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    If you are travelling on a vacation with your family, travel insurance might perhaps be the most important aspect you must consider before taking the trip. As a matter of fact, even if you’re travelling solo on a business trip and you do it more often than not, a travel insurance package might serve to be the most crucial element to battle and ward-off taxing inconveniences that might be faced during your travel.

    There are many companies in Singapore that offer Travel Insurance packages – most companies offer packages in two fronts – Single Trip Packages and Annual Trip Packages. As such, ETIQA Travel Insurance offers two major packages, each built uniquely to address different areas of an individual’s or his/her family’s travel. Let us take a detailed look at the policy offerings by ETIQA Travel Insurance and see why ETIQA can well be your ideal choice to purchase a travel insurance policy from:

    Types ETIQA Travel Insurance

    As mentioned earlier, ETIQA has two major travel insurance offerings:

    1. ETIQA eProtect travel

      The eProtect travel comes with a string of benefits, designed specifically to make your travel experience complete, convenient and hassle-free. The plan addresses various areas of travel starting from the minutest inconvenience to the more pronounced ones. Whether you travel frequently or not, the ETIQA eProtect travel might well be your perfect travel insurance option. As such, you can choose the ideal plan to meet your requirements – you can either choose a Family Plan or an Individual Plan, and each of these plans can be opted for on an annual basis or on a single trip basis. If you travel on vacations with your family quite often, the Family Annual Trip Plan might well be your best option.

    2. The ETIQA TravelCare Plus

      Are you a Maybank customer? Do you hold a Maybank credit card or debit card? Well, the ETIQA TravelCare Plus might well be your best bet if you are a Maybank Customer, as the plan is designed specifically for Maybank customers. The TravelCare Plus, just like the e-Protect travel, covers almost every single aspect of your travel experience, ranging from the minutest inconveniences to those that might require hospitalization or any form of medical treatment. While the eProtect travel does not really have a time limit in its coverage, the TravelCare Plus provides you with comprehensive coverage for a period of 24 hours.

    Plan coverage details for ETIQA Travel Insurance

    Coverage Area Types
    eProtect travel TravelCare Plus
    Personal Accident S$200,000 (70 years of age and below) S$30,000 (Between 76 years and 85 years of age, and children below the age of 21) S$300,000 (70 years of age and below) and S$50,000 (Between 76 years and 85 years of age, and children below the age of 21)
    Medical Expenses when overseas S$200,000 (Persons below the age of 75 years) S$30,000 (Persons between 75 years to 86 years of age) S$75,000 (In the case of children) S$500,000 S$75,000 S$800,000 (Under the three different categories respectively)
    Medical Expenses upon return to Singapore S$15,000 (Persons below the age of 75 year) S$1,000 (Persons between 75 years to 86 years of age) S$30,000 (In the case of families, per family) S$25,000 S$2,500 S$50,000 (Under the three different categories respectively)
    Personal Liability Coverage S$500,000 (Per Individual) S$500,000 (Per Family) S$1,000,000 (Under the two categories respectively)
    Trip Cancellation Cover S$5,000 (Per Individual) S$10,000 (Per Family) S$10,000 S$20,000 (Under the two categories of individual and family, respectively)
    Trip Curtailment Cover S$5,000 and S$10,000 S$10,000 and S$20,000
    Lost Travel Documents S$3,000 and S$5,000 S$5,000 (in the case of both individual and family)
    Loss of Baggage S$3,000 (Per individual) S$5,000 (Per Family) S$5,000 S$8,000 (Under both the categories respectively)
    Trip Disruption Charges (If insured person is hospitalized for a period of more than 5 consecutive days) Up to S$5,000 Up to S$8,000
    Terrorism and Hostage crisis Up to S$5,000 Up to S$5,000

    How to apply for ETIQA Travel Insurance?

    If you wish to apply for any of the Travel Insurance Packages offered by ETIQA – the eProtect travel and the Travelcare Plus, you can simply visit the official website of ETIQA Travel Insurance and fill out the online application form. Once you fill out the form, an executive from ETIQA will get in touch with you to verify the details you’ve provided and ask you to submit a few documents to verify your identity and complete your application process. Documents to be submitted would include your identity documents, income documents and documents indicating proof of residence.

    If you wish to apply for the ETIQA eProtect travel, you can do so by following the above mentioned procedure. When it comes to applying for the ETIQA TravelCare Plus, you can do so by visiting the official ETIQA website or also apply for the same on the official Maybank Singapore website (this is because the TravelCare Plus is exclusively meant for Maybank customers).

