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    If you are a frequent traveller, you must be aware of the uncertainties and inconveniences you could face during travel. It is always wise to have a back-up or cover while you travel. Great Eastern offers insurance for many aspects like motor, maid, home and travel. Through these policies, it endeavours to protect you and your family in difficult times.

    Travel insurance usually covers medical expenses incurred on travel, though pre-existing conditions are not usually covered. There is coverage for emergency medical treatment if you have been in an accident. Many travel insurance policies also cover inconvenience related to baggage, like delay in baggage delivery, damage to baggage, and even when baggage is lost.

    Types of Travel Insurance Provided by Great Eastern

    1. Travel E@sy

    Great Eastern offers a comprehensive travel insurance through Travel E@sy. As the name suggests, it is designed to make your travels easier in the sense that you can enjoy without worrying about medical bills that might be incurred on the way.

    2. TravelSmart Premier

    Apart from medical bills and trip delays, TravelSmart Premier promises more. It offers a completely stress-free holiday as it promises to cover the valuables at home while you are away. In case your trip is delayed, there is an automatic extension of up to 30 days. There are three plans called Basic, Classic, and Elite under this policy.

    Both these policies are available in single trip and annual multi-trip formats.

    Key Benefits of Buying Great Eastern Travel Insurance

    • The premium rates are affordable, beginning from S$43.
    • Plans are categorised according to geographical areas and the premium is determined by the area you choose.
    • The annual trip plan offers protection for multiple trips. Each trip is covered only for a maximum of 90 days.
    • There is medical coverage overseas even for Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment and emergency dental treatment.
    • The plan assists you with emergency assistance overseas day and night. This includes medical evacuation coverage up to S$1 million.
    • There is coverage for adventurous activities you participate in.

    Coverage information

    Here is a table showing the coverage range of the two policies:

    Coverage Amount Range
    Travel E@sy TravelSmart Premier
    Personal accident leading to death/disablement S$25,000 to S$100,000 Up to S$300,000
    Death in public transport Double the amount of above value, depending on whether you are a child, adult or senior. Up to S$600,000
    Overseas medical expense S$50,000 to S$200,000 Up to S$2 million
    Medical expense in Singapore S$2,500 to S$10,000 Up to S$100,000
    Personal liability S$1 million Up to S$1 million
    Trip cancellation cover S$5,000 Up to S$15,000
    Lost baggage cover S$3,000 Up to S$5,000
    Lost document cover S$5,000 Up to S$500
    Missed flights S$200 Up to S$300
    Terrorism and hostage crisis cover S$5,000 Up to S$5000

    How to Apply for Great Eastern Travel Insurance

    Visit the company’s website, navigate to the travel insurance page and click on “Get a quote”. Then choose the plan and enter all the required details like contact and income information. You can use Visa or MasterCard to pay online. Another option is to download the PDF application form from the site and mail the completed form and related documents to the company.

    How to Make a Great Eastern Travel Insurance Claim

    Click on “Get help” on the website to go to the claims page. You can select the kind of claim you are looking for from the available drop-down list and then follow the instructions on the page.

    Check your Eligibility for Great Eastern Travel Insurance

    Eligibility for TravelSmart Premier

    • Singaporeans, PRs as well as foreigners with a valid document can apply.
    • The minimum age is 18 years to be able to apply for this policy.
    • Children below 10 years have to apply with their parents. Children between the ages of 10 years to 17 years are eligible to apply for Classic or Basic Plan made in the parent/guardian’s name.
    • Persons above 70 years are not eligible to apply for the Annual Multi-trip policy.

    Eligibility for Travel E@sy

    • Persons who are a domicile of Singapore, Singapore PRs as well as foreigners with a valid documents such as Employment Pass, Work Permit or Dependant Pass can apply.
    • Children from 10 to 15 years of age can apply as insured children with their parents or guardian.

    Great Eastern Travel Insurance Hotline

    To contact the insurer, call +65 6248 2888 or send a mail to gicare-sg@greateasterngeneral.com.

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    Q. In what ways can I pay the premiums for GE travel insurance?

    A. There are various options to pay the premiums, such as internet banking, AXS, GIRO, branches of OCBC Bank, by cash, or by cheque. GIRO is the most popular mode of payment.

    Q. When does my travel insurance policy lapse?

    A. A policy will lapse under the following situations:

    • If you do not pay the premium within the grace period, the policy will lapse.
    • If there is cash value on your policy, an Automatic Premium Loan (APL) will be paid after the grace period till the cash value expires. After that, the policy will lapse.
    • If you take loans against the policy and miss the repayment, your policy will lapse.

    Q. When can I transfer the ownership of my policy?

    A. You can transfer the ownership, known as assigning a policy, if your policy lets you do so or you do not use CPF to pay the premium. If it is not affected under trust, you could assign the policy.

    Q. How long will it take to reinstate my policy?

    A. After your policy lapses, you could apply for a renewal by filling up an application form. You will have to wait for 3 months for the reinstatement to take place.

    Q. In case of privatisation of the policy, can I change my insurer?

    A. Yes, you can change your insurer by filling up an application form, but you will be subjected to medical underwriting.

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