Maternity Health Insurance Singapore

Maternity Health Insurance is an insurance cover provided by the insurer to cover various healthcare costs involved in various stages of pregnancy. Most plans also go further to cover both the mom and the child under the same policy.

What exactly does Maternity Health Insurance Cover?

Here is a brief to what a maternity health plan in Singapore will cover:

  • The plan will cover pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation. Health insurance cover in most cases will begin a few weeks after the pregnancy is detected, until the time the baby is born.
  • Many plans also cover the mother several days after pregnancy, and the child for up to 5-6 years post its birth. This will predominantly depend on the type of plan that is being offered and purchased.
  • Most plans also cover costs involved in setting right complications accompanying pregnancy. Neo-natal care, C-section and other aspects are covered by a maternity health insurance plan.
  • The process to file a claim is easy and stress-free.
  • These plans also cover costs of treatments and diagnostic tests performed on newborns in the light of medical complications.
  • Almost all forms of illness and surgical procedures are covered by these plans since the commencement of pregnancy.

Top insurance providers offering maternity health insurance plans in Singapore:

The OCBC MaxMaternity Care

OCBC is one of Singapore’s largest banks and offers a comprehensive maternity insurance cover. Here are some salient features of the plan:

  • Pregnant women will receive an insurance cover for 8 different types of pregnancy complications.
  • Children suffering from congenital conditions will also be covered. The OCBC MaxMaternity Care Plan covers 18 congenital conditions.
  • The entry age of the mother has to be between 17 years and 44 years.
  • The cover is only applicable for pregnant mothers in the period between the 13th and 40th week of pregnancy.

AXA Mum’s Advantage

AXA is another popular insurance provider offering maternity insurance to pregnant mothers. Let’s observe some notable features:

  • The plan provides coverage for more than one foetus. That is, if twins or triplets are being delivered, an insurance cover will be provided to all two/three babies.
  • The pregnant mother is covered against pregnancy complications, hospitalisation expenses and any complex surgeries that need to be performed.
  • The policy cover begins after the 16th week of pregnancy and can be purchased anytime before the 36th week of pregnancy.
  • The entry age of the mother has to be between 18 and 45 years.
  • AXA allows the mother to transfer the policy to the child.

Pacific Prime Singapore

Pacific Prime is again a notable insurance provider that offers excellent cover for pregnant mothers and babies. Let’s take a quick look:

  • The plan covers almost every aspect of pregnancy – diagnostic tests, consultations, complications, and surgical procedures.
  • Once the child is born, the policy will go on to cover both the mom and her child for a certain period of time.
  • Costs incurred during the time of delivery, as well as prenatal care, are covered under the policy.

Singapore has comprehensive maternity health insurance plans to help families cope with uninvited situations during pregnancy.

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