Bank of China Fixed Deposit Promotions

Bank of China is one of Singapore’s top banks in Singapore and is also one of the earliest banks to begin operations in Singapore. Headquartered in Beijing, China, bank of China is the oldest modern financial institution in China. Bank of China is also the 5th largest financial institution in the world in terms of market capitalization value.

As far as its operations in Singapore are concerned, BOC offers a range of banking services, and is mostly known for its consumer banking services. From BOC credit cards and loans to savings accounts and investment instruments, Bank of China’s operations spans a wide array of banking products and services.

Among its various product offerings, BOC’s fixed deposit offerings are specifically worth mentioning as they offer flexibility, impressive returns and an attractive option to save big and take care of fiancnial commitment sin the near and medium-term.

Let us look at BOC’s fixed deposit offering in details and see why it might just be your perfect choice if you wish to put your money in an investment-cum-savings instrument.

BOC Fixed Deposit Promotions

Promotion Valid up to Eligibility Promotion details
The BOC Time Deposit PLUS The promotional offer is valid from 11 April, 2017, until the bank announces the expiry at a later date.

    • The minimum age to be eligible for the BOC Time Deposit PLUS scheme is 18 years.

    • Minimum deposit of S$50,000

The promotional rates are only applicable to the below mentioned maturity periods.

Win 8 BOC Red Packets (Limited Edition)

Promotion Valid up to Eligibility Promotion details
Fixed deposit promotional offer: Get 8 BOC Red Packets (limited edition) The validity of the offer is from 29 January, 2018. (Valid until the stocks last) Only fresh funds will qualify.
  • You’ll get a limited edition of 8 BOC red packets on liking the BOC official Facebook page.
  • You’ll need to open a fixed deposit account with a deposit of at least S$50,000 or equivalent.

Terms and Conditions

  • This promotional offer is applicable to you when you comply to the conditions given below:
    • You need to make a placement of at least S$50,000 in your respective time deposit account.
    • At any BOC Bank branches, you’ll need to submit a proof that you’ve hit the “like” button on BOC Singapore’s official Facebook page.
  • This offer is restricted to only one redemption per customer.
  • This promotion is applicable to initial 500 individuals in every BOC branch. The offer is subject to availability of the stock.
  • By taking part in this promotional offer, you will understand and acknowledge that BOC will not be liable for any failure in how the Facebook web platform performs, nor for any kind of a delay or disruption in how it functions.
  • Other terms & conditions will be applicable.

BOC Time Deposit PLUS Promotional Interest Rates

Maturity Period Amount Interest Rates (% p.a.)
First Cycle Second Cycle
4 months + 4 months $50,000 - $199,999 0.95% 0.95%
$200,000 and above 1.00% 1.00%
6 months + 6 months $50,000 - $199,999 1.25% 1.25%
$200,000 and above 1.30% 1.30%

Fixed Deposit Schemes Offered by BOC

BOC Time Deposit PLUS: The BOC Time Deposit PLUS is the conventional fixed deposit scheme offered by BOC. The plan offers guaranteed returns for tenures stretching between 1 month and 60 months. Customers have the option of choosing a tenure that suits their requirements.

Why You Should Have a BOC Fixed Deposit Account?

Are you thinking of opening a fixed deposit account? Here is why you should choose Bank of China for your Fixed Deposit needs:

  • Bank of China fixed deposits offer flexibility in terms of choice of tenure. You can choose to open a fixed deposit account with tenures ranging from just 1-month to 60-months.
  • Your fixed deposit investments with Bank of China are safe and secure.
  • You can expect to get guaranteed returns in the form of interest earned on your deposits.
  • Bank of China offers special rates for Senior Citizens. In order to qualify as a senior citizen, you should be over 55 years in age.
  • BOC’s fixed deposit offering is perhaps the ideal investment-cum-savings instrument as it allows you to save systematically and accumulate a good chunk of wealth after the product’s maturity.
  • Through the returns earned, you can take care of commitments in the future, including medical expenses, children’s education, down payments for your home loan, and more.
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