DBS Health Insurance

DBS Bank is one of the top banks across the globe and offers customisable financial products and services that cater to the need of the consumers. With the health insurance plans provided by this bank, you can enjoy the peace of mind that you deserve.

DBS Health Insurance plans:

  • MyCare
  • MyShield


In case of severe disability, MyCare allows you to enjoy payout for an unlimited period. MyCare will also offer high monthly payouts than other insurance schemes which can be utilised for meeting the add-on medical expenses during disability.

Features and Benefits:

  • The plan pays a big amount that is equivalent to 3 times the first payout. This amount helps you to meet the initial expenditures at the start of disability
  • Every month, care benefit worth SGD 2,000 can be availed up to a period of 36 months. However, to avail this benefit, you must have a child whose age is 21 years or below
  • This insurance scheme pays death benefits in case the death occurs while you have severe disability. The payout will be equivalent to 3 times of the last payout you received
  • The renewal is guaranteed and you can continue to enjoy the coverage as per your needs
  • All the members of your family who are covered by ElderShield can avail this plan

ElderShield Coverage enhanced by MyCare:

  MyCare ElderShield 400
Benefit Payout Requirements Inability to carry out three out of six activities of daily living (ADL) Inability to carry out three out of six activities of daily living (ADL)
Duration of Benefit Payout Payout for a lifetime of 144 months (12 years) Payout for 72 months (6 years)
Benefit for Severe Disability (monthly) SGD 600 to SGD 5,000 including the basic benefit of ElderShield SGD 400
Lump Sum Benefit 3 times more than the first month benefit Not Applicable
Benefit for Rehabilitation 50 percent of the monthly benefit till the end of the duration of benefit payout Not Applicable
Benefit for Dependent Care Additional SGD 200 every month up to a period of 36 months if you have kid who is 21 years of age or below Not Applicable
Death Benefit 3 times more than the last drawn payout Not Applicable
Waiting Period The waiting period is 90 days. However, it is waived off in case of auto coverage and accidental causes Not Applicable
Period of Deferment 90 days 90 days
Term for Premium Payment Till you time you reach the age of 66 years on your upcoming birthday Till you time you reach the age of 66 years on your upcoming birthday, or Life time, or 20 years from age at entry, whichever comes later

List of ADL based on which severe disability is determined:

  • Dressing – The capability of wearing clothes or taking them off, unfasten garments, putting on braces surgical appliances, artificial limbs, etc.
  • Washing – The capability of taking a shower in the bathroom that includes getting inside and out of the shower
  • Toileting – The capability of managing bladder or bowel functions and using the lavatory. It also includes the ability to use surgical appliances and protective under garments, if necessary
  • Feeding – To capability of feeding oneself after the food has been prepared and served
  • Transferring – The capability of moving from the wheelchair to the bed and vice versa
  • Mobility – The capability of moving from one level to another in the same house or from one room to another


MediShield Life is a basic health insurance scheme that offers ample coverage for availing Class C or B2 wards in different public hospitals. However, there can be scenarios where the patients are required to pay cash or utilise the Medisave account fund for medical treatments or hospital stays. With MyShield, you can enhance the perks of MediShield Life. This will provide you with higher and wider coverage for all the incurred medical expenses.

Features and Benefits:

  • You will never be restricted by the claim limits of MediShield Life and all the eligible expenses will be reimbursed
  • The plan covers your hospital stay in Class A (with 1 bed), Private wards and B1 wards (with 4 beds) in both private and public hospitals
  • The plan offers coverage for pre hospitalisation treatments as well as post hospitalisation medical expenses
  • The emergency treatment for overseas in-patients are covered under this scheme
  • Under this plan, you can choose your preferred doctor for the treatment
  • You can avail medical coverage free of cost for four children
  • Based on the moratorium underwriting, you can also avail the opportunity to cover your past medical concerns
  • With the Letter of Guarantee, the admission deposit worth SGD 10,000 is covered under this plan. There are 18 different hospitals where you can avail this benefits, including private hospitals
  • You can stay for up to 45 days in Community Hospitals
  • Inpatient complications regarding pregnancies are taken care of under this plan
  • Major expenses for treatments like kidney dialysis and chemotherapy are covered under this scheme

How to apply?

To apply for DBS Health Insurance plans you can call on the hotline number of the bank and visit a nearby branch.

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