Aviva MINDEF/SAF Group Insurance Overview

This group insurance scheme is an initiative by the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), aimed at providing comprehensive insurance coverage to MINDEF and MHA servicemen. The scheme covers full-time national servicemen, regular servicemen, operationally ready national servicemen, and volunteers like SAF volunteer corps. It has two components: the core component, which is paid for by MHA and MINDEF, and the voluntary component, which is paid for by the insured.

Components of Aviva MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance

Core component:

The core component includes the basic coverage that is sponsored by MINDEF and MHA. Under this component, all eligible servicemen get a coverage of S$150,000 for Group Term Life and S$150,000 for Group Personal Accident. The coverage applies when you are providing your services to the nation full time. It also applies when you are under in-camp training for operationally ready national servicemen.

Voluntary component:

If you want insurance for your children/spouse, or if you wish to stay covered after completing your service as well, you can purchase additional coverage under the voluntary component. The voluntary scheme includes Group Term Life, Group Personal Accident, and optional riders.

Your family will receive lump sum amount in case of your accident, death or injury. The voluntary scheme will protect you till the age of 70 years (next birthday), even after your employment with MINDEF or MHA.

Group Term Life Insurance

Feature and Benefits

  • Coverage up to S$1 million in case of death or total & permanent disability.
  • Your premium rate will remain fixed till the age of 65 years.
  • In case of hospitalisation, you will get S$30 per day, starting from the 10th day and until the 30th day.
  • Get advance payment of your entire sum assured amount, subject to a maximum of S$400,000, if you are diagnosed with a disease that could lead to death within a year.
  • Stay protected 24/7, anywhere in the world.
  • In case of your death, your spouse will still be covered under this policy.


You can choose any amount of coverage starting from S$10,000 and up to S$1 million (only in multiples of S$10,000). The below table explains the items covered and its sum insured:

Coverage type Insurance benefit
Death 100% of the sum assured
Total & permanent disability 100% of the sum assured
Advance payment benefit 100% of the sum assured, subject to a maximum of S$400,000
Daily hospital cash benefit S$30 for one day (from day 11 to day 30 of hospitalisation)

Group Personal Accident Insurance

Features and Benefits

  • Coverage of up to S$600,000 in case of death or injury due to an accident.
  • You will get 150% of your coverage amount in case the accident leads to total & permanent disability.
  • Coverage for simple or other fractures due to an accident.
  • Your premium rate will remain fixed till your age of 65 years.
  • The ambulance cost will also be reimbursed under this policy.
  • You will get the coverage for 24-hours and anywhere across the world.
  • In case of your death, your spouse will still be covered under this policy.


You can choose any amount of coverage starting from S$10,000 and up to S$600,000 (only in multiples of S$10,000). Refer the below table for some of the items covered under this policy and its sum insured:

Items Sum covered
Death as a result of an accident 100% of the sum assured
Total & permanent disability as a result of an accident 150% of the sum assured
Hospital Recuperation for accident cases S$250
Mobility aid after total and permanent disability due to an accident Up to S$10,000
Expenditure related to Home rehabilitation renovation Up to S$10,000


The eligibility criteria for both Group Term Life Insurance and Group Personal Accident Insurance is given below:

Eligible members

  • Full-time National Servicemen
  • Regular Servicemen in:
    • Singapore Civil Defence Force
    • Singapore Police Force
    • Singapore Prison Services
    • Immigration and Checkpoints Authority
    • Central Narcotics Bureau
  • Operationally Ready National Servicemen
  • Public officers working at MINDEF/MHA
  • Volunteers such as SAF, NS Volunteers, etc.

Eligible dependants

  • Spouse
  • Biological children or legally adopted children

Age limit

  • The maximum entry age is 65 years.
  • For children, the coverage will end at 25 years or after marriage (whichever is earlier).

Aviva MINDEF/SAF Group Insurance Hotline

If you have any queries about these policies, you must contact Aviva’s customer service hotline at +65 6827 8000 between 8:45 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday (public holidays are excluded).


Q. What are the payment modes for MINDEF/SAF Group Insurance?

A. The payment modes are:

  • Cash
  • AXS Machines
  • Cheque payable to ‘Aviva Ltd’
  • iBanking

Q. What are the riders available with this policy?

A. The riders are:

  • Group Living Care – it covers 30 critical illnesses.
  • Group Living Care Plus – it covers selected early stage critical illnesses.
  • Group Disability Income – it offers a regular income in case of disability.
  • Group Outpatient Medicare – it covers medical expenses for non-hospitalisation.

Q. Can I opt for a greater sum assured for Group Personal Accident policy than Group Term Life policy?

A. Yes, you can. Both the insurance policies are not dependent on each other.

Q. Can I get a greater sum assured for riders than the main plans?

A. No, the sum assured for riders can’t exceed the sum assured for your main plan.

Q. Does the policy cover me during war or terrorism attacks?

A. Yes, you will continue to be covered in case of terrorism or war.

Q. What is the maximum entry age for my spouse?

A. It is 65 years (next birthday).

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