• DirectAsia Travel Insurance

    DirectAsia provides some of the most affordable travel insurance plans in Singapore, with annual plans starting from as low as S$149 a year. A subsidiary of the London-listed Hiscox Group, DirectAsia offers different types of travel plans to suit your unique requirements. Whether you need travel insurance for just yourself, or for a group, there are plans to cover all types of travellers. You can also choose from annual plans and single trip plans. No matter which plan you are buying, DirectAsia allows you choose from three different coverage limits to ensure that you pay only for what you need.

    Types of Travel Insurance provided by DirectAsia

    • Annual plans: DirectAsia’s annual plans are designed for frequent travellers looking to get cover for travelling throughout the year. DirectAsia’s annual plan not only saves you from the hassle of purchasing insurance for every single trip but also allows you to save up to 40%. With an annual plan, every single trip you make during the year is covered, provided no trip is more than 90 days. You can also choose to limit your coverage to just Asia to enjoy better rates, compared to worldwide coverage.
    • Single trip plans: These plans cover you for just one trip. So, if you are not a frequent traveller, then you can go for a single trip plan. These plans are also a great option when you are going for a long trip of up to 182 days. With hassle-free application process and minimum documentation, you can even get this plan minutes before your trip starts. The price for a single trip plan could be as low as S$19.

    For both annual and single trip plans, DirectAsia offers three plan limits — Travel 100, Travel 200, and Travel 500. You can choose a plan limit based on the coverage you need and the amount of premium you are ready to pay. This way you won’t have to pay for the benefits that you don’t even need.

    Key benefits of buying DirectAsia Travel Insurance

    • Personalised plan: You can personalise your travel insurance plan to match your requirements. Whether you need a plan for yourself or for your family or for an entire group, DirectAsia has a plan for all types of travellers. In addition, you can also choose from three plan limits to ensure you are paying only for what you need.
    • Annual and single trip plans: Depending on your travel requirements, you can choose from annual and single trip plans. If you are not someone who travels frequently, you can save a lot by buying coverage for a single trip as and when required.
    • Medical expenses: DirectAsia travel insurance plans cover your medical expenses resulting from sickness or injury while travelling outside Singapore.
    • Travel delays/trip cancellations: The policy covers you against any loss resulting from delay in the scheduled departure of the public transport by at least six consecutive hours. You will also be covered in case your trip is cancelled or disrupted due to reasons specified under the policy.
    • Accidental death or disablement: The travel insurance plans from DirectAsia cover you against accidental death or permanent disablement resulting from an accident while travelling.
    • Emergency medical evacuation: DirectAsia travel insurance plans provide cover for emergency medical evacuation following an injury or sickness during your trip overseas. In case the sickness or injury leads to death of the insured, these plans also take care of bringing the mortal remains back to Singapore or to any other country as requested by the deceased’s family, subject to certain limitations.
    • Rental car excess coverage: The policy compensates you for the excess amount that you might have to pay for the loss or damage to a rental vehicle. You must be at least 18 years old to claim this benefit.
    • No brokers: Since there are no brokers involved, you can save up to 40% on purchasing your travel insurance policy from DirectAsia.
    • Affordable prices: With DirectAsia travel insurance, you can save up to 30% compared to the average price that you would pay to any other insurer for similar coverage.
    • Easy claim settlement: DirectAsia provides stress-free claim settlement process to ensure your peace of mind. Within 24 hours of reporting the incident, the company will assign you a personal claims specialist to help you with your claim process.
    • 24-hour assistance: With DirectAsia travel insurance, you will enjoy 24-hour assistance throughout the duration of your trip.

    DirectAsia Travel Insurance coverage

    The policy provides the following coverage value for various important travel eventualities:

