ETIQA Personal Accident Insurance

ETIQA Personal Accident Insurance Introduction:

If Murphy’s law (Things that can go wrong will go wrong) has one opponent it is a suitable insurance policy. Disasters can occur anywhere any time. A fire hazard in your flat, an auto accident that puts you out of employment for months or more, an unseen flood in the basement and short-circuit due to it- possibilities for mishaps are endless.

Insurance is a type of financial product that folks normally have either too little or too much of. Personal Accident Insurance is generally an ignored area. Some have some coverage and some don’t. Even those who does have it, haven’t renewed or changed the sum in ages. And some have more coverage than they will ever need. Both the cases have the same outcome: unnecessary cash flow to the other end. It pays to have an insurance that covers everything including medical and legal bills of the car accident victim. Take time and caution when you choose one.

About ETIQA Insurance Company:

ETIQA is the Insurance & Takaful extension of Maybank Group. Their main focus and pride is on the fact that they offer wide-ranging insurance policies without confusing the customer with much financial mumbo jumbo or veiled clauses, and more notably, without any catch. At ETIQA, they truly abide by the catchphrase ‘customer is king, not policy’. As an internal insurer in the regions, Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia, with its licenses and services, ETIQA Offshore has mainly focused on advancement of a comprehensive Captive Insurance solutions.

ETIQA Personal Accident Insurance:

At ETIQA Insurance Singapore, the staffs are committed to make certain that you enjoy maximum benefits from their personal accident insurance. Personal Accident Insurance Rider is a result of that thought, though it is exclusive to Maybank clients.

Personal Accident Insurance with Rider policy grants you complete peace of mind, with its suite of perks and cover. You are relieved of exorbitant medical and hospital bills and supply you with sufficient financial aid when you need it the most. ETIQA PA Insurance is a promise to get you back on track. You may also boost your cover with rider for additional coverage against terminal disease like cancer, maternity difficulties and more.

Features & Benefits of ETIQA Personal Accident Insurance:

  • Round-the-clock cover for personal accident internationally.
  • If you are aged between 70 and 80, you are only entitled for a 3-year policy.
  • You can prolong cover up to age 80.
  • In-patient or out-patient medical expenditures due to any mishap can be claimed.
  • There is a hospitalization grant of up to SGD 150 per day.
  • Expenses for dental treatment due to a mishap.

More custom made benefits:

  • Complimentary cover for up to 3 kids (age 1 to 18, and 25 if the child is attending a full-time course in a reputed institution, if both parents are ETIQA PA policyholders)
  • You can save on premiums if you and your partner register for the same plan or for a yearly policy or if you go for a 3-year policy.

(Conditional on 24 hours of stay in the hospital)

Pros Principal Privilege Prestige
Accidental Death
•Indemnified age from 19 to 69 SGD 1.5 lakhs SGD 3 lakhs SGD 5 lakhs
•Indemnified age from 70 to 80 SGD 75,000 SGD 1.5 lakhs SGD 2.5 lakhs
Permanent Disablement
•Insured age between 19 to 69 years old SGD 1.5 lakhs SGD 3 lakhs SGD 5 lakhs
•Insured age between 70 to 80 years old SGD 75,000 SGD 1.5 SGD 2.5
Chinese Medical Costs (only for one accident) SGD 50 SGD 150 SGD 300
Casualty Money Benefit (only for one accident) SGD 50 SGD 50 SGD 50
Outpatient Medical Costs (only for one accident) SGD 50 SGD 200 SGD 400
In-hospital Medical Costs (only for one accident) SGD 500 SGD 2250 SGD 4500
Cash for Hospitalization due to an accidental injury SGD 50 daily up to 100 days SGD 100 daily up to 100 days SGD 150 daily up to 100 days
Snatch Theft (large amount payable for jewelry, money or personal belongings carried) SGD 75 SGD 150 SGD 250
Ambulance Charges SGD 150 SGD 300 SGD 350
Kidnap Benefit with authentication of cops report (large amount for appointing an accredited private detective) SGD 1000 SGD 1500 SGD 2500
Bereavement Grant for demise due to accident SGD 2500 SGD 3000 SGD 3500
Dental Healing due to accident SGD 500 SGD 1000 SGD 1500
Child Education Grant (Only for/ up to 3 kids) SGD 3000 SGD 4000 SGD 5000
Per Child (Age 1 to 18)
•Accidental Demise SGD 20,000
•Permanent Incapacitation SGD 20,000
•Bereavement Grant (For Mourning & Funeral) SGD 1000
•In-hospital Medical Costs (only for one accident) SGD 100
There shall be free child coverage up to 3 kids if both parents register for this policy simultaneously. Extra Premium for the 4th child onwards will be levied SGD 26 which includes 7 percent GST.
Optional PA Rider Plan
Cancers for Men SGD 10,000
Cancers for Women SGD 10,000
Childlessness Compassionate Money SGD 10,000
Pregnancy & Maternity Complications SGD 10,000
Facial Reconstructive Operation (Plastic Surgery) SGD 10,000
Skin Implanting due to Accident and/or Burns SGD 000
Home Care SGD 000
Credit Card(s) Due Amount Up to SGD 3000
Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Money Withdrawal Security SGD 2000
Family Prosperity Addition SGD 2000
Physiotherapy SGD 1000
Compassionate Money for Domestic Assault SGD 1000

