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Fixed Deposit Calculator

Fixed deposits or time deposits are one of the safest ways to generate and grow wealth. If you want to save for your post-retirement life or want to save money to invest in the Singapore real estate, you would do the right thing by investing in a time deposit with a moderately long time horizon.

The benefit is that it will help you accrue wealth slow and steady. An assured return means your savings are safe from market fluctuations and instability. You’ll get back your principal in addition to a healthy interest. Depositing money in a high-interest term deposit would reduce your dependence on loans and credit. It will make your big-ticket purchases easy and ensure that you don’t end up in a debt trap.

Singapore Fixed Deposit Calculator

When comparing different fixed deposit schemes offered by a bank or other banks, it helps to know the exact amount of interest for the time and money you’re looking to invest. A fixed deposit calculator helps you get a ballpark idea of the same. The results displayed are often indicative because the financial institution reserves the right to change rates of interest offered on a scheme or make changes to other factors that impact the final result. However, it still helps you draw a vivid picture in your mind.

All you need to do is input your amount of deposit, the time period for which you want to keep your money invested and the calculator would automatically enter the rate of interest being offered on that particular scheme for the time period and amount in question. Instantaneously, you’ll get to know the total return you can expect upon maturity. It’s simple and user-friendly.

Most calculators use a slider feature and all you need to do is choose an amount between the lowest and highest possible deposit and the lowest and highest possible term to arrive at the result.

Some banks offer special interest rates to women and senior citizens on or above a certain amount or time period. A fixed deposit calculator may ask for additional information like your age or gender and automatically input the rate of interest applicable for you. It will show you the answer accordingly.

Where Will You Find One?

Most lenders in Singapore simply list out their rates of interest for different deposit amounts and time horizons. You can get in touch with their agents to get a comparative analysis. However, you can check out the calculator available on if you’re planning to invest in HLF fixed deposit schemes.

How Does an FD Calculator Help?

An FD calculator helps you compare different time deposit schemes available in the market. It can become extremely useful during renewals. You can use a term deposit calculator to understand whether you should continue with the same scheme or invest in another one offering a higher return.

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