Gold Price Per Gram in Singapore for Purities 22k,24k

Gold has been an important asset class for ages. Its exclusivity makes it incredibly valuable. While its appeal as a precious metal that can be carved to form ornaments makes it valuable, its actual value lies in the fact that it has been used as a currency for ages.

Today, it has an important influence on global economy and market dynamics. Savvy investors can use it to generate wealth in the long-run and counterbalance their exposures to riskier asset classes.

Latest Gold Price in Singapore = S$56.17112 per 1 Gram*

Last updated on 21 Feb 2019

Today’s Gold Price in Singapore Dollar

Quantity 22 Carat Gold Today 24 Carat Gold Today
1 Gram 50.41 54.96
8 Gram 403.24 439.68
10 Gram 504.06 549.60
100 Gram 5,039.44 5,497.07
Gold Price Per Ounce 1,569.82 1,712.48
Gold Price Per Kilo 50,470.93 55,057.43
Gold Price Per Tola 588.68 642.18

Today’s Gold Price in US Dollar [Exchange rate considered: 1 USD = 1.37 SGD]

Quantity 22 Carat Gold Today 24 Carat Gold Today
1 Gram 36.72 40.06
8 Gram 293.72 320.49
10 Gram 367.15 400.61
100 Gram 3,671.46 4,006.13
Gold Price Per Ounce 1,143.76 1,248.02
Gold Price Per Sovereign 293.21 319.80
Gold Price Per Kilo 36,775.69 40,124.56
Gold Price Per Tola 428.95 467.94

Gold Price in Singapore (USD)

Quantity 22 Carat Gold Today 24 Carat Gold Today
Gold Price Per Gram 36.72 40.06
Gold Price Per Ounce 1,143.76 1,248.02
Gold Price Per Kilo 36,775.69 40,124.56
Gold Price Per Tola 428.95 467.94

How Are Gold Rates Decided?

Gold, often used as a hedge against inflation and loss of purchasing power of currencies, is known for its permanence and ability to preserve wealth for centuries.

As a result, gold has managed to hold its influence alongside other important tradable commodities and powerful currencies. The price variation of physical gold depends on the following phenomena:

How Can You Buy Gold?

Buying gold, whether you want to take physical delivery or not, is easy. You can buy bullion in the form of coins or bars/ingots that come in different shapes and sizes.

Selling coins may prove to be easier since you can sell in smaller denominations than bars. Coins are also easier to carry.

However, bars have their own appeal. Not only do they cost cheaper to produce generally and hence are available at more attractive prices, but they’re also easier to store.

If you’re looking to trade gold bullion, don’t opt for the ones with intricate designs and other characteristics. Buy coins/bars which are available at a slight premium over the current market price. These are easier to sell and you may be able to make a bigger profit.

In addition to dealers who operate from brick-and-mortar stores, there are a growing number of dealers who operate online. These sites function just like regular e-commerce sites. is one such online dealer that offers great deals.

If you’re looking for a gold account, you’ll be pleased to learn that Citi Singapore offers one. You can trade your gold reserves through this account with carrying out physical transactions.

UOB Singapore allows you to diversify your non-cash investments through its gold products. You can either buy gold coins or bars or invest in equity traded funds (ETFs) that track the price movements of physical gold.

For safety and convenience, you can hold your physical gold reserve in gold savings accounts offered by UOB. UOB also allows you to invest in gold certificates. You can buy up to 30kg of gold in one certificate. With no expiry date, these certificates can be traded for cash or physical gold. There is no need to carry out physical transactions.

Is Investing in Gold Safe?

You can bet on gold for the following reasons:

Things to Consider Before Buying Gold

How to Exchange Gold for Cash?

Gold has managed to capture the imagination of millions for centuries. In modern economics, it continues to hold sway due to its ability to add stability and parity to the global economy. If you want to diversify your portfolio, physical gold and related products could be one of your best bets to beat inflation and market volatilities.

*Disclaimer: The information and data contained herein shouldn’t be construed as investment advice, implied or otherwise. BankBazaar offers no guarantee on the accuracy of data or prices mentioned on this site. The reader needs to understand that the rates mentioned here are susceptible to market volatilities and has been provided on as-is basis. We accept no responsibility of any loss – direct or indirect, that may arise from the use of data contained herein.

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