Etiqa Maid Insurance Singapore Review 

Etiqa offers ePROTECT maid, which is available in 3 different plans, customised to suit your needs. With this insurance, you can protect your maid against situations such as medical emergencies, hospitalisation, and repatriation. All these benefits meet the standards set by the Ministry of Manpower while protecting your liability in a number of different cases.

Features and Benefits

Here are some of the benefits that you are entitled to if you choose to go with this plan:

  • Cover for accidents and disablement.
  • Expenses incurred to send your maid home.
  • Daily cash benefit, if your maid is hospitalised.

These are the details of the cover you get under this insurance plan

Coverage Insured Amount
Plan A Plan B Plan C
Letter of Guarantee to MOM S$5,000
Accidental Death S$60,000 S$65,000 S$70,000
Permanent Disablement
Medical Expenses  S$1,000 S$2,000 S$3,000
Repatriation Compensation S$10,000
Hospitalisation and Surgical Expenses S$15,000/year
Wages and Levy Compensation Up to 30/day
Recuperation Benefit Up to S$10/day Up to S$15/day Up to S$20/day
Alternative Maid Benefits Up to S$10/day Up to S$15/day Up to S$20/day
Re-Hiring Compensation S$250 S$300 S$350
Maid’s Liability S$5,000 S$7,500 S$10,000
Physical Abuse by Maid Up to S$5,000
Special Grant S$500 S$1000 S$2000

You can also choose to opt for additional benefits, the details of which are given below

Optional Coverage Insured Amount
Letter of Guarantee to the Philippine Overseas Office S$7,000
Reimbursement of Indemnity S$5,000 (S$250 excess)
Additional Hospitalisation and Surgical Expenses S$5,000 to S$25,000
Critical Illness Cover S$5,000/S$10,000/S$20,000
Home Cover S$5,000/S$10,000/S$20,000
Additional Maid’s Liability S$25,000/S$50,000/S$75,000

General Exclusions

Here are some things that are not covered under this insurance plan

  • Any case or hospitalisation as a result of a pre-existing medical condition.
  • Loss or damage as a consequence of an act of war, terrorism, riot, and other such situations.
  • Any case reported within the first 30 days of the start of the policy.
  • Treatment for psychiatric, mental or nervous disorders will not be covered under this policy.

Premium Payments

Your premium payments depend on the duration and type of plan that you choose to go with. There is a current promotion, which offers you a 10% discount on premium payments. The details of the premium payments are as follows.

Type of Plan Premium Amount Premium Amount after 10% discount
14 Months
Plan A S$184.55 S$166.10
Plan B S$195.25 S$175.73
Plan C S$222.00 S$199.80
26 Months
Plan A S$260.96 S$234.86
Plan B S$282.36 S$254.12
Plan C S$314.46 S$283.01

Eligibility Criteria

You are considered eligible for this insurance policy only if:

  • You are a Singapore resident.
  • Your foreign domestic helper is a holder of a valid work permit issued by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower.

Documents Required

Here are some of the documents that you will be required to furnish while purchasing this insurance policy

  • In-Principal Approval Letter or Renewal Letter from Ministry of Manpower.
  • Passport details of your maid.
  • Your NRIC details as an employer.

How to Buy ePROTECT Maid

You can get the much-needed cover for your maid by purchasing this policy. Here are the ways you can purchase this policy.

  • The easiest way to get this insurance policy is by purchasing it from the website online.
  • You can also walk into Etiqa’s Customer Service Centre and buy this policy.
  • You can choose to call customer care at +65 6887 8777, where the customer service executive will assist you.

How Do I Make a Claim?

  • It is advisable that you immediately inform your broker or Etiqa about any situation that might lead to a claim in the future.
  • You can choose to download the form, complete it with all the required documents and submit the claim online.
  • The claims form along with the documents must be submitted no later than 30 days from the incident.

How to Cancel This Plan

You can choose to discontinue the plan at any time, by giving Etiqa a 7-day notice. You can do so, by sending a registered letter stating the same. Provided that you have not made a claim in that time period, you are entitled to a refund of premium on the following basis:

  • If you cancel the policy within 60 days of policy initiation, you will get an 80% refund of the policy premium.
  • You are entitled to a 60% refund of policy premium if you cancel the policy within 61 to 90 days of policy commencement.
  • A policy premium refund of 30% is applicable when the policy is cancelled within 91 to 180 days of the start of the policy.
  • There will be no refund of the policy premium if the cancellation is made after 180 days.

Contact Information

Here is how you can get in touch with Etiqa:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my maid continue to be covered if she goes home for holidays?

A. No, this plan ceases to be in effect when your maid leaves Singapore. However, this policy shall automatically be reinstated when she returns to Singapore.

Q. How soon does this insurance cover come in effect?

A. Usually, the insurance commences in a minimum of 5 working days of application date, this duration will not exceed 182 days. One important thing to note is that this process should be completed before your maid’s arrival in Singapore, in order to avoid complications at the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority.

Q. Is there any minimum age requirement that makes me eligible?

A. Yes, you as the applicant should at least be 21 years of age. Your maid should be at least 23 years of age at the commencement of the policy.

Q. What is a Re-Hiring compensation?

A. Under this policy, you are entitled to a compensation for agency fees required to hire a new maid, due to the hospitalisation of your previous maid. You have to appoint a replacement within 30 days of the termination of the previous service.

Q. Can I opt for a wider coverage for my maid?

A. Yes, Etiqa provides you with the option of increasing the cover for your maid for certain situations, by paying an extra premium.

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