    Check your eligibility for ETIQA Travel Insurance

    • You are eligible for the ETIQA Travel Insurance if you meet the following eligibility criteria:
    • You are a Singaporean citizen, or you work/live in SIngapore.
    • SIngapore should be your departure or arrival destination.
    • In case of a annual family plan, only your spouse and legal children will be permitted to travel under the insurance cover.
    • In all other cases, a family plan can involve two adults who are unrelated, but the children travelling should be legally related to either one of the adults.
    • As an individual purchasing the insurance policy, you should be between 18 and 75 years old.

    Etiqa Travel Insurance Promotions

    • TEIF Sale: If you are purchasing ePROTECT Travel Insurance, you can get up to 51% off on your single-trip and 35% off on your annual trip policies. You can get an additional 10% off on any Friday during February by participating in the Thank Etiqa Is Friday Sale (TEIF). The promocode to use is ‘FEBTEIF’.
    • Instalment Payment Plan: If you use a Maybank credit card to pay your Etiqa travel insurance premium, you can convert the payment into instalments of 6 months or 1 year. The premium amount should be worth at least S$300 to enjoy this privilege.

    How to make a claim with ETIQA Travel Insurance?

    Details of how to make a claim with ETIQA Travel Insurance can be found on the official ETIQA website. The claim procedure is quite simple – you need to download the claim request form from the website and fill out your claim details. You will need to provide specific details involving your claim – for instance, if your claim is related to the loss of your baggage, you will need to provide details of how your baggage was lost.

    Once you submit your claim request, an executive from ETIQA will contact you to take your claim request forward. Alternatively, you can also call the ETIQA hotline number and place a claim request. A representative will guide you on the process you can follow and you can successfully lodge your request.

    Most claim requests are settled in about 10-12 business days after ETIQA has investigated the matter through its internal channels.

    Benefits of purchasing a policy from ETIQA Travel Insurance

    Following are the prominent benefits of purchasing a travel insurance policy from ETIQA:

    • The insurance policy covers almost every major aspect of your travel – personal liability and medical expenses overseas attract the maximum coverage amount under the policy – this is with regard to both the policies offered by ETIQA Travel Insurance Singapore.
    • Flight inconveniences involving delayed flights, loss of electronic goods and other valuables purchased overseas are also covered under the policies.
    • You can customise your policy to add elements specific to your interest and omit areas that do not strike you as being important.
    • If you are travelling with your family on a vacation, you can travel with absolute peace of mind, knowing that your family will be covered under the plan. If you travel often with your family, you can choose an annual plan that works gives you more affordable options.
    • Certain features of the travel policy cover your medical expenses even days after you’ve been hospitalised overseas. Hospitalisation costs can hold applicable for a period of 30 days and also for an extended period upon your arrival in Singapore to resume treatment procedures.

    ETIQA Travel Insurance FAQs

    1. Are there any exclusion in the eProtect travel plan offered by ETIQA Singapore?

      A. Yes, there are. Pre-existing medical conditions, high risk sports and dangerous occupations are not covered.

    2. Do you have to undergo a medical test in order to apply for a travel insurance package?

      A. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you will have to declare the same. The insurance policy will not cover pre-existing medical conditions.

    3. What if I’m going overseas for medical treatment?

      A. The insurance package will not cover medical treatment if you are going overseas specifically for the treatment.

    News About ETIQA Travel Insurance

    • Etiqa Insurance has announced new digital services with DBS Bank

      Etiqa has integrated its services with MyInfo, a government digital database. It also launched an eWallet service with DBS Bank, allowing customers to encash online insurance claims. The insurer also saw 200% annual revenue growth until November 2017.

      22nd December 2017

    • Etiqa Insurance starts automatic real-time flight delay payments

      Etiqa Insurance has launched a unique real-time claims approval process for flight delays. From now on, travellers will get notifications if their flight has been delayed for more than 6 hours, and automatic insurance payment will be made out to them.

      You don’t need to make a claim for travel delay of up to 12 hours. Beyond that, you will have to make a claim online.

      Etiqa, the insurance division of Maybank, has made this possible by collaborating with flight data applications and services across the world. Sue Chi Kong, Chief Executive Officer of Etiqa, said, “We are constantly looking out to offer our customers all service possibilities that technology can bring. More than 60% of our travel delay claims are for delays that are 12 hours or less, thus we have transformed our claims process to make it simpler, faster and easier for our customers.”

      19th July 2017

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