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    Loan EMI Calculator

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    As financial tools, EMI Calculators are a nice little convenience that streamlines the often tedious and unthankful task of calculating your month-on-month Equated Monthly Installments (EMI). EMI Calculators are commonly found nestled amongst the various financial tools offered by your bank or financial institution on their online portal, a handy resource that offers a lot more constructive information with regards to your personal/auto/home loan than the mere representation of the actual EMI figure.

    Why Choose an EMI Calculator?

    Broadly speaking, EMI calculators offer simplicity and convenience. Talking specifically, such details as total repayment due, monthly EMI, amortization details (yearly and/or monthly) and a string of other crucial information are just a click and mere seconds away. Most EMI calculators advertise ‘speed’ as their USP, and you will ideally like to utilise the calculator that is associated with your specific bank or financial institution, however, third party examples are just as effective and popular.

    Thus, choose an EMI calculator because it’s,

    1. Fast
    2. Easily available
    3. A ready source for comprehensive information pertaining to your loan EMI
    4. Free
    5. Time and energy saving
    6. Perfect to obtain maximum information in return for minimum input information

    EMI Calculators in Singapore

    In Singapore, all of the common loan products including Auto loans, Home loans and Personal loans are popular offerings from a well-stocked list of banks and other financial institutions. Whilst EMI calculation using the standard manual methods, Excel sheets or other home-grown applications has been a traditional favorite, the simplicity and convenience of these automated tools is certainly winning over the target crowd. Almost all Singaporean banks offer EMI calculators in its various formats as standard feature on their online portal. Their approach might differ, but the end result is definitely worth the hype!

    EMI Calculators with BankBazaar.sg


    EMI Calculation with BankBazaar.sg

    BankBazaar is an internationally acclaimed website that deals with the comparison of popular banking products including Personal loans, Auto loans and Home loans. Also provided alongside are associative EMI calculator tools that represent the priorly discussed concepts of simplicity and convenience. Go ahead, try, and experience the difference.

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