Etiqa MozGuard Insurance

With Etiqa MozGuard Insurance, you will be protected against mosquito-borne diseases such as Zika, Dengue, Malaria, Yellow Fever and Chikungunya. To get the required coverage, you will have to be diagnosed by a certified doctor as per the current clinical guiding principles put out by the Ministry of Health (MOH). The waiting period for this insurance policy is 14 days which means if you are diagnosed with any of the covered diseases within 14 days of purchasing the insurance policy, you will not be paid any benefit.

There are two types of plan available with Etiqa MozGuard Insurance:

Plan Type Sum Insured
Plan A S$3,000
Plan B S$1,500

Features of Etiqa MozGuard Insurance

  • Wide coverage for mosquito-borne diseases.
  • A free-look period of 14 days.
  • Protection for people of all ages from 1 to 99 years.
  • 100% payout for out of pocket outlays.
  • Affordable premium starting from S$2.58 a month or S$31 a year.
  • You will be covered throughout the year even after you make your first claim.
  • A simple five-step process of application.

Excclusions of Etiqa MozGuard Insurance

Since Etiqa MozGuard Insurance provides coverage against specific diseases, there are multiple features that are not included in this policy. Here are some features that are not part of Etiqa MozGuard insurance policy:

  • Any covered disease that has been proclaimed as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation, Government of the Republic of Singapore and by the health authority in Singapore.
  • Any covered disease that an insured person has been diagnosed within the period of separation.
  • Any covered disease that the insured person has been diagnosed within the waiting period.
  • Any covered disease which has not been diagnosed by a certified doctor.
  • Any illness or injury that is not covered.
  • Physical defects or medical conditions that existed previously.
  • Losses and claims filed when the insured person is outside Singapore.

Termination of Etiqa MozGuard insurance

The Insurance policy will no longer be valid under the following circumstances:

  • The policy expires at the end of the insurance term.
  • Death of the person insured.
  • The insured person requesting to terminate the policy.
  • 30 days after Etiqa sends a notice of termination.

Filing for a claim

You can file a claim by notifying Etiqa and filling up a Personal Accident Claims form. You will also need to submit supporting documents and relevant evidence to substantiate your claim.

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