illnesses.

EverCritical Care:

Being diagnosed with a Critical Illness is not only physically, mentally and emotionally strenuous but can also lead to a huge financial setback for you and your family. EverCritical Care by Maybank can help reduce your financial burden by providing cover for 30 critical illnesses should you be diagnosed. Additionally, if you are diagnosed with kidney failure, heart attack or cancer, your cover will be doubled. Furthermore, EverCritical Care assures rounded protection of your health as the cover includes your medical treatment costs and a lump sum Recuperation Benefit if you are hospitalized.

Features and Benefits of EverCritical Care:

  • Lump sum payout of up to SGD 100,000 if you are diagnosed with kidney failure, heart attack or cancer.
  • Medical Reimbursement claims of up to SGD 8,000.
  • Lump sum Recuperation Benefit of up to SGD 3,000 when hospitalized.
  • When diagnosed with a Critical Illness, get premium waiver of up to 1 year.
  • You will receive payments over and above other existing insurance policies (not inclusive of Medical Reimbursement).

Types of Plans offered under EverCritical Care:

Diagnosis of any of the 30 covered Critical Illness SGD 20,000 SGD 35,000 SGD 50,000
Double Coverage in case of being diagnosed with Cancer, Kidney Failure or Heart Attack SGD 40,000 SGD 70,000 SGD 100,000
Medical Reimbursement for kidney dialysis as a result of kidney failure & chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy as result of cancer SGD 100 per session SGD 150 per session SGD 200 per session
Limit for Medical Reimbursement Benefit SGD 3,000 SGD 5,000 SGD 8,000
Recuperation Benefit  when hospitalized for a minimum of 7 continuous days due to any of the 30 covered Critical Illness (applicable once per policy lifetime) SGD 1,000 SGD 2,000 SGD 3,000
Premium Waiver Up to 1 year:
  • from date of diagnosis OR
  • until all the benefits under this policy has been paid out
whichever is earlier

Eligibility Criteria for EverCritical Care:

You must meet the following eligibility criteria to apply for Maybank’s EverCritical Care:

  • The main insured must be between the ages of 18 and 59 years. The insurance can be renewed up to the age of 64 years.
  • Singapore Citizens (SCs), Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs) and Foreigners are eligible to apply for this insurance. Foreigners must have a valid work permit, S pass or employment pass to be eligible to apply.

Applying for for EverCritical Care:

  • You can apply for Maybank’s EverCritical Care insurance plan by calling Chubb at their phone number. The number is available on the EverCritical Care web page of the official Maybank Singapore website.
  • Make sure to call Chubb during their business hours which is between 9:30 AM and 6:00 PM from Monday to Friday.
  • The EverCritical Care insurance plan has been underwritten by Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited.
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