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“To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” – Buddha

The Buddha had rightly and eloquently explained to us why we need to look after our health. However, we lead very hectic lives these days and it may not always be possible for us to look after our health. As a result, we suffer from a variety of illnesses and health conditions at times and have to seek proper medical treatments. Given that the cost of medical and healthcare services has risen exponentially in the last few years, it is important to opt for the right health insurance plan that can protect us against the rising cost of healthcare services. Great Eastern Health Insurance policies are the answer to those who are looking for an affordable and comprehensive health insurance policy.

Great Eastern is a very trusted insurance company that offers a wide range of insurance policies. Great Eastern offers people with the flexibility to choose a health insurance policy that is best suited to meet their specific healthcare needs.

Great Eastern Health Insurance Policies

Great Easter offers the following health insurance policies to people in Singapore:

  • Critical Care Advantage –

This health insurance policy offers the policyholders with coverage during all the stages of an illness. It offers high payout and also covers a wide range of medical conditions, making it a very attractive health insurance plan.

Features and benefits of Critical Care Advantage

  • It provides coverage for 92 different medical conditions.
  • The policyholders do not have to pay any premiums after making a claim.
  • It offers high payouts of maximum S$100,000 during the initial stages of an illness and maximum S$200,000 during the intermediate stages of an illness.
  • The policyholders can choose their own coverage starting from S$50,000 - $1 million along with the duration of the policy.
  • ElderShield Comprehensive & ElderShield Value Plus –

The citizens and permanent residents (PR) of Singapore are automatically covered by the ElderShield plan when they celebrate their 40th birthday. This policy offers payouts of maximum S$400 up to a period of 72 months. Singaporeans can supplement their ElderShield Plan by opting for ElderShield Comprehensive and ElderShield Value Plus, the two supplementary plans offered by Great Eastern.

Features and Benefits of ElderShield Comprehensive and ElderShield Value Plus

  • The policyholders can receive two payouts when they make their first claim.
  • It offers the policyholders with an opportunity to extend their ElderShield coverage by 10 years or for life by paying premium payments till the age of 80.It offers the policyholders with the option of making premium payments through MediaSave.
  • The policyholders can enhance their coverage by opting for add-ons that cover personal accidents, retirement, hospitalisation etc.
  • LifeSecure –

This is the ideal health insurance policy for those who are looking for protection against disability. Policyholders can protect their savings and take care of their expenses with the help of the monthly payouts offered to them.

Features and Benefits of LifeSecure

  • Policyholders are offered with monthly payouts for life, in case they are permanently and completely disabled.
  • In case the policyholders remain disabled for a period longer than the deferment period of the plan, they can opt for a lump sum payment up to 6 times the amount paid as a monthly payout.
  • By paying an amount as little as 42 cents per day, policyholders can avail monthly payouts of S$1,000.
  • Policyholders do not have to pay any monthly premium when they receive the monthly payouts because of being disabled.
  • Pay Assure –

This Great Eastern health insurance policy has been designed to help working individuals take care of their expenses and that of their family, in case they are unable to work and earn an income due to injury or illness.

Features and Benefits of Pay Assure

  • The insured can avail a monthly income till the retirement age of their choice, in case they are unable to work as a result of injury or illness.
  • Even if the policyholders are compelled to accept a job with lesser pay, they will be provided a partial payment every month as a monthly income.
  • Policyholders do not have to pay any premiums when they receive monthly payouts.
  • The policyholders get to choose their own pre-benefit period from 60 days, 90 days or 120 days.
  • Supreme MediCash –

This is the ideal health insurance policy for those who would like to continue earning an income even when they are hospitalised and are unable to work. It offers the policyholders with guaranteed cash benefits on a daily basis when they are hospitalised.

Features and Benefits of MediCash

  • It offers up to S$400 every day for the number of days the insured is hospitalised.
  • It offers an additional amount of up to S$600 every day for the number of days the policyholder spends in the ICU.
  • The insured can renew the plan till the age of 85, even if they have already made claims.
  • The policyholder can avail cash benefits under this policy, even when they are traveling abroad.
  • SupremeHealth –

If you are looking for protection against mounting hospital bills, this is the health insurance policy you should opt for. This policy offers financial support to help people take care of their hospital bills so that they can concentrate on recovering rather than worrying about paying bills.

Features and Benefits of SupremeHealth

  • It offers high reimbursement up to S$600,000 throughout the life of the policyholder for paying hospitalisation expenses.
  • It offers comprehensive insurance coverage and also covers pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation expenses for psychiatric treatments.
  • It offers reimbursement of up to S$500 each day for the number of days that a policyholder stays in community hospitals.
  • It offers enhanced protection for women and also covers pregnancy complications, childbirth complications, congenital abnormalities and breast reconstruction surgery (when diagnosed with breast cancer).
  • TotalShield –

It is an add-on cover that is offered with the SupremeHealth policy and it offers hospitalisation coverage to the policyholders. This add-on can help policyholders in paying their hospital bills without any difficulty.

Features and Benefits of TotalShield

  • It offers coinsurance and deductible portions of hospitalisations bills, thus offering enhanced financial protection.
  • It offers cash incentive to those who stay in a lower class ward (in a hospital) than the one they are entitled to as per their policy.
  • It offers up to S$300 per day for hospice stay (in-patient) for a maximum period of 90 days.
  • It offers the policyholders with the opportunity to get worldwide coverage by opting for the TotalShield Plus Rider plan.

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FAQs - Great Eastern Health Insurance

  1. I want a health insurance policy that covers hospitalisation costs. Which Great Eastern Health Insurance policy should I opt for?

    Hospitalisation costs are covered by TotalShield, Supreme MediCash and SupremeHealth policies from Great Eastern. You can opt for any of these policies.

  2. Does the Critical Care policy provide protection against income loss?

    No, it does not provide protection against income loss.

  3. What activities are considered as Activities of Daily Living or ADLs?

    The following 6 activities are considered as ADLs: feeding, washing, transferring, toileting, dressing and mobility.

  4. I want to pay the premiums for my ElderShield Comprehensive Policy through MediaSave. What is the maximum annual withdrawal limit for MediaSave?

    The maximum annual withdrawal limit for MediaSave is S$600 per annum per person (to pay insurance premiums).

  5. When does the coverage for expecting mothers start for the Flexi Maternity Cover policy from Great Eastern?

    The coverage starts from the 13th week of pregnancy and lasts till 1 month (30 days) after the birth of the child.

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