Premium Categorization:

Class 1 – Individuals who are in managerial, clerical and non-labour occupation mostly.

Class 2 – Individuals whose job is of supervisory nature and sporadically does manual work.

Class 3 – Those who are into labor work (not in a predominantly perilous environment but use tools or mechanism.

Please check the below table for premiums as per the work class and choice of policy.

(Indemnified only)

(Indemnified & Partner)

(Indemnified only)

(Indemnified & Partner)

(Indemnified only)

(Insured & Partner)

Classifications Plan Type Premier Privilege Prestige Rider
Class 1 Per Month SGD 16 SGD 32 SGD 50 SGD 15
Per Year SGD 175 SGD 350 SGD 542 SGD 161
3-year SGD 480 SGD 945 SGD 1465 SGD 433
Class 1 Per Month SGD 29 SGD 57 SGD 90 SGD 25
Per Year SGD 320 SGD 629 SGD 984 SGD 257
3-year SGD 865 SGD 1705 SGD 2660 SGD 693
Class 2 Per Month SGD 21 SGD 41 SGD 60 SGD 22
Per Year SGD 221 SGD 442 SGD 663 SGD 218
3-year SGD 600 SGD 1195 SGD 1795 SGD 589
Class 2 Per Month SGD 37 SGD 73 SGD 109 SGD 32
Per Year SGD 400 SGD 796.01 SGD 1188 SGD 328
3-year SGD 1088 SGD 2150 SGD 3210 SGD 877
Class 3 Per Month SGD 31 - - SGD 27
Per Year SGD 332 - - SGD 289
3-year SGD 900 - - SGD 780
Class 3 Per Month SGD 55 - - SGD 48
Per Year SGD 600 - - SGD 520
3-year SGD 1620 - - SGD 1402
Premium payable from 4th Child onwards Per Month SGD 2.20 -
Per Year SGD 26 -
3-year SGD 69 -

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Life is as unpredictable as it comes. One moment you could be holidaying in Bahamas and the next lumbered with a grievous injury. Nobody enjoys going through the fine print on any insurance set-up, but it is essential that you do to see if your insurance plan is a suitable one. It could be just the thing that keeps you afloat in case a shattering event occurs in your life.

News About Etiqa Personal Accident

  • Etiqa Insurance launches new online insurance policies

    Etiqa Insurance has launched three new inexpensive insurance products related to personal accident to help consumers deal with the risks involved with public transportation and diseases. The company’s Personal Accident Plan for Public Transport will provide coverage in case of death or total and permanent disability caused by accidents. It’s Personal Accident Plan for Public Places will protect policyholders in case they die when they are outside and MozGuard Insurance will protect policyholders from mosquito-borne diseases, which includes Chikungunya, Zika and dengue fever.

    The premium for these policies are decided during the application process and is based on the residential address of the policyholder and the dengue cluster (red/ green) as determined by the National Environment Agency. Red cluster residents will pay a higher premium compared to green cluster residents.

    25th May 2016

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