    Travel 100 Travel 200 Travel 500
    Accidental death or permanent disablement For every adult up to 70 years of age Up to S$100,000 Up to S$300,000 Up to S$500,000
    For every child or for every adult aged 71 years or above Up to S$50,000 Up to S$150,000 Up to S$250,000
    Medical expenses For every adult up to 70 years of age Up to S$100,000 Up to S$200,000 Up to S$500,000
    For every child or for every adult aged 71 years or above Up to S$50,000 Up to S$100,000 Up to S$250,000
    Traditional Chinese Medicine For every accident Up to S$300 Up to S$300 Up to S$300
    Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation For every adult up to 70 years of age Up to S$500,000 Up to S$500,000 Up to S$500,000
    For every child or for every adult aged 71 years or above Up to S$250,000 Up to S$250,000 Up to S$250,000
    Personal belongings loss For every insured traveller Up to S$1,000 Up to S$3,000 Up to S$5,000
    Baggage delay For every insured traveller Up to S$1,000 Up to S$1,000 Up to S$1,000
    Trip cancellation/disruption or cancellation due to bankruptcy For every insured traveller Up to S$3,000 Up to S$10,000 Up to S$15,000
    Travel delay For every insured traveller Up to S$1,000 Up to S$1,000 Up to S$1,000
    Excess for rental car damages For every insured traveller Up to S$1,500 Up to S$1,500 Up to S$1,500
    Personal liability Maximum coverage Up to S$200,000 Up to S$400,000 Up to S$1,000,000
    Pet hotel (Optional) Only 1 pet allowed Up to S$1,000 Up to S$1,000 Up to S$1,000

    How to apply for DirectAsia Travel Insurance

    DirectAsia doesn’t sell its insurance plans through brokers. You can buy the desired insurance plan directly from DirectAsia online, over the phone, or by visiting them in person.

    • Online: DirectAsia allows you to buy a travel insurance plan online and pay securely through your Visa or Mastercard.
    • Over the phone: You can also call DirectAsia from Monday through Saturday to buy a travel insurance policy.
    • Walk-in: If you wish to, you can also visit their office at 88 South Bridge Road, Singapore (058716) from Monday through Friday.

    How to claim DirectAsia Travel Insurance

    To initiate the claim process, you will have to inform DirectAsia about the incident as soon as possible. In any case, you must report the incident within 30 days. Once it’s reported, DirectAsia will assign a personal claims specialist within a day to assist you with the claim process. While you make the claim, you are expected to take care of certain things, like:

    • Make sure you do everything that is possible to avoid or minimise the impact of the accident, injury, or sickness.
    • Make sure you do everything possible to limit the injury or damage.
    • Report the incident to DirectAsia as soon as possible.

    Check your eligibility for DirectAsia Travel Insurance

    • In case you are buying a new policy for your family, then both you and your spouse must be 18-70 years old. If you are renewing your existing policy, you and your wife should be at least 19 years old and should not be more than 75 years old.
    • Your child, who is to be insured, should be between 15 and 18 years of age. In case your child is in full-time third-stage education, he/she should not be more than 24 years of age. You can insure up to four children. Remember, the child must be accompanied by at least one adult member while travelling.
    • You must be a Singapore resident and you must buy the policy before your trip starts.
    • Your trip must start in Singapore and also end in Singapore.

    DirectAsia Travel Insurance hotline

    • Claims hotline Singapore: 6532 1818
    • Claims hotline outside Singapore: +65 6603 3699

    DirectAsia Travel Insurance FAQs

    Q. How much travel insurance cover should be enough for me?

    A. The coverage you need depends on various factors. Here are some things that you should understand before you decide the coverage you need:

    • Money that your family would need to survive without you/your income
    • Premium you are willing to pay
    • Risks that are involved in your trip

    Q. How many trips am I allowed to take if I purchase the annual policy?

    A. You can take as many trips as you like. Your annual policy will cover all the trips, provided no single trip is more than 90 days.

    Q. Is there a limit to the trip duration under single trip policy?

    A. Yes. Your single trip policy covers you for up to 182 days.

    Q. Is there any discount on family plans?

    A. Yes. When you buy a family plan, you will enjoy special prices. Your family plan will cover you, your spouse, and up to four children.

    Q. What if I am not able to return to Singapore on time due to flight delay? Will I stay insured, especially if I have single trip policy?

    A. Regardless of the type of policy you have, single trip or annual, you will stay covered if you can’t return to Singapore on your planned date due to flight delay or due to any other such unavoidable circumstances.

    Q. How is my premium calculated?

    A. DirectAsia determines your premium on the basis of various factors, such as duration of the trip, your destination, number of travellers, coverage requirement, etc.

    Q. Does this plan cover me when I am going scuba-diving?

    A. The plan covers you for scuba-diving only when there is an instructor with you. DirectAsia can provide cover for different types of extreme sports but you will have to inform the company at the time of purchase of policy.

    Q. Does the policy cover my travel for medical treatment abroad?

    A. No. The policy neither covers those who have been advised against travelling nor those who are travelling for medical treatment abroad.

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