DBS MyHealthPlus Insurance Plan

A basic plan in Singapore may not be enough to take care of all your expenses. MyHealthPlus insurance plan provides enhanced coverage to the basic Aviva MediShield Life plan when you combine it with MyShield.

This plan is available in two options- A and C. The following are the benefits available with each:

Option A Benefits and Features

  • For the MyShield Plan to be effective, you’ll first have to pay the co-insurance amount. If you have paid the annual deductibles for the year, only then will the insurer pay you the claim amount. Co-insurance is a concept where you co-pay a part of the total claims. For the MyShield plan underwritten by Aviva and distributed by DBS Singapore, the co-insurance limit has been set at 10% p.a., subject to a maximum of S$25,000 per year. With MyHealthPlus Insurance Option A, you’ll get a full waiver on the co-insurance amount.
  • Up to S$10,000 is available in critical healthcare benefit per lifetime.
  • Free coverage is available for children under this plan.
  • If the life assured gets hospitalised, an extended post-hospital treatment cover will be offered for the next 180 days from discharge.
  • Coverage on post-hospital TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatment, provided the life assured wasn’t admitted to a community hospital. For inpatient treatment in a regular hospital, cover for post-hospital TCM treatment will be paid except for TCM medications.
  • A coverage of S$80 for every injury or illness is available for one-way transportation (ambulance or taxi) to the hospital in Singapore where the life insured has been admitted. However, to make the claim, you must remember that the life insured needs to be admitted to the inpatient ward within 24 hours of arrival to the hospital for treatment for any illness or injury covered by any of the MyShield plans.
  • A cash benefit of up to S$300 per day for hospital stay, only if the insured has been admitted to a standard ward of a restructured hospital which is lower than that allowed by the chosen plan. Day surgeries and admissions to community/private hospitals are outside the coverage of this plan.

Option C Benefits and Features

If you choose Option C of the MyHealthPlus plan, you get all the benefits available under option A in addition to the following benefits:

  • You get a deductible coverage which means that you’re covered from the first dollar spent, with no out-of-pocket expenses. The standard deductibles for different plans under the MyShield policy range from S$1,500 per year to S$5,250 per year. With Option C, you’ll receive a coverage against the payment of deductibles.
  • The benefit of preferred rates is available for dependent children.

How to Apply

You can visit a DBS branch in Singapore to put forth your application. To learn more about the participating branches, you can visit the bank website. Alternatively, you can fill out the contact form on the bank website and request a visit. A wealth planning manager from the bank will contact you as per your convenience.

For more information on DBS Health Insurance policies, click here.

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