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    A time deposit account ensures that your hard-earned money is protected and saved up for your future. It also offers you the flexibility of investing lump sum amounts of money, according to your financial situation and also choosing a comfortable time period for which you want to make the investment. Offered with attractive interest rates, a HLB Time Deposit, gives you guarantee and security for your money, while you earn significant returns on your deposits.

    HLB Singapore Overview

    HL Bank has a well-established clientele in Singapore, providing a wide spectrum of banking products to its citizens. As one of the finest financial institutions in Singapore, HLB has a diverse customer base which is spread across Greater China, the Middle East, South East Asia, Russia and Sri Lanka. HLB provides end-to-end banking solutions to its customers, thereby efficiently catering to the needs of both corporate and personal banking clients. HLB aims to understand customers’ requirements and work towards achieving that with customised and innovative solutions, spanning across various product segments. In Singapore, HLB offers wealth management services, treasury services, investment and health banking along with an attractive Singapore Dollar time deposit scheme.

    Why should you open a HLB Singapore Time Deposit Account?

    Every individual needs to save sufficiently and the best way to do so is to open up a HLB Singapore Time Deposit Account. With competitive interest rates, assured sums, excellent promotional benefits and the flexibility of placements in various currency units, a HLB time deposit is a great option to save up in Singapore.

    Features and Benefits of HLB Singapore Dollar Time Deposits

    • A HLB time deposit can be opened with flexible deposit amounts and in four different currency units by Singaporeans.
    • Place your funds either in Singapore Dollars, Australian Dollars, US Dollars or CNH, for an amount of your choice.
    • HLB offers the time deposit scheme with different tenures for customers - 6 months, 12 months or 24 months.
    • The HL Deposit Protector Plan offers protection for an assured sum of S$50,000 for the first six months. To be eligible for this plan, the customer must be a valid time deposit account holder. Only the primary account holder will benefit from this protection, in the case of joint time deposit accounts. This plan is endorsed by the HL Assurance Pte Ltd and automatically comes under the Policy Owners' Protection Scheme.
    • New account holders will be enrolled as PremierCare Cardholders, which entitles them to exciting privileges from Parkway Healthcare Group.

    HLB Fixed Deposit Interest Rates 2018

    Hong Leong Singapore Dollar Time Deposit Interest Rate

    Tenure Interest Rate (p.a.)
    1 month 0.1%
    3 months 0.2%
    6 months 0.3%
    12 months 0.5%

    Hong Leong Foreign Currency Time Deposit Rate

    Hong Leong offers time deposits in a range of foreign currencies such as USD, AUD, GBP, CNH, and NZD. The best fixed deposit interest rates for foreign currency fixed deposits are listed below.

    Tenure USD Rate (p.a.) AUD Rates (p.a) CNH Rates (p.a.) GBP Rates (p.a.) HKD Rates (p.a.) NZD Rates (p.a.)
    1 month 1.37% 1.56% 3.15% 0.03% 0.38% 1.84%
    3 months 1.694% 1.744% 3.594% 0.214% 0.744% 1.994%
    6 months 1.764% 1.714% 3.614% 0.274% 0.904% 1.964%
    12 months 1.939% 1.799% 3.639% 0.399% 1.339% 1.989%

    Hong Leong Time Deposit Schemes

    Hong Leong has the following time deposits plans for customers:

    • Fixed Deposit Singapore Dollar: The Hong Leong Singapore Dollar Fixed Deposit offers depositors convenience and affordability. The fixed deposits can be opened for a minimum amount of S$500 for tenures ranging from 3 months to 36 months and offers a promotional rate of interest for senior citizens.
    • Fixed Deposit Foreign Currency: The Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit allows depositors to choose from a range of different foreign currencies. Opening a foreign currency fixed deposit allows them to potentially earn higher rates of interest. Available currencies are USD, GBP, AUD, NZD, CNY, and HKD.

    HLB Time Deposit Eligibility

    • Singaporean citizens and permanent residents can open a Singapore Dollar time deposit account with HLB.
    • Applicants should be 21 years or older to open a HLB time deposit account.

    Other products offered by HLB in Singapore

    Wealth Management

    • Investment Banking
    • Health Banking
    • Treasury Services

    FAQs for HLB Singapore Time Deposits

    1. Does HLB have a cap on the placement amount for time deposits?
    2. No, HLB does not have a cap on placement amounts and customers can open deposits for sums greater than S$ 200,000.

    3. In what currencies can fresh funds be placed in a HLB time deposit account?
    4. Customers can place fresh funds in SGD, CNH, AUD and USD for HLB time deposit accounts.

    5. As part of the Parkway Healthcare Group promotion, what are the offers that account holders are entitled to?
    6. As PremierCare members, you can get free flu vaccinations and other healthcare discounts from the Parkway Healthcare Group in Singapore.

    7. Are foreign currency deposits insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC)?
    8. No, the SDIC does not offer any kind of insurance protection for foreign currency time deposits.

    9. Can I open a HLB Singapore Dollar time deposit account online?
    10. Yes, you can submit an application for opening a HLB time deposit account using the HLB Singapore web portal by furnishing the following details - Name (As mentioned in the Passport or NRIC), Mobile Number and Email address.

    11. What is the minimum deposit amount for a tenure of one month?
    12. The minimum deposit amount for tenure of 1 month is S$10,000.

    13. What is the minimum tenure available?
    14. The minimum tenure available is 1 week however the minimum deposit amount for this tenure is S$100,000.

    15. What is the additional interest rate applicable for senior citizens?
    16. Depositors over the age of 55 years are considered as senior citizens and they can enjoy a bonus interest rate of 0.125%  in addition to the prevailing rates.

    17. What is the minimum deposit amount to enjoy bonus interest for senior citizens?
    18. Deposits that are less than S$50,000 and have a tenure of 12 months or more can enjoy the bonus interest rate.

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