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Good health is one of the key determinants of a sound lifestyle. Increased stress and growing pressure at work and personal life may take a toll on your health resulting in abnormalities in general health conditions. As we grow older, diseases and ailments pose a risk financially as well as mentally. In order to secure the risks involved, it's paramount to sign up for a health insurance for self and family to hedge mounting expenses of healthcare.

AIA Health Insurance

About AIA Singapore Private Limited

Based in Hong Kong, AIA is a multinational insurance major with extensive presence in Asia Pacific. It has offices in China, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Together, it operates in 18 markets across this region.

With roots in Shanghai, AIA insurance group is a leader in the insurance sector in Asia and holds assets worth US$167 billion.(as of 30.11.2014). A range of insurance products which includes life, health, and accident coupled with savings and wealth management plans are offered by AIA in Singapore.

About AIA Health Insurance

In the health insurance segment, AIA offers a massive range of products and riders to match the growing needs of the discerning customer. The health insurance product portfolio consists of four categories on basis of prerequisites as below.

  • Medical Expense
  • Hospital Income
  • Critical Illness
  • Personal Accident

Features and Benefits of AIA Health Insurance Plans

AIA Medical Expense

  1. AIA Platinum Health

    This health insurance plan takes care of your hospitalisation and medical expenses. The cover is valid worldwide, giving you peace of mind and a cover that pays during times of emergency.

    • Endless coverage if your place of residence or work is in the zone pre selected at the time of policy issuance. Up to 90 days of coverage for claims in countries outside the selected zone.
    • For treatment and stay in ParkwayHealth hospitals in Singapore, the insured receives a daily hospital cash benefit of S$200 for up to 30 days. Additional cash benefit of S$200 for treatment of Dengue fever for up to 30 days is provided for treatment in Parkway Health hospitals.
    • Free health screening for the insured and renewals discounts under AIA Wellness Programme.
    • Affordable premiums on basis of age group and area of coverage (Zone 1 and 2)
  2. AIA HealthShield Gold Max & Essential (For Foreigners)

    An exclusive health insurance scheme for foreigners in Singapore which shields the insured from expensive medical bills and hospitalisation expenses. This scheme covers hospitalisation costs in government and private hospitals across Singapore.

    • Inpatient stay in community hospitals is covered under this plan.
    • Treatment for psychiatric treatment post hospitalisation. Claims for treatment of 30 critical illnesses post hospitalisation is extended.
    • Full premium for one full year is waived upon total and permanent disability.
    • Organ transplant benefits for both insured and noninsured donor is provided under this plan.
  3. AIA HealthShield Gold Plans for Public Service Officers & Employees of AIA Nominated Companies 

    A tailor made plan for public service officers and employees of AIA nominated companies, this health insurance plan extends discounted on premium of up to 4.3% and comes with several benefits.

    • Inpatient stay in community hospitals is covered under this plan.
    • Organ transplant benefits for both insured and noninsured donor is provided under this product.
    • Pays for post hospitalisation psychiatric treatment and Congenital abnormalities without waiting period.
    • 30 critical listed illnesses are eligible for additional claims and extended post-hospitalisation treatment.
    • Full premium for an year is waived upon total and permanent disability.
  4. AIA HealthShield Gold Max

    This Medisave approved health insurance plan comes in 3 variants that provide affordable medical coverage. The plan types are HealthShield Gold Max A, B and C. While plan A & B offer coverage on “as charged” basis, plan C covers treatment in lower ward class of a public hospital.

    • Coverage for inpatient stay in community hospital for treatment.
    • Organ transplant benefits for the insured recipient and non insured donor.
    • No waiting period for Congenital Abnormalities and cover for biological child of the insured (female) is included.
    • 30 critical listed illnesses are eligible for additional claims and extended post-hospitalisation treatment.
    • Premium for a year is waived upon total and permanent disability.

AIA Hospital & Surgical Rider

As an incentive to your existing health insurance plan, this rider extends benefits by way of covering expenses such as surgery, tests, drugs, X ray and outpatient treatment.

Major Medical Rider

This rider covers additional costs involved in hospitalisation and treatment which are not included in the standard policy/AIA Hospital & Surgical Rider option.

AIA Hospital Income

  1. AIA Health Cash Plus

    A standard medical insurance plan designed to cover hospital bills and ancillary costs. It not only covers the hospitalisation costs, but also provides cash to manage basic expenses in the backdrop of loss of income due to hospitalisation.

    • Get a daily hospital income in the form of cash payment of S$300 for hospitalisation due to sickness, S$800 due to injury for a maximum of 500 days.
    • If the insured undergoes a day surgery, the plan will pay S$300 per day to compensate income loss and to manage unforeseen expenses.
    • To manage post hospitalization recovery, this plan pays S$150 for up to 5 days to help you manage day to day expenses and medical costs.
    • In addition to the above, the insured is also eligible for Get Well Benefit which provides S$400 during the confinement period to help you with expenses during the recovery.
    • If the insured is diagnosed with one of the 30 critical illnesses listed, the annual premium for extension of cover remains waived for 5 years.
  2. AIA Pink of Health

    The plan provides daily cash to help you manage various expenses and pays for bills that are incurred during and after hospitalisation. In addition to your existing health insurance, this cover acts as an add on, providing enhanced coverage.

    • The daily hospital cash option ensures you’re never out of cash during hospitalisation. With this plan, you’re eligible to receive daily cash payment of S$250 for hospitalisation due to sickness and S$750 for admission in hospital due to an accident. The cash payment option is available for a maximum of 500 days.
    • For admission to the Intensive care unit, an additional daily monetary benefit of S$750 is provided up to a maximum of 30 days.
    • The insured can claim up to S$1,000 towards pre-hospitalisation tests and services for up to 30 days prior to hospitalisation. Up to S$2,000 is provided for tests and services that are recommended within 60 days from the discharge date.
    • One can claim up to S$1,000 towards charges incurred during day surgery for accident or sickness.

AIA Hospitalization Benefits Rider

This exclusive rider gives you access to daily income during hospitalization to help you manage miscellaneous expenses. The insured receives S$120 a day under this rider option. This rider can be easily added to the existing health insurance policy.AIA Critical Illness

  1. AIA Complete Critical Cover

    Major critical illnesses such as heart disease, cancer and stroke can cut off financial support to you and your family causing a crunch. Under this critical illness cover, you can claim up to 200% of the insured amount.

    • Upon diagnosis of a critical illness, the insured is eligible to receive up to 50% of the insured amount or S$75,000 to help you with the treatment.
    • In the event of catastrophic critical illnesses, a lump sum payment of up to 200% of the insured amount is provided.
    • Multiple claims support to ensure you remain covered despite existing claims. Waiver of future premium upon major critical illness claim or 2 early illness claims.
  2. AIA Prime Critical Cover

    An exclusive health insurance cover for adults between the age of 40 - 70 years that offers affordable protection against 40 conditions. Under this scheme, cover is guaranteed up to the age of 100.

    • Comprehensive Critical Illness Insurance that covers a wide range of critical illnesses.
    • Early payouts extended for 7 conditions.
    • Reimbursement of up to S$250 provided for costs incurred towards health screening once every 3 years from 4th year of holding the policy.
  3. AIA Secure Critical Cover

    An affordable critical illness cover that gives you the benefit of payout upon diagnosis of any of the 30 listed CI(Critical Illness) or upon death and TPD(Total & Permanent Disability), whichever is earlier.

    • Option to convert the critical cover into an endowment or whole life plan without additional underwriting.
    • Affordable premiums for optimum coverage.
  4. AIA Women of Wisdom

    A comprehensive insurance plan designed for women which provides affordable protection for specific critical illnesses such as Breast Cancer and Osteoporosis, Complications related to Pregnancy and 26 common critical illnesses. 

    • Receive a lump sum payout of up 100% of the insured amount upon diagnosis of listed critical illnesses.
    • Upon diagnosis of any of the listed 26 critical illnesses, the insured is eligible to receive 50% of the insured amount or up to S$50,000.
    • During maternity complications, a lump sum benefit of up to 20% of the insured amount is paid out.
    • Monthly income of S$1,000 is provided to help you recuperate from listed illness if the insured is unable to attend work. Daily cash of S$200 is also provided during hospitalization to manage expenses.

Rider Options Under Critical Illness

AIA Critical Protector Rider(USD): This rider provides a lump sum payment against diagnosis of TPD before the age of 65 or the pays for 30 critical illnesses upon diagnosis.

AIA Critical Protector Life Rider: Provides up to 100% sum assured up to a maximum of S$1 Million upon diagnosis of any of the 30 listed critical illnesses.

AIA Early Critical Protector: Receive 100% of sum assured for critical illnesses. Up to 89 medical conditions from early to critical stages are covered under this plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions - AIA Health Insurance

  1. I am looking forward to the AIA Platinum Health cover for myself. Can u let me know the countries covered in Zone 1 and 2?

    Zone 1 consists Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Laos and Cambodia.

    Zone 2 includes India, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

  2. Please provide further details surrounding Major Cancer Relapse Benefit under AIA Complete Critical Cover.

    A payout of up to 100% is provided for cancer claim under major critical illness. If there is a relapse after an year from the time of recovery, the insured will be eligible for a further claim payout of 50% of the insured amount. The total claims disbursed shall not exceed 200% of the insured amount.

  3. How does the free coverage option under AIA Health Cash Plus work?

    Upon diagnosis of any of the 30 listed critical illnesses covered by the policy before the policy anniversary following your 65th birthday, the policy premium will be waived for 5 years under the Basic Hospital Income Benefits Group.

  4. How much is the Daily Cash Limit for hospitalization under the AIA Woman of Wisdom health insurance scheme?

    A sum of S$200 is provided for up to 180 days during hospitalization for the same sickness or disease.

News About AIA Health Insurance Singapore

  • AIA Singapore Launches Guaranteed Protect Plus (II), Provides Young Families With Extra Coverage

    The Singapore arm of AIA has introduced the AIA Guaranteed Protect Plus (II) together with the AIA Mum2Baby Protect, to provide better coverage to young families. These policy come in consideration of increased household needs, high cost of healthcare, and rising instances of critical illnesses (CIs).

    The AIA GPP (II) is a participating, limited-premium, whole life plan which offers high protection against permanent disability and death. It also gives better financial protection with definite cash value. With AIA GPP (II), customers can add riders like the Critical Protector Life (II) or the Early Critical Protector Life (II) for coverage against all stages of critical illnesses.

    According to the AIA Parenthood and Protection Study 2017, young families are most concerned about the high costs of providing for a family and rising complications in pregnancy. Hence, the AIA Mum2Baby Protect, consisting of AIA Baby Protect Plus rider and AIA GPP (II), is offered to the mother and the child, right from 13 weeks of pregnancy.

    AIA in Singapore is reportedly the first insurance provider to allow customers to transfer the benefits of a participating plan to a child within 2 months (60 days) of birth. The AIA GPP (II) is also integrated with AIA Vitality, which gives an additional 25% coverage on top of the original coverage amount.

    25 May 2018

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