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About HSBC In Singapore

HSBC(Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation) is a London based trans national banking and financial services company. Shares of HSBC are listed on various stock exchanges in London, New York, Paris, Hong Kong and Bermuda held by over 216,000 shareholders . With presence in over 73 countries around the globe, the group serves over 51 million customers in various geographies.

Singapore was one of the first few markets for HSBC when it opened its first banking branch in 1877. It provides Retail Banking, Wealth Management, Insurance Services, Investment & Private Banking, Capital Market Services in the island nation. HSBC maintains a strong network of branches which includes Premier centers and Self service terminals.

About HSBC Accident Insurance

In this fast paced life, we are constantly on the move exposing our self and our loved ones to various health related risks such as an illness or injury. Growing economies, cross border transactions have improved our lifestyles and simultaneously, opened up a whole new world of risks such as accidents. In today’s life full of uncertainties, the need for safeguarding interests of our loved ones is paramount. Secure the financial obligations by signing up for an Accident Insurance which protects your family in case of death or disability due to accidents.

HSBC’s AccidentSurance Plus provides cover for injury, total permanent disability and death arising out of an accident. This plan provides financial support to you and family in the event of uncertainties.

Features & Benefits of HSBC Accident Insurance

Coverage for Death due to Accident

Upon death of the insured, this policy pays up to 100% of the sum assured, up to S$450,000. With such high ceiling, financial interests of the family are taken care of for the next few years.

Coverage for Injury due to Accident

Up to 100% of the sum assured is disbursed if the insured receives bodily injuries and results in total permanent disability. This also includes loss of limbs, sight, hearing and speech.

Annual Increment in Sum Assured

At no additional cost, an annual increment of 10% on sum assured is guaranteed under this policy up to a maximum of 50% at the end of 5th policy year. This implies increased coverage year on year with no additional investment.

No Claim Bonus

An assured refund of 30% of the premium amount provided if no claim is made for three consecutive years. This benefit helps you to save money on annual premium.

Coverage for the Entire Family

Under the umbrella of the same policy, you can cover your spouse by adding a nominal amount to the annual premium. Children can also be covered under this policy for sum insured of S$20,000 per child. Covering your family also extends the benefit of Children's Education Fund which provides S$20,000 per child towards future education if one or both parents die in an accident.

Optional Benefits

The policy also comes with optional benefits for the insured (Self) and spouse covered under the plan. The optional benefits include Broken Bones Coverage and Traditional Chinese Medicine coverage at nominal charges billed to the existing premium.

Wide Range of Plan Options

AccidentSurance Plus from HSBC comes in three different plans. Sum Assured has been detailed in the table below.

Coverage For Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
Self or Spouse S$100,000 S$200,000 S$300,000
Self and Spouse S$100,000 Each S$200,000 Each S$300,000 Each
Family S$100,000 Each S$200,000 Each S$300,000 Each

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Frequently Asked Questions - HSBC Accident Insurance

  1. I have decided to sign up for AccidentSurance Plus from HSBC. What is the eligibility criteria for age?
  2. Adults between the age of 18 to 65 years and Children from 6 months to 18 years, hike in limit at 23 years if the child is a full time student. Renewal can be done up to the age of 70 years.

  3. I was looking at the premium rate card on the HSBC’s website. Is the premium amount inclusive of taxes?
  4. The premium rate card provided on the web page is inclusive of 7% GST.

  5. Can you explain the charges for optional benefits that can be availed under this scheme?
  6. Broken Bones Coverage for Self or Spouse is billed at S$24.00 pa and S$48.00 pa for Self and Spouse.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine coverage for Self or Spouse is S$38.52 pa and S$77.04 pa for Self and Spouse.

  7. What is the benefit amount (sum assured) paid to children in case of death of both parents?
  8. S$20,000 per child will be paid out in case of accidental death of parent(s) towards future education of the child.

  9. Which plan provides the maximum sum insured for adults?
  10. Plan 3 offers a sum insured of S$300,000, the highest among all the plans. This is excluding the indexation benefit of 10% increment in sum insured every year.

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