BNI Fixed Deposit Singapore

The fixed deposit schemes offered by BNI allow you to earn high rates of return on any additional savings you might have, which would otherwise just be sitting there idle. BNI offers 2 term deposit accounts: a foreign currency fixed deposit account and a Singapore dollar fixed deposit account. The accounts come with a low initial placement amount of S$10,000 or USD10,000 and tenors of 1 month to a maximum of 12 months. You may open the foreign currency deposit account with USD exclusively. Also, benefit from easy automatic renewals of your deposit with BNI. These accounts do not penalise early withdrawals so you rest easy with that knowledge. Just place your extra savings in any BNI term deposit and enjoy attractive interest rates on your investment.  

Features and Benefits of BNI Fixed Deposits 

BNI fixed deposits come with the following features and benefits: 

  • Attractive interest rates for accounts in 2 major currencies. 
  • Low minimum initial deposit amount of S$10,000 or USD10,000. 
  • Deposit automatically renewed at prevailing interest rate for the same period at maturity. 
  • Broad range of tenures available from 1 month to a maximum of 12 months. 
  • No premature withdrawal penalty. 

Fixed Deposit Schemes Offered by BNI 

Singapore dollar fixed deposit account 

The BNI SGD fixed deposit account provides competitive interest rates with deposit tenures of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months. A S$10,000 minimum deposit amount is required to open this BNI account. Additionally, you may enjoy the useful auto-renewal feature that is applied to your deposit account at the time of its maturity. Also, breathe easy knowing that BNI does not penalise any premature withdrawals. That said, no interest will be awarded for the liquidation of your deposit were that to happen. 

Foreign currency fixed deposit account 

The foreign currency time deposit account available offers attractive interest rates in US Dollar (USD). You may diversify your investment portfolio with a minimum placement amount of USD10,000. Tenors of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months are available with this account. Like the other BNI account, no penalties on early withdrawals will be applied. However, neither will you earn interest should you liquidate it ahead of schedule. 

BNI SGD & Foreign Currency FD Interest Rate Tables

Please visit the bank’s Customer Service Department at the following address if you require information on the latest interest rates on offer, would like to open an account, or want more information on the documents required to open an account: 

  • #1-2, 39 Robinson Road 
  • Robinson Point 
  • Singapore 068911 
  • Tel: (65) 6225-7755 

Alternatively, feel free to contact our associates, Mr. Bernard Yeo or Ms. Toh Wui Peng, at (65) 6329-0268 for additional information. 

Eligibility?Criteria to Open a BNI FD Account in Singapore 

Kindly contact us at: (65) 6329-0268 or (65) 6225-7755 for details.

Other Deposit Accounts Offered by BNI 

Beyond the time deposit accounts available, the bank also offers savings accounts that might help you manage your finances better and earn you higher rates than other savings accounts in the market.

Savings accounts available with BNI include:

  • BNI SINGPLUS Saving Account 
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