FWD Maid Insurance Singapore Review

Maid & Domestic Helper Insurance by FWD provides adequate cover to your maid and gives financial compensation for a number of different situations. This plan is designed to reimburse you for various kind of situations like hiring a new maid or renewing their work permit in Singapore. This insurance will provide cover for your maid as well as your family members.

Key Benefits and Cover

There are 3 different plans that you can choose from under this insurance. Some of the key benefits that will be provided are as follows:

  • FWD pays for the security bond to Ministry of Manpower, without any additional costs.
  • Compensation for your family members in case of physical abuse by your foreign domestic helper.
  • Cover for your home contents in case of damage or theft by your maid.

Here are the details of the cover offered by this insurance plan

Benefit Insured Amount
Essential Enhanced Exclusive
Letter of Guarantee to Ministry of Manpower S$5,000 S$5,000 S$5,000
Accident Compensation Up to S$60,000 Up to S$60,000 Up to S$60,000
Ambulance Charges Up to S$300 Up to S$300 Up to S$300
Repatriation Compensation Up to S$10,000 Up to S$10,000 Up to S$10,000
Funeral Expenses Up to S$2,000 Up to S$2,000 Up to S$2,000
Wage and Levy Expenses S$30 per day (maximum 30 days) S$30 per day (maximum 30 days) S$30 per day (maximum 30 days)
Alternative Maid Reimbursement S$20 per day (maximum 30 days) S$20 per day (maximum 30 days) S$20 per day (maximum 30 days)
Physical Abuse by Maid Up to S$5,000 Up to S$5,000 Up to S$5,000
Outpatient Expenses S$1,000 S$2,000 S$3,000
Hospital and Surgical Expenses S$15,000/year S$20,000/year S$25,000/year
Re-hiring Cover S$300 S$400 S$500
Third-party Liability S$3,000 S$4,000 S$5,000
Cover for loss or theft of Maid’s belongings S$300 S$400 S$500

You can also choose to go for an additional cover, the details of which are as follows

Optional benefit Insured Amount
Essential Enhanced Exclusive
Outpatient Medical benefits S$300 S$500 S$1,000
Hospitalisation and Surgical Top Up You can choose from an increased cover of S$5,000 to S$30,000
Daily Hospital Expenses Up to S$10/day (maximum 30 days)
Home Contents Cover S$3,000 S$4,000 S$5,000
Letter of Guarantee to Philippine Overseas Labour Office S$7,000

General Exclusions

This section discusses some of the situations this policy does not cover. These exclusions generally apply to all the benefits of the policy, unless stated otherwise. Some of the general exclusions of this policy are as follows:

  • Cases arising out of pre-existing medical conditions unless your maid has been working in Singapore for over 12 months as a foreign domestic worker before the commencement of this policy.
  • Situations as a consequence of willful participation in illegal or reckless activities.
  • Any expense for the treatment of mental or psychiatric problems.
  • A consequence of war, riot, or any other such incident.

Eligibility Criteria

You can purchase this policy if you fulfil the following conditions:

  • You are a Singapore resident with a valid NRIC or FIN.
  • You are employing a foreign domestic helper.
  • You have never had to withdraw a security bond related to any maid in the past.
  • You’ve never had an insurance application rejected, cancelled, or voided by the provider.

How to Claim

If you want to make a claim for any situation covered by this policy, you have to submit the form with all the necessary documents within 30 days of the incident. To make a claim, you can contact the customer service team or visit the website and click on the claims portal. Here are some of the documents that you might need to present while making a claim:

  • Medical reports
  • Copies of medical bills and invoices
  • Police report (if applicable)
  • Accurate English translation of documents, if required

Cancellation Policy

If you are not satisfied with this policy and choose to cancel it, you can do so by sending an email to FWD. The cancellation procedure will be initiated only when the clearance has been received from the Ministry of Manpower.

According to the contract duration and when you choose to cancel your plan, you are entitled to a refund of your policy premium. You are entitled to a refund only if you have not made a claim in that time period. An amount lower than S$25 will not be refunded.

26-Month Contract

If you are cancelling a 26-month contract, you are entitled to a refund of policy premium on the following basis:

  • If you cancel the policy within 3 months of policy initiation, you are entitled to a full refund of the policy premium.
  • If you choose to cancel between 4 to 6 months of the policy commencement date, you are eligible for a refund of 70% of the policy premium.
  • A 50% refund of policy premium is applicable if you cancel your plan between 7-10 months from the start of the policy.
  • Cancellation of policy between 11-14 months will give you a refund of 30% of the premium paid.
  • No refund will be provided if you cancel the policy after 14 months of the start of the policy.

14 Month Contract

You will receive the premium refund on the following basis if you cancel your 14-month contract:

  • A 100% refund will be provided if you cancel the plan within 3 months from the start date.
  • A 40% refund will be provided if you initiate the cancellation between 4 to 6 months of the policy start date
  • No refund is applicable if you cancel your policy later than 6 months of the policy commencement date

Customer Care Information

If you have any concerns or queries regarding the policy, you can contact the company in the following ways:

  • Phone: +65 6820 8888
  • E-mail: contact.sg@fwd.com
  • Feedback form on www.fwd.com.sg

You will receive an acknowledgement of your concern within 3 working days. A full solution to your concern will be provided within 14 working days